Birthday Bash Contest 1!

Today we are going to run a giveaway for a $20 Amazon Gift Card. So this year Amber is asking all of the guest authors to answer this question: If you could throw a birthday party for yourself, what fictional characters would you invite and why? 

So to enter to win, just answer that question in the comments!

Winners will be picked and announced later. And don’t worry if you miss the announcement now, I will be posting a master list of winners at the end of the month!

56 thoughts on “Birthday Bash Contest 1!

  1. Harry Dresden because hey he keeps things entertaining. Harry Potter, Ron and Hermione since I just love this series and these characters to pieces and of course can’t have too many wizards around in case the darkness comes on by to spoil the party.

  2. I’m not great with names, but the Banded Brothers, Elphaba and Galinda, The Sinner’s Gin/Crossroads Gin guys from Rhys Ford, and the Texas crew from RJ Scott’s Texas series.

    I think we would have amazing music and plenty of interesting characters.

  3. This is right out of my fantasies!!! All of the Banded Brothers and those from A Wizards touch! Oh and we can NOT for get the Dragon Mates… Not to mention Anthony and Silver and of course Ben… Hmmmmm I’ve only invited men so far oh well!

  4. I would like to invite Jaynell from Jaynell’s Wolf and Anthony from Attracting Anthony. Because I think the would be interesting to talk to.

  5. I guess I am going a little to the left here cause I would love to party with the Vampires and watch them put on a whipping show and have all the loonytoons sitting around me drinking!

  6. I think Nick would throw a great party. The Banded Brothers could provide the music.

  7. Wow with so many to choose from it’s hard to narrow it down to a few. Lol. Tam would be my first to invite because I like his wicked sense of humor for shenanigans. Then I’d invite Aiden Gale because I like the scary type. I’d invite Anthony because he would love the party itself and I’d love to talk to him. Silver of course because he wouldn’t let Anthony out of his sight. Lol. Oss would make it easy to get into an amusement park to have fun. Kreslan and Vohne would make fun companions. I think I’d have a blast at mine party.

  8. I’d love to have the entire Protectors team and their spouses, lots of eye candy plus they’re all bad asses! And the Four King’s Security team too lol

  9. I would invite Dare and Stephen along with Anthony and Silver. The Banded Brothers would be included and help us all rock out.

  10. Hmm… that’s a tuff one. The Avengers to start with and then hang out with Alice from Resident Evil and the vamps from the Underworld movies.

  11. *giggling like mad and rubbing hands together* Here’re the people I’d invite to my party:
    Couple #1: Declan and Phoenix Moorhaven, because Declan can give me cleaning and household tips (and banish dust bunnies the size of hamsters) and Phoenix adores him.
    Couple #2: Quentin Heart and Vampire Master Jakinson (Jaks), because he’s a caring individual that goes out of his way to help and Jaks is a true romantic.
    Couple #3: Chalice and Emperor Terrin. Just because they’re an interesting couple devoted to one another.
    Amber, I hope you have a fabulous birthday month.

  12. Right now I am obsessed with all the Railer’s Hockey Team , from Rj Scott and Vicki Locey’s series of books so I’d want all of them and their partners. Mixed in with them I’d want as many characters as I could from all of Amber’s books as well. I want them all to come and party with me. I’d be in heaven!

  13. I would have a dinner party with Elizabeth Bennett (from Pride and Prejudice), Luna Lovegood (from Harry Potter), Granny Esme Weatherwax, Susan Sto Helit, and Death (from Discworld) Willard J Phule and Beeker (from Phule’s series) Lieutenant Leary and Adele Mundy (from RCN series) Dane Sanders (from Matchmaker, Matchmaker)

    I feel there would be lively conversation and lots of stories to tell.

  14. Since it also my birthday month I can invite anyone I want so I would invite Dumbledore so I can borrow his “Time Turner” so We could prevent “The Borderline” shooting in California from happening.

  15. Ok this may sound like a kiss up but it’s really not. I would want Dare from your shifter series & Sam and Bob from Endstreet. I wouldn’t mind talking to Xander and Chris from The Lockerroom by Amy Lane and I would also invite Brute by Kim Fieldings book Brute. I’m going to end the guest list here otherwise I may be writing a never ending list of guests. Happy Birthday Amber!

  16. This would be a large party and I think a very interesting one. First from the world I read now with their mates I would invite Tam, Dio, Jaynell, Declan, Quentin and Lany from Hot Mess. From my other world I want Virgil Flowers, Lucus Davenport, Eve and Peabody and last but not least Amelia Peabody and Emerson. That would be a fun filled evening.

  17. Seregil of Rimini/Aurenen (because he could be a dozen different people, and he sings too). And Aden of Banded Brothers (because wherever Seregil is, trouble follows).

  18. Anthony from the Moon pack would be entertaining and you’d never know who would pop in as well.

  19. I think for a really fun party, the whole Moon pack would be a blast…though a few hot, single straight guys would have to be added to the group. 😉

  20. I would invite Ethan, Dex, Ash, Cael, Tony and Sloane. I love these guys from the Thirds by Charlie Cochet. I would invite from Amber Kell books: Nick from Vampire Wanted, Harris Bender from To Bite a Bear and Stan from The Harrisburg Railers by Rj Scott and V.L. Locey.

  21. I have to admit that I would love to meet JD Robb’s Eve Dallas, Peabody, and Roarke. Now I would just have to hope that murderer didn’t follow, like it does in all of the books. It seems when Dallas goes to a party somebody gets murdered. So I would invite you put caution to join my party!!!

  22. Hmm Birthday guests, I’m a big sci go fan so I would invite the crew from Firefly with the Star Trek new and old crews. What stories you would hear ohh and Amber and a plus one. Have a great birthday month.

  23. For my birthday party, I would invite Chauncey and Curtis from Lynn Hagen’s Brac Pack books, Jack and Chester from Stormy Glenn’s Cade Creek books, Raffy and Christian from Maggie Walsh’s Angel Pack books, Damien and Treble from Bellann Summer’s Rescue for Hire books, Jared and Carson from Charlie Richards’s Stone Ridge books, Randy and Sasha from Amber’s Blood Signs book, and finally, Fleur and Nanapush from Louise Erdrich’s Tracks.

  24. Dex and Sloane from the THIRDs series. I feel like Dex would bring in so much fun and Sloane would keep it from getting too crazy.

  25. Any and All from the Assassin Shifter Series and Olympian Series from Sandrine Gasq-Dion. I believe that would be a blast and probably some trouble but sexy trouble

  26. Buffy, Angel, & Spike, Mal, John & Aeryn Crichton, Crossroad Gin for the band and their honeys, Jae & Cole and crew, Adrien English & crew, Brennan & Booth, Angela & Hodgins & her dad, Stormy Glenn’s convention guests, The Niska brothers, The Thirds crew, Hellsinger crew, all of the Dark-hunters and their soulmates, the Drake sisters and their hubbies, the Dragons of Valdier et al, & all the players for Cosmos’s Gateway, the Moon Pack gang, Jaynell et al, Artemis Fowl and crew, Harry Potter and crew, Nancy Drew and friends, The League, Banded Brothers et al, Assassin Shifters et al, Gracie & Kordon, and I need all the guys from Cedar Falls, and Rescue for Hire, ooh and the Angel Pack, and it would be nice to hold the party on the Resistant Omega’s island. I have too many favorites:) I need to stop. Basically I would want all my favorite characters to show up:)

  27. I would need a huge venue for all the fictional characters I’d love to invite but, to have a more intimate party, I would want to invite Dex and Sloane from Charlie’s THIRDS, Vanyel and Yfandes from Mercedes’ Valdemar, Melonie and Masterharper Robinton from Anne’s PERN, and Travis Long from David’s Honorverse. They might not get along well but I would be having a wonderful time.

  28. I would invite Bear and Otter from TJ klunes Bear, Otter and the Kid and then also Paul and Vince from his Tell Me It’s Real book because I would love to see Bear and Paul meet to see how a conversation would go between them and to see if the world would explode upon them meeting. It makes me laugh just thinking about their conversation.

  29. I would have Tori Alexander and Maelgwn of Gwynedd from The Ancient Future trilogy by Traci Harding. Along with the druids Taliesin Pen Beirdd, Selwyn and King Rhun of Gwynedd. I know these aren’t MM characters but these are some of my most favourite characters and I couldn’t wait to hear the stories they could tell. My other choices would be Anthony and Silver from Moon Pack, those two would be awesome, also Kane and Shawn from the Cloverleah Pack.

  30. I would definitely want to invite Hermione Granger, as I’d love to swap stories and knowledge with her. And I’d invite Harry Potter, because I feel like he deserves to be able to attend a low-key party that doesn’t end in tragedy. Beyond that, I’d love for Mercy Thompson and Adam Hauptmann to show up, because I feel like they’re ultimate couple goals in life and I’d love to pick their brains on making that work. And Ben because I love tragic bad boys. Aside from that, every character from all my 4 and 5 star reads? Cause I love all of them and this post would be way too long if I started listing them out.

  31. I would definitely want to invite Hermione Granger, as I’d love to swap stories and knowledge with her. And I’d invite Harry Potter, because I feel like he deserves to be able to attend a low-key party that doesn’t end in tragedy. Beyond that, I’d love for Mercy Thompson and Adam Hauptmann to show up, because I feel like they’re ultimate couple goals in life and I’d love to pick their brains on making that work. And Ben because I love tragic bad boys. Aside from that, every character from all my 4 and 5 star reads? Cause I love all of them and this post would be way too long if I started listing them out.

  32. I would invite The main cast of characters from your Moon Pack series and the main cast from JD Robb’s In Death series.

  33. I would like Jaynell, all the Dragon men, and the dragons of Seattle, Sasha and his mate from the Sun and Moon set. From other authors, I would like Seraphine Thomas and Soraya Devil from Erin R Flynn. Cal from Dakota Krout, Doc from Jeffrey Falcon. Alburet from Daniel Schinhofen. Lissa, Breanna, Leah and all their mates from Connie Suttle. And last but not least, Harry Potter and friends!

  34. I would invite the whole moon pack and the whole cloverleah pack. I would enjoy having both packs meet and have blast.

  35. I would invite the mates from the Brac Pack. Watching them get into mischief would be too fun.

  36. I would invite all of the characters from the Moon Pack series. That is such a great series with wonderful characters.

  37. I would invite all AE Via’s guys all the way fro God and Day to Free and Hart. They are so totally kick ass and so amazing to read about.

  38. Taylor from Maggie Walshes Angel Pack, because hes funny,says what he means and pulls no punches and is his authentic self, Dex from the THIRDS-hes funny, quirky and loves my kind of music, Madison from Lisa Olivers The Gods mad me Do it-he’s the alpha of the Hell , is very organized (which I am not so he can take over the planning),and Simon from Not so Simple Simon by Sormy Glenn because he is a little lonely and I think the other guys would love him and help get him out of his shell

  39. I would love to have a party with a guest list consisting of:
    The Brothers from J.R Ward series
    Jack and Rose from the Titanic
    Harry Potter, Ginny, Ron and Hermione
    Dom and Brian from Fast and the Furious
    Dare from the Moon Pack
    And I could keep going but I won’t.

  40. It is realy hard to choose from all amazing characters but on my bithday party the guest od honor woud sertainly be Newt Scamander. A trip with a brilliant wizard around the magical world of animals in the suitcase would be a perfect gift. For now all whats left for me is to wish my dream come true and wait for next adventures of Newt nad his Fantastic Beasts.

  41. banded brothers for music then everyone else from all the other series to mingle cause then i can just watch and fade into background to see how things unfold

  42. The mates from Lady Blue Crew (Stormy Glenn & Lynn Hagen) when they are playing with the replicator, Dani & Marco from Etienne’s Forever series (would love to live in their country), everyone from the White Horse Clan (Lynn Stark) for their “ren fair”, and Anthony & Silver should be their too!


  43. Hmmm Asami Ryuichi and Takaba Akihito, Maya and Nemu and lots and lots of M/M book characters which would be a heck of a long list to post. Although as I’m thinking it, it would be hilarious with all those different kinds and species there.

  44. Let’s see, so many choices.
    This year, I would love to invite Tam and Anthony to meet Chalice (poor guy needs more confidence) and Jared for the snark.

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