Birthday Giveaway #3!


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This year, Amber asked the authors to invite their favorite characters to their birthday party, who would you invite to your party (they can be characters from any book, show, movie…whatever)


56 thoughts on “Birthday Giveaway #3!

  1. I would invite Dora the Explorer. That way I know I wouldn’t have forgotten anything because that girl has everything in her backpack!

  2. Oh wow I am going to stay with book characters. I would invite AE Via’s Nothing Special boys and Kindle Alexander’s Nice Guys. I would love to watch God and Day meet Mitch and Colt. It would be freaking amazing.

  3. Harry Potter, Ron, Hermione, George and Fred along with Sherlock and a few Dr. Whos. I think that would be fun.

  4. I would invite Tam Larson and his mate. Anthony and Silver oh and Jaynell and his mate. All strong powerful and sarcastic men. I think it would make for an interesting night.

  5. My invited party guests would be my first celebrity crushes John Wayne and Errol Flynn, I would invite Roarke and Eve(and hope someone doesn’t get murdered) Kate Shugak and Jim Chopin. Ty and Zane, Dex and Sloane Tam, Carey and all their family’s. and all the Dragon Mates. Jarrett and Thayne, Norman Reedus and of course the property brothers. Lol. It’s be one helluva a party. Last but not least my Mother for one last birthday with her.

  6. I would invite the gang from Renae Kaye’s series Loving You and Whyborne, Griffin and their gang from Jordan L. Hawk’s series.

  7. There are so many people I would love to meet and it is hard to not to invite them all which would make a terrible party having all those Alpha types together. I think Tam and Quentin then Laney from Hot Mess also Dio, Declan, and Caden and their partners

  8. I’d invite Tam, Anthony, and their mates. I’d also invite A.E. Via’s Nothing Special and Promises boys as well as Tommy and Prophet from SE Jakes series.

  9. The crew from TJ Klune’s Bear, Otter & the Kid books and his At First Sight books, that should make for a loud & crazy party 🙂

  10. All of the moon Pack, the brothers from J.R Ward series, Harry Potter, Luna, Ginny, Hermione and Ron, oompa loompas from Charlie and the chocolate factory, Rose and Jack from Titanic

  11. hmmm I think Wrath and V from BDB, Eve and Roark from In Death series and possibly Sherlock Holmes and Harry Potter with Ron and hermione as well.

  12. The moon pack, Bethany Anne and Michael from the kurutherian series and definitely katie/Pandora from the war of the rammed series

  13. Ok I guess I would invite the lead characters from JD Robb’s In Death series and the family of characters you have created in your books

  14. I would invite Dana Scully, the 12th and 13th Doctors, Fleur from Louise Erdrich’s Tracks, Thomas from Alexie’s The Lone Ranger and Tonto Fistfight in Heaven, Curtis and Chauncey from Lynn Hagan’s Brace Pack, the Battle Bunnies and their mates from Stormy and Bellann’s series, and Tam from Amber’s series. 🙂

  15. I would invite Vanyel from the Valdemar series, Menolly and her firelizards from Pern, Dex and Destructive Delta from the THIRDS series, Sirantha Jax from the Sirantha Jax series, Prince Alan from Tales Of The High Court, and from Amber’s books I’d invite Sam Enderson, Kreslan Piers, Master Jones, and all of The Moon Pack.
    Just reread that list and realized I am going to need a HUGE place to entertain them all.

  16. I would love to have Buffy and Spike, Joel Fleischman (from Northern Exposure), Eric Northman (from True Blood) and probably Adrien English from the Josh Lanyon series

  17. Seregil of Rhiminee (because he can double as entertainment), Dexter J Daley (because there might be karaoke). Callum Turner (for the food).

  18. I would love to have Sherryiln Kenyon’s Dark Hunters and Lynn Hagen’s Brac series characters

  19. My dad who was my best friend who passed away 2 years ago and my grandad who I never met but have heard so many great story’s about. Otherwise all of Amber’s book children/friends. I think it would be very interesting if they met each other to.

  20. For my birthday party, I’d ask Lisa Oliver to bring guys from her The Gods Made Me Do It series and from her Balance series. It’d be fun listening to them compare notes about the changes they’ve seen. I’d also ask Whit Valentine to bring her Susilauma Wolves series.
    This would be a fabulous way to celebrate a memorable birthday.

  21. Gerard Butler’s secrete service characters from Olympus has fallen. Or really any of his movies because I love that man!!

  22. Jory and Sam from A Matter of Time, all the THIRDs characters, and Andrew and Neil from All for the game.

  23. I’d invite the characters from Lorna Freeman’s Borderlands series, mostly because I’ve been hoping Book Four would occur at some point. This would be an acceptable substitute!

  24. All of the Dark-hunters, the League Assassins, All of the Moon Pack, the Thirds crew, the Niska brothers, Buffy, Angel, Spike, Booth & Brennan, Holmes & Moriarty, The Sinner’s Gin/Crossroad Gin boys, the Hellsinger crew, Kai Gracen, The Dragons of Valdier et al. Sookie Stackhouse, Mercy Thompson, Anita Blake, Harry Dresden, The Resistant Omegas, all of Stormy Glenn’s Tri-omegas and werewolves. Basically any and all of the series I read and reread, I would want to meet.

  25. The crew from Sapphire Falls, Montogomery Ink, & Moon pack to start. Then the Trinity Masters & the Master’s Admiralty

  26. I guess some of the anita blake crew or some of our fallen Soldiers and Turks from FFVII or some of the non-extremist XMEN although the ones with dissassociate identity disorder I would ask to leave the violent persona packed away *looking at you Phoenix just to start*.

  27. Since I just spent some time catching up again with Harry Potter, I’d love to have the whole crew over. Harry, Hermione, Ron, all the Weasleys (even Percy), Draco, Narcissa (Lucius can come if he promises to be polite and not his usual self), Remus, Sirius, Dumbledore, Snape, Minerva…

  28. I’d have Tory Alexander, King Maelgwyn & their son King Rhun of Gwynedd, along with Taliesin Pen Beirdd and Selwyn the bard from The Ancient Future Trilogy by Traci Harding. I’d also include Anthony & Silver from Moon Pack and Dane, Zephen and Theron from Matchmaker, Matchmaker. I was also thinking the 4 Holland brothers and their mates from Toni Griffin’s books. I think that would be a rather eclectic set of people.

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