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I adore a good vampire story! There is something sexy about a guy sucking on your neck. (Isn’t there?) I really like this couple and for those of you wondering I will be working on the next book in this series after Quain is done!


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Chapter One

Randy Stewart’s stomach growled as he flipped through his textbook. Concentrating on his paper was difficult as he struggled to work through his hunger. He was out of money until later in the week when funds from his student loan came through. The twenty in his pocket was going to have to last until Thursday, when he got his check.

“You gonna do something about that, man? It sounds like it’s going to escape and eat me,” Darren asked, laughing.

“Very funny,” Randy said to his roommate. He wasn’t looking forward to tomorrow. He hated Mondays. They were just the beginning of a long, hard week; served him right for going to medical school. At least, this was his last year.

If he survived his clerkships.

Some of the physicians didn’t appreciate spending time on students while others went too far the other way and wanted to be your new best mentor.

Luckily, he didn’t have anything on Sunday; it was the only time he didn’t have clerkships. Occasionally, he was on call with his intern, but it was rare.

Another stomach growl made him grimace.

An apple sailed through the air heading toward him. He caught it with one hand, biting into its thick flesh. Juice spilled down his chin, making him pause and wipe it with the back of his hand.

“Seriously, dude, haven’t you found a job yet?”

Randy shook his head at his roommate, not bothering to look away from his computer. “I’ve had a hard time finding one that’ll work around my schedule.” Randy’s last job for a catering company had a downturn with the economy so they had to let him go. For the past three weeks, he’d been looking, but it had been next to impossible finding something else. “It’s hard to convince people to let you work odd hours when they can hire ten other people who can work whatever hours they want.”

“Why don’t you hit your parents up for cash?”

Randy laughed, and even he could hear the bitter notes. “Not everyone’s parents are rolling in cash, like yours. My dad’s a farmer. Hell, I’m going to have to be some top-notch specialist in order to make enough to cover my student loans.”

He tried not to let the idea depress him. After finding out how much college and medical school cost, Randy almost gave up on the idea, but he’d been dreaming of being a doctor since he was five and got a toy stethoscope for Christmas. His parents supported him emotionally, but they barely had enough money to pay for the farm, much less medical school. He’d always had a rocky relationship with his father, but then his father was a tough bastard. Randy’s coming out of the closet didn’t change their relationship a bit.

When he left for college, Randy’s father gave him a box of condoms and told him not to come home with any diseases.

It was almost a tearjerker.

His mother had shaken her head and slipped him a hundred dollar bill. Unfortunately, that money was long gone for other expenses. College was fucking expensive.

“I’m going to have to do something soon, though, or I’m going to starve to death.” He’d been frugal, but his medical school loans didn’t cover as much as his undergraduate degree loans. There were a lot of extras in medical school that ate up his food money. They never tell you that you’ll need copy packets that cost thirty dollars each, on top of your books.

Darren flashed Randy a smile that, if he didn’t know the man was as straight as a board, he might have taken as a come on. “I might be able to hook you up.”

He could almost see the bright yellow caution light flashing over his roommate’s head.

“Hook me up with what?”

“A job.”

“What kind of job?” As far as he knew, Darren hadn’t worked a day in his life. His friend was getting a Masters in Fine Arts degree because he didn’t know what else to do with his drawing talent and his family would pay as long as he attended college doing something.

Before Randy could interrogate his roommate, a soft beep from his laptop told him it was time to check his glucose levels. With a sigh, he pulled out his kit. Removing a test strip, he pricked his finger and squeezed until a drop of blood fell on the strip. He put it in his meter and waited. The machine beeped. and he let out a breath of relief.


Diabetes was a vicious bitch.

“How often do you have to do that?” Darren asked.

Randy sighed as he answered the same question that Darren asked every couple of weeks. After two months of rooming together, Randy had come to the conclusion that Darren had absolutely no memory capability. “Once a day unless I feel like crap, then I check it until my sugar levels off.”

“Huh. Wanna come with me tomorrow night?”

“Where to?”

Darren’s eyes flickered around their shared room like he didn’t know where to look.

“Where to, Darren?” he asked in a firmer tone. It wasn’t like his outgoing roommate to keep secrets. Darren was the type who liked to boast about anything he could and some things he shouldn’t.

“It’s easier to take you than to tell.”

“It’s not illegal, is it?” He didn’t need his Iowa farmer father coming to the police station to bail out his gay, stupid son. His father’s opinion of him was already low enough.

“No.” Darren said, meeting his eyes. “But it’s hard to explain. Which is why I want you to come with me.”

“Fine.” Randy said. After all, what did he have to lose? He needed a break from his homework, anyway.


* * * *


The night air was freezing.

Randy could see his breath as he followed Darren through the dark streets. He didn’t think it was starting well. He was already worried they were going to get mugged before they got to wherever the hell they were going.

Finally, Darren stopped outside a plain gray metal door. With the cocky confidence of youth, he pounded on its surface.

Randy flinched, ready to run if necessary.

The door creaked open, and a mountain of a man with dark brown hair and an unfriendly face glared down at Darren.

“You’re late.”

Darren gave him a nervous smile, shifting from foot to foot. “But I brought my friend with me. He’s diabetic.”

Randy wondered what being diabetic had to do with the job. If the rest of them were like the bouncer, he didn’t know if he wanted to stay very long. The scowl left the big man’s face, and he gave Randy a wide, surprisingly white-toothed smile. “Then come on in.”

Huh. That was…strange.

Shrugging, Randy followed Darren through the doorway. It was plain inside the hallway. Beige carpet, beige floor, but he could hear the pounding of music and knew all wasn’t as it appeared.

“Take him back to see Master Sasha.”

“I was going to,” Darren said breezily, walking away from the bouncer.

Randy sent the bouncer a nervous glance but followed obediently.

The walk down the hall was short, and they quickly reached a beige door halfway down the corridor. Darren stopped, straightened his shirt and ran his fingers through his hair in a futile attempt to tidy his appearance. Nervous gestures from his normally unflappable friend made Randy even tenser.

Darren pinned him with his bright green eyes. “Be respectful. This guy isn’t one to fuck with.”

“Okay,” Randy said, nodding. He was a little unhinged at the fear flickering in Darren’s expression, but his roommate had promised it wasn’t anything illegal. Randy straightened his own clothes as Darren knocked on the door. Well, as straight as a T-shirt and jeans could get.

“Enter.” A strong baritone responded to the knock, sending shivers across Randy’s skin that had nothing to do with nerves and everything to do with the sexiness of the man’s voice.

Darren opened the door, motioning Randy to follow him.


Sasha Baros looked up as the men entered, his gaze sliding past Darren and zeroing in on the young man who followed him.

For the first time since his adolescence, Sasha lost control of his fangs. The scent of the stranger made his mouth salivate and his teeth ache from the need to drink from this new source.

“Good evening, Master Sasha,” Darren said, kneeling before his desk.

The young man looked torn between kneeling beside his friend and running for the door.

Sasha couldn’t have that. He ruthlessly retracted his fangs, wincing slightly at the sting.

“Evening, Darren. Who is your friend?”

“This is my roommate, Randy. He needs a job, but his studies are too heavy for a regular schedule. I thought he’d be good at this one, since he’s diabetic.”

Diabetic. Yummm.

Sasha thought the kid looked good before, but now he was a dessert waiting to happen, and Sasha had a mean sweet tooth.

“Good evening, Randy. Do you go by Randy?”

The kid nodded.

“Come closer so I can get a better look at you.” He could see fine in the dim lighting, but he wanted the young man nearer to scent him. He saw Darren swallow nervously as his friend stepped up to the desk.

Randy started to go to his knees.

“No. Stay on your feet. Darren, you may go to work.”

He saw a flash of concern cross Darren’s face as he looked at his friend. “But…”

“I will take good care of him,” Sasha interrupted.

Sasha sent a mental push to Darren and was surprised when Randy jumped.

“What was that?” Randy asked, looking around.

Amazing! His new snack had a bit of the psychic in him. Only someone who had psychic abilities could feel a vampire push that wasn’t directed at him. A diabetic psychic would win top dollar at a blood-giver auction. Unfortunately for the others, they would never get to know the flavor of this particular blood donor.

This one was his.

Sasha waited until Darren left before starting his interrogation.

“What has Darren told you about what we do here?”

Randy gave a self-conscious laugh, not looking Sasha in the eyes. “He didn’t. He just promised me it wasn’t illegal and that I could get some money.”

The smell of desire saturated the air, and Sasha was pleased to scent it wasn’t all on his side.

Sasha leaned back in his chair and examined the other man. Randy wasn’t as beautiful as a vampire, but his slim, fit form was pleasing, and his bright blond hair and tanned skin spoke of a man who spent time outside in the sunlight. A perverse part of Sasha liked the fact that his soon-to-be lover was able to enjoy the star that was damaging to a vampire. At his age, Sasha could take the sunrays better than most vamps, but no vampire was completely comfortable with the deadly sun.

He beckoned the human closer.

“Now I don’t want you to scream, but I’m a vampire.”


Randy stared at the gorgeous man, his mind completely blank for a moment. Then he burst into laughter. “And I thought Darren didn’t have a sense of humor. I can’t believe he set this whole thing up.”

Sasha opened his mouth, and a pair of realistic fangs slid out from his gums.

Randy stepped back, away from the other man, creature…whatever.

The vampire was out of his seat in a flash. Randy never even saw him move before he was being held in place by a pair of strong hands.

“Easy, baby. Don’t be frightened.”

The vampire used a singsong tone that Randy was certain usually calmed his prey, but Randy didn’t feel calm. This close to the gorgeous vamp with his ebony hair and light, almost colorless blue eyes, Randy felt his hormones kick in, and all he could think about was how soft Sasha’s lips looked and wondered if they would feel as smooth against his own. Fear fled before the hot flames of desire.

“There’s only one way to find out,” Sasha purred. Lips, softer than any he’d ever touched before, slid across Randy’s. Passion fanned by Sasha’s lips went directly to Randy’s cock. It hardened and grew as if trying to get closer to the object of his lust.

Sasha turned slightly, pressing his thigh against Randy’s cock, giving him something to rub against.

“Uh,” Randy murmured, humping against the other man, unable to stop the insane rush of desire he felt for a total stranger.

“Give me what I need,” Sasha demanded. “Offer me your blood.”

Unable to stop himself, Randy tilted his head back, exposing his jugular even as he continued to shamelessly rub against the other man.

Without warning, teeth pierced his neck.

Randy’s body jolted from the shock of the bite. Slow pulses made his neck throb as his blood was sucked in deliberate, steady measures. A low moan vibrated against his throat as the vampire fed, sending sparks of desire up and down his spine. Despite his intense arousal, panic set in.

He was letting a freaking vampire suck his blood.

His blood!

Before Randy’s hysteria was complete, Sasha slid his teeth away, smooth as butter. The vampire laved Randy’s neck with his tongue, making Randy’s flagging erection come back with a vengeance.

Stupid cock didn’t know when he was in danger.

“You are magnificent,” Sasha said, placing soft kisses up Randy’s neck and chills of desire down his spine. “I’m going to keep you for myself.”

Sasha gripped Randy’s hips and held him away from his body. “You may not come.”

“What?” Lust fogged Randy’s brain, making it hard for him to focus.

“You are not to come,” Sasha said clearly. He released Randy and went to sit back at his desk as if it was perfectly all right to be a cock tease. From the sparkle in the vampire’s eyes, he knew what Randy was thinking.

“Why not?”

“Because you need to learn to control your body if you’re going to be mine.”

Randy figured an unmanly whimper could be excused under the circumstances.

“What if I don’t want to be yours?” he asked. He was just being contrary. They both knew he wanted Sasha.

“You do.” Sasha’s calm and confident tone implied he had no doubt that Randy would agree. “To be mine is to join the society as my pet. To sit at my feet during rituals, sit on my lap during dinners, and provide me with my food and comforts.”

“And what do I get out of it?” Randy was horny, not an idiot.

Sasha gave Randy a smile that was so wickedly lurid it should’ve been outlawed in all fifty states. “You get me.”

Nerves set in, and Randy started to step away carefully, putting one foot behind the other in a bid to escape the vampire without triggering his hunting instincts. He had a feeling that vampires worked under the same rules as most predators.

Attack anything weaker.

“As good as that opportunity sounds, and as sexy as you are, I think you need a full-time person to take care of you. I’ve got clinicals, lectures, and stuff. I don’t really have time for a relationship.” Yeah, he sounded like a prize, and when did he care how it sounded?

Sasha stood up and stepped forward, Randy took a step back for every movement Sasha made toward him.

“What are you studying, my sweet-blooded man?”

“Umm. I’m studying to be a doctor.”

A wide smile spread across Sasha’s face. “Cute and smart. I might have to give Darren a raise.”

Randy frowned. “What exactly is it that Darren does here?”

“He donates blood for money.” Sasha snapped his fingers. “That reminds me.” He walked over to his desk and pulled out a moneybox. Randy saw Sasha withdraw a handful of bills before returning the box to its drawer. “Here is your payment.”

Randy’s jaw dropped at the amount. There had to be over five thousand dollars in his hand.

“What’s this for?”

Sasha kissed him on the forehead, a disconcertingly gentle gesture. “You gave me your blood.”

“But I didn’t do it for money!” Randy gasped, shoving it back at him. “I’m not a blood whore.”

The vampire gave him another of his wicked smiles. “Why did you do it, then?”

“Because you’re hot!” Randy shouted. He could feel his cheeks blush with embarrassment. He didn’t mean to say it so loudly.


Sasha couldn’t have stopped the laughter that burst from his chest even if he wanted to. He’d never had anyone, who wasn’t under a trance or being paid, volunteer to give him blood. Yet here was this skinny med student with pretty brown eyes, all but throwing his money back at him.

“It’s just a job, sweetness. It is what your friend wanted me to offer you.”

“The job is letting you bite me?”

Sasha nodded, not wanting to say anything that would make the man run off.

“You’re not paying me for sex or anything?” Randy asked suspiciously.

Sasha stroked Randy’s cheek. “Anything intimate that occurs between us won’t have a monetary value to it,” he assured Randy. “It will just be shared passion between us.”

Randy’s shoulders lowered as if he had tensed up while waiting for Sasha’s answer. Humans were a strange lot.

“Do we have a deal?”

“I can’t accept so much.” Randy said. He gave Sasha a smile of his own. “Besides, if you pay me that much, I won’t need to come here very often.”

“We can’t have that. How about I give you this amount each time you come, but you have to promise to come here once a week.”

This was the closest Sasha had ever come to begging, but for this man’s blood, he would come even closer.

“Do I have to feed anyone else?”

“No!” Sasha growled. “Our contract is exclusive. You aren’t allowed to feed any other vampires. In fact, you will need to wear my ring to keep others away.”

There were other ways to mark a personal feeder, but they were all things that could be covered up. He doubted Randy wore gloves very often, and the ring would not only proclaim Randy his personal feeder, but also his human partner. No other would dare approach him for fear of reprisal.

Sasha wouldn’t share his Randy.


He went back to his desk and pulled out a standard contract. A few scribbles of the pen marked out annoying phrases like sharing and group were easily covered with exclusive and his name. Slamming down the amended contract, he handed Randy a pen.


To his surprise the young man gave him a smirk. “And if I don’t?”

“Then you’ll have a new personal stalker.” Sasha growled.

“Ahh. And it’s just once a week?”

Sasha nodded. Being an old and powerful vampire, he really only needed blood from a live source once a month, making do with synthetic blood the rest of the time. However, Randy’s blood was like paradise, and he wasn’t going to limit himself to once a month when he could have him every week.

“What days can you be here?”

Sasha dipped into Randy’s thoughts. Unlike most humans, the kid had one of the cleanest, sharpest minds Sasha had ever visited. It was as if he could compartmentalize things to the smallest degree, and his memory was close to photographic. It was an amazing place to visit.

“Sunday,” Randy said. “I have most weekends free, and any day after five.”

“Excellent. Then I expect you here at seven each Sunday for blood and training, and you can leave at midnight, since you have an early class on Monday.”

“Training?” Randy gave him a curious look.

“Yes. As my personal blood provider, you will need to learn about vampire society so that when we mingle, you won’t bring me shame.”

“Yes, Sasha,” Randy said, his voice suspiciously amused. “I’d hate to bring you shame.”

He could tell the kid was laughing at him, but he wasn’t going to let anything get in the way of him signing this kid to an exclusive contract. No one else was going to get the opportunity to taste his precious blood.

Randy’s hand shook a little as he signed his name.

Sasha tried not to smile. It wasn’t just the blood that was sweet about this human. He could barely restrain himself from ripping off Randy’s clothes and fucking him against his big desk, but he could tell Randy wasn’t ready. The human was attracted to him but still nervous.

Sasha hoped constant contact with him would breed familiarity. Though for a kid who had just learned vampires existed, he was taking the entire thing really well. He watched, puzzled, as Randy took a silver square out of his pocket, unwrapped it and popped the contents into his mouth.

“What are you doing?”

Brown eyes looked up at him, puzzled.

“My blood sugar is low, probably from you sucking my blood. I’m having a bit of chocolate to boost it a little.”

Sasha was surprised at how much that disturbed him.

“Are you feeling poorly?”

Randy gave him a reassuring smile. “It’s okay, it happens all the time. Why do you think I had a chocolate in my pocket?”

“I will get you some for Sundays. What do you prefer?”

“I like dark chocolate the best.”

Sasha nodded. He’d see that his human got the finest quality chocolate, even if he had to have it shipped overnight from Europe.

“I’ll see that it is done.”

“O-okay. Thanks.”

Sasha pulled the heavy ruby signet ring off his finger. It was a square cut red gem that had an ‘S’ spelled out in diamonds on either side. “Here is my ring. Wear it on your ring finger as a sign of our commitment to each other.” At the human’s hesitation, he slipped it on Randy’s left ring finger himself. It would keep both human and vampire predators at bay. It slid over the knuckle easily, but there was enough resistance that Sasha was confident the ring would stay.

“This is too valuable. I don’t want to lose it.” Randy muttered, trying to pull it off.

Sasha put his hand over the pretty human’s. “Nonsense. You are far more valuable, and this will put any questions to rest as to who you belong to.”

Randy laughed. “Do I have to wear it on this finger? It looks like I’m married.”

“For all purposes, you are. You can’t be involved with anyone else while you feed me, and I want to know where you are when you are away from your usual route. I won’t have it said that my feeder was behaving poorly.”

“Shit. But what if I need a little relief? Sometimes a guy just needs to get off, you know.

Sasha held back a growl, not wanting to scare Randy off, but the thought of anyone else touching his human made Sasha want to rip out someone’s throat with his teeth.

“You are not to go to anyone else. You are mine, and if you need to ‘get off’ as you so charmingly put it, you come see me and I’ll take care of you.”

“Fine. But you’re the one who just said I can’t take care of things myself.” Sasha saw the dissatisfaction in Randy’s expression.

He tilted the kid’s face up and placed a soft kiss on his lips. “Don’t worry, honey. I’ll take care of you later. Be good, and I’ll make it worth your wait.” He forgot about the hormones coursing through a young man in his prime. Age had taught him patience and control. His poor human didn’t have those resources to fall back on.

Now that the contract was signed and the feeding was over, Sasha could feel the waves of nerves coming from Randy. He could almost feel Randy’s anxiety to leave. It was less than flattering that his human was looking for a way to escape him, but since they had just met, he let it go.

A knock at the door prevented Randy from having to pull out the small talk he could feel coming.

“Saved by the knock,” Sasha said, giving him a wicked smile before yelling, “Enter.”

Darren entered the room, looking a little pale. Sasha decided it must be the blood loss. Darren walked over to them, then kneeled before Sasha.

Randy looked at him with wide eyes. “Do I have to do that?”

“Not unless we are among others,” Sasha said. He saw Darren blink up at him, surprised. “Randy has done me the honor of signing an exclusive contract.”

He saw shock cross the human’s face as the implications sank in. Sasha didn’t sign contracts with humans…ever. It was a source of constant comments from the vampire community. For the first time in a long time, he was looking forward to something.

“If you’re done, I would like permission to take Randy with me,” Darren said, still kneeling.

Sasha watched in shock as Randy shook his head at his friend. Walking up to Sasha, he kissed Sasha’s cheek in a sweet gesture that sent raging flames of desire throughout the vampire’s body.

So much for his control.

“I’ll see you Sunday,” Randy said. On the way out, he hooked a hand through Darren’s arm and lifted him off the floor. “Come on, let’s go home.”

For a brief moment, Sasha felt a flash of pain that Randy wasn’t talking about him when he said he was going home. Watching the pair leave, Sasha knew that he had a new goal in life.

One day, he would be Randy’s idea of home.

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