It’s the best day of Birthday Month!


Welcome to my birthday. I’m so thrilled that all of you have joined me on my special day. For those who don’t know I share this birthday with my sister. I was born on her fourth birthday. Weird huh! Happy Birthday Sis!

For my birthday I’ll be giving away prizes throughout the entire day. You are eligible to enter every contest. Today I am also releasing Questioning Quain (purchase here) and later this morning the first chapter will be posted for your reading pleasure.

The first contest to start things out will be to share your favorite birthday dinner. What is your favorite thing to eat? I have to confess that I love mashed potatoes. We’re having a baked ham with it tonight since it’s Thanksgiving here in the US. For my birthday dessert I’m having pumpkin cheesecake one of my all time favorite desserts.

The winner of this contest will get a $20.00 GC to Amazon, if you are an Amazon hater we will offer you  five of my ebooks. Your choice. Have a Happy Thanksgiving if you celebrate and have a yummy dessert for me just because.

75 thoughts on “It’s the best day of Birthday Month!

  1. Happy Birthday, I hope you have a nice day today!!
    For my birthday dinner, I love to eat asian food, especially if it’s spicy.

  2. Happy birthday, Amber! I am a happy girl if my mum cooks her lasagna for my birthday… and she usually does…. 🙂
    I hope you have a very nice birthday! 😉

  3. Happy Birthday Amber! We share the same birth month. Hope you have an awesome Birthday and Thanksgiving.

  4. I used to ask my mom to make pork chops, corn, mashed potatoes and gravy I really loved that meal growing up.

  5. Have an amazing Birthday!!!

    Growing up in my family, you get to pick your birthday dinner. (My brothers are born 2 years apart on the same day, so they had to agree on what to have.) For me as an adult, dinner would be meatloaf with mashed potatoes and gravy. Dessert would be Apricot Brandy Pound Cake with coffee ice cream.

    Happy Turkey Day!

  6. Happy birthday to you and your sister Amber! How wonderful to share a birthday!
    Not sure how or when it started but for as long as I can remember my birthday dinner has been KFC chicken with mashed potatoes and plenty of slaw. Haven’t had that in a few years but it is the one I remember most vividly . Now my favorite is lasagna…yum!

  7. Happy birthday to you and your sister. Hope you both have an amazing day.

    Well my fav is prawn salad. And pudding is new York cheese cake. But as I had the gastric sleeve done in March I can’t eat it so much now as my stomach is the size of an egg. But I’ve lost 15 stone in all, 8 stone since the operation so doing well. Plus I’ve just had some good news I’m not diabetic anymore. So yeah maybe keep off the cheesecake…lol

  8. My mom makes me paprika chicken, which I love and don’t cook for myself. My all time favorite dessert is tiramisu.

  9. Happy Birthday Amber!

    For my birthday, I love having steak and baked potato. Fir dessert, a flourless chocolate cake would be awesome.

  10. I really like to go out for prime Rib. Since my wedding anniversary is 5 days before my birthday we usually go out the weekend between the two.

  11. Happy Birthday…… hope you have great day!! Also happy thanksgiving… favourite thing to eat is my mams homemade apple tarts… heated up with fresh whipped cream on the side… yum!!!

  12. I love seafood. Scallops and shrimp and calamari. Add fries with it and I’m very happy

  13. Happy Birthday, Amber! And to your sister, too. I don’t really have a favorite birthday meal, but I remember as a kid, my parents would take just me (no sibs, for a change) out to a restaurant I chose. I loved it!

  14. Happy Birthday Amber! That is so meet that you share your birthday with your sister and I believe Stormy Glenn!! My favorite food is flautas and my all time desert would be my mommas homemade cherry cheesecake she made me for every birthday! Yummy 😋

  15. Happy Birthday! My favorite birthday dinner is hamburgers with french fries. I am with you, the best thing is dessert, which I love cheesecake. so that is always my birthday cake.

  16. My favorite birthday dinner would be going out with family to old country buffet where I am a mashed potato, fruit and salad person.

  17. Happy Birthday Amber. My favorite birthday dinner is any dinner with my family. But I love mashed potatoes too and could eat them every day.
    Also I’m answering another giveaway here about the cat or dog because on ghat link it tells me the page isn’t available. So to answer that one I am a cat person more than a dog but I have both. Lol

  18. Happy Birthday and Happy Thanksgiving!

    Hmm, favorite birthday dinner – one where I don’t have to cook or clean up?!?
    Otherwise, there is a restaurant here that does a chicken in a wine sauce with parmigiana fries – yum! That was my birthday dinner in October!

  19. My favorite was when my grandparents would stop by the house and pick me up and take me out for banana split for dinner. Now I like cheesecake with caramel on top and pecans.

  20. I could eat mashed potatoes and gravy for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Chocolate Decadence cake for dessert.

  21. Happy Birthday Amber!
    My favorite bday dinner is grilled steak and potatoes with a salad and of course, the best part chocolate cake.

  22. HAPPY BIRTHDAY AMBER! Baked potato with cream bacon and chives accompanied with a good wine and for dessert cheesecake with blackberry

  23. Looks like mashed potatoes are the winner in favorite food while I do love them a fully loaded baked potato is what I want with a nice rare steak and salad. YUM!!!
    Anyway Amber I off to buy Quain’s book so I wish you and your Sister a very Happy Birthday and a great Thanksgiving. Enjoy the day.

  24. Happy bday to you and you’re sister. It’s my bday too so I get my fave dinner today — a day long dinner with family and lots of laughter

  25. Happy Birthday Amber!!
    My favorite birthday dinner would be started with a salad then a nice thick juicy Steak with a baked potato and green beans. For desert I would have a chocolate sundae.

  26. I love fish, so that’s what I usually get for my birthday, something like salmon, crab, or sushi of some kind.

  27. Happy Birthday Amber! Also Happy Thanksgiving! My favorite birthday meal is Champagne, with a beautifully grilled steak and a salad!

  28. Hope you have a wonderful birthday and delicious mashed potatoes! My favorite meal is shrimp scampi.

  29. Chocolate cake or cheesecake does it for me. Turkey dinner with all the trimmings is my favorite, but my birthday is in April so I rarely get it, for my birthday anyway.

  30. Happy birthday and happy Thanksgiving! I really don’t have a favorite food. I get cravings for lots of things and will eat it for days but it depends on my mood. I’ve been known to order a dozen eggrolls for carry-out and nothing else and eat them all by myself.

  31. Happy birthday Amber!!!

    For myself its Cheesecake from Cheesecake Factory. I am partial to the White Chocolate Raspberry truffle one and I get it very infrequently that its a delight when I do get it.

  32. Happy birthday Amber !!! Every year at the beginning of November, my mother asks me one question: my beloved daughter, what would you like to eat on your birthday. I truly believe there can be only one right answer: roasted duck with apples and plum jam. I can not wait
    for Christmas to come so I can hear the question once again.

  33. Happy Birthday! If we’re having family dinner, I always want my mom’s cheese biscuits. For my birthday, I always want cake!

  34. Amber, hope you have a wonderful birthday and enjoy those mashed potatoes and pumpkin cheesecake. For myself I don’t really have a favorite birthday meal, so long as there is some sort of cake I am happy.

  35. Lasagna, with garlic bread, and cheesecake for dessert…also what we’re having for Thanksgiving because that’s how we roll.

  36. Happy Birthday 🎊 Shrimp scampi over linguini with a nice wine and chocolate mousse for dessert.

  37. Happy birthday. Japanese food and chocolate hazelnut cake from Publix. That’s what my twin and I had for our birthday in October.

  38. My favorite meal would be seafood (salmon, crab, lobster, shrimp) and European sponge buttercream torte for dessert. Yum!

  39. Happy birthday, Amber. I’d choose either Korean or Mexican cuisine. For dessert it’d be lemon pound cake.

  40. “Amber, sweetie, I know it’s your birthday and your party but …” she paused, “the heavy rain has put the flames out in the fire pit where you plan to grill the meat. As a result the steak will be a bit too rare for normal people to eat as well as it being damp out. Those that aren’t werewolf or of the two natured will be questioning if you’re trying to give them food poisoning as well as pneumonia or some such. They’re already calling to see if maybe it could be rescheduled for a more auspicious, um, date?” Again she paused before suggesting, “They say that Saturday is supposed to be a nice warm and sunny day.”

  41. Green bean casserole with rice. My brother makes this amazing one and it’s so creamy and flavorful it can be eaten with a bowl of plain rice.

  42. My favorite thing: sweet, has to be vanilla ice cream with oreo cookie crumbles and caramel. Savory: mongolian BBQ 🙂

  43. It depends where I am on my birthday…Mexican or Japanese food, usually, followed by a chocolate cake with ganache or cream cheese frosting!

  44. I don’t really have a favorite birthday dinner. I mainly look for a restaurant that has a good salmon or seafood dish. And some yummy dessert doesn’t hurt.

  45. My favorite dinner is Yakisoba. I love Japanese food, but yakisoba is something I could eat every meal and still love it, so I would say that is what I would have for birthday dinner.
    And for dessert, since it would be my birthday and all, I would have some brigadeiro (it’s a brazilian dessert thats is made with chocolate and condensed milk and it’s usually considered a birthday party food).

  46. Happy Birthday Amber ^^ Wishing you all the best. As for birthday dinner I’d love some cheese and tomato sauce lasagna (darn I’m salivating now).

  47. Well my birthday just past on Saturday and I had hibachi and sushi so we will go with that. Happy Belated Birthday!!

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