Welcome Birthday Guest Jambrea Jo Jones!

Happy birthday month, Amber!

I am super happy to be participating again this year. The theme is party guest. Who would I invite to my birthday party and why. This is hard. I mean… I could pick some people from one of my books or I could pick some people from… Ohhh… I wonder… What book have I been after Amber to do? The one I hound her for? The one she has released the first book a few times, but has never given me my sequel. I could pout, but it’s been years so, my pouting obviously isn’t working. So, I guess I’ll talk to the guys myself.

Hello Ian Stiller and Daniel Rose, welcome to my birthday party.

“Hi guys! I’m so sorry Amber won’t talk to you. I know you have more to tell her, but I figured we could have a nice dinner to celebrate my birthday!” I smile at Daniel and Ian.

They look a little confused because they have no idea who I am, but that’s okay I’ll ease them into it and maybe they’ll tell me their story. Amber is just so mean, not sharing with the rest of us.

“Won’t you come in?” The guys were standing outside my door. Daniel had wine in his hands. He held it out to me.

I know nothing about wine, but I won’t tell him that. I took the bottle from him and waved them in.

“I’m just going to say it…”



“It’s okay. Go ahead, what is it Ian?” I gestured to the table. I had the place setting out, but the food was still on the stove. I wasn’t sure when they’d get there and I wanted to keep it warm.

“I am not comfortable talking to another author. I mean—Amber knows us and we don’t…”

“You don’t know me. I get it. I just enjoyed your story and wanted to hear more about it, but its okay if we just have a nice dinner together. It really is a pleasure to meet you.”

Daniel pulled out a chair for Ian. He looked a bit uncomfortable about it and glanced at me before sitting down. I smiled and watched his cheeks turn a bit red. Ian was still getting use to Daniel pampering him and I liked it. It was sweet. Daniel sat down as well, so I grabbed the dinner off the stove.

“I hope you guys like mashed potatoes and fried chicken. I kind of did the mash up like you get at KFC.”

I put a bowl in front of each of them before getting glasses for the wine. I saw it was a Chardonnay and thought that would go well with the chicken. Usually I would just have a soda, but it was my birthday. I put the glasses and the wine opener on the table.

“Shouldn’t you be out partying with friends?” Daniel opened the wine.

“I’m not much of a party kind of person. I’d rather be at home.”

“Sure, I can see that, but, shouldn’t you have friends over?” Ian joined the conversation.

“Most of my friends are online and—I just really wanted to get to know you better. Amber has been promising for a while to share more of your story, but she’s been busy and I was tired of waiting. I figured,” I shrugged. “Why not have them over for dinner. And, here you are.” I smiled.

It was time to eat, I took a seat at the table and picked up my fork, Ian handed me a glass of wine. He was playing host and it was nice.

“As Ian said, we would rather not…”

“It’s okay Daniel, just having you to dinner is enough. I just want to encourage you to talk to Amber more. She might be able to ignore my pouting, but no way could she ignore you guys in her head!”

Daniel laughed. “I am not sure we want more out there about our private life.”

“Oh, you do, I promise.” I winked at Daniel.

Dinner was perfect and my birthday was wonderful. Now—if I could get Amber to write the story I want, I’d be a happy girl.


Happy Birthday, Amber. Love you. 😉


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  1. I love this story all the more so as I’m not normally in to D/s. I have read it as usual for Amber’s stories more than once

  2. This was a great story and Jambrea’s right about a sequel with a new pairing but also bringing more of Daniel & Ian!

  3. There are several stories that need sequels. I agree this is one of them. But any story that the voices in Amber’s head want to share would be great.

  4. i loved Twisted Rose as well, a sequel would be interesting to see how this couple doing

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