60 thoughts on “Birthday Giveaway #4!

  1. Just thought I would tell you contest 5 comes up page not found have tried more than once. I hate to say this but have no special way to celebrate birthdays one of my families doesn’t do birthdays and the other is all gone so we just do what we want. Did have a friend she and I would bake each other their favorite cakes mine was lemon with real lemon frosting hers was of course all Chocolate.

  2. My sister & I have birthdays 12 days apart so each year the family gets together on the weekend between our birthdays to celebrate.

  3. I’m not much of a party so I love to gather books my favorite food and relax reading and eating

  4. No birthday tradition. I do try to get at least one margarita in me but we don’t really celebrate our birthdays anymore.

  5. I look to see if there’s a new Amber Kell book I can buy, LOl. Seriously though, no. I have no special tradition. Though the idea of looking for a new Amber Kell book is a good one.

  6. I go out to eat for all three meals on my birthday. I refuse to cook. I also order a desert in lieu of a cake. Usually a pie. Also go to church. My birthday falls on the eve of a holiday. Happy birthday!

  7. I’m usually working I drive a truck. So every Birthday I get a free Grand Slam at Denneys. I will use the gift card to buy Quains book.

  8. Dh and I try to go away for a weekend together, no kids and do something different. We hike or stay at a hotel in PA for a relaxing time.

  9. When my mom was still alive I would pick her up and we would go to Epcot when I lived in Florida we would do it for a combo my birthday and Mom’s Day for her

  10. Every year we go out to eat with the whole family and open presents but thats the birthday person choice where we eat or if they want to go celebrate it.

  11. Yes, my 3 sons and I bake our favorite cookies. That’s all I want is to be with my family. Happy Thanksgiving. I hope your day is filled with good food and love. Thank you for the give away.

  12. I go out to lunch and shopping with my mom and sister for my birthday every year which actually just passed November 10th!

  13. Usually movies (either out or at home), pasta, and cheesecake. Sometimes I make my family play trivia games (which they always lose, so it’s the only time I can get them to play).

  14. I don’t really have traditions for my day, but our town has fireworks around that time and I love to go!

  15. I always celebrate with my twin no matter what. It’s our special time to celebrate together.

  16. I dont do anything for my birthday, not since my dad passed away at Christmas 2 years ago. It just don’t feel right with out him because my birthday is on or near farther day so we always celebrated it together. Not the same without him.

  17. Family that don’t live with me call. Family that live near set up a date we can all meet to eat out. Family that live with me; one will take me to McDonalds, the other will meow at me to feed them/get up and or let them out/say hello and “why did it take you so long it’s cold out?” The meowing one doesn’t care if it’s my birthday, it’s just standard interplay.

  18. Not really a tradition, but getting Mexican food and a margarita is usually my choice, then curling up with a new book to read.

  19. Every year we go out to eat as a family. My husband, child, my parents, my grandmother and occasionally my aunt, uncle, and cousins join. This tradition is held for each birthday in the family.

  20. Every year my in-laws and I get together on each other’s birthdays and the person whose birthday it is decides what we are going to have for food. Other than that we don’t do anything else.

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