61 thoughts on “Birthday Giveaway #7

  1. Heck I would show them the weird people at Wal-Mart and they would leave really fast or take them black Friday shopping

  2. Hey I shop at Walmart and I am not weird but I will go for the Black Friday sale at any store. I have never been to one and don’t ever p;an on going.

  3. I’d take them to the Hoh Rain Forest, one of four rain forests on the Olympic Peninsula. Its unique ecosystem has remained unchanged for thousands of years and it’s now the most carefully preserved rain forest in the northern hemisphere. I’m awed each time I visit, and I think our alien visitors would be too.

  4. My first instinct is math (because communication is a thing), and if it was possible, I’d love them to see the Library of Alexandria, to show them the history and knowledge of our world, both good and bad.

  5. I would want to take them to a nursing home/day care centers, to show the elderly interacting with the kids.

  6. In all reality, I’d probably show them the door, as I slammed it in their face–or snout, or tentacles– and ran for my life. In a more perfect world, had I seen fewer Alien movies, I’d show kindness, ask if they needed help, etc.

  7. That not everyone wants to dissect them and that we can be peaceful. Probably pizza and ice cream.

  8. I suppose it would depend on if they were peaceful or not. If they were peaceful and we could understand each other, I would take them on a drive on Hwy 101. If they weren’t peaceful, I would show them my heels.

  9. This peruvian mom and pop place in Southern California. Definitely not the Internet though (as that is a pit from which one may never emerge let alone the dark holes they could get stuck down – we can never just stay at the cat worshipping walls and places like facebook and youtube are hard to crawl out of).

  10. I’d take them to some of the more prominent museums like The Louvre and The British Museum, along with some of the major art galleries. Then show them the joys of the internet.

  11. Although it would be heavily weighted for the United States, I think I would want to go to the Smithsonian to get a broad overview of science, technology, and art. Then I would want to go to similar museums in other countries.

  12. If they ate humans, I’d take them to the white house and give them a large bottle of anti-acid!

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