Happy November 30th!


A huge thank you to everyone who joined me this month. I hope visiting readers found new authors to enjoy or familiar authors with new books to read. I always have a great time with my November celebration and I’m happy you were able to share this month with me.

For a fun ending we will have one last contest. The winner will win a $20.00 Amazon gift card and will be chosen Sundayish.

Which book/sequel of mine are you waiting on the most?

65 thoughts on “Happy November 30th!

  1. Oooh I am awaiting the next Moon Pack, I want to see Anthony and his Army kick some serious A$$

  2. I miss Adrian and Talan, though I liked there first book, there second Talan’s Treasure was even better. I would love to see them grow even more in love and some day become parents like Anthony and Silver.

  3. I would love more Quentin Heart or Dragons of Seattle of course any new Amber book would be loved.
    HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! hope the next year is great and we all get lots of new stories.

  4. I was waiting for Quain, but now that’s available. So, next in the list would be Seattle Dragons or Hidden Magic or Mercenary Love

  5. More of the moon pack please. First books of yours that I read. I love them. I need more! Talan and Adrian need to have puppy’s and kittens!!!!

  6. Quentin Heart is my first choice. Second choice is Dragon Groomer. I’ve enjoyed your birthday month blog and all the visiting guest authors. I’m pretending everyone will come to my virtual b’day party tomorrow.

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