Hello, Fans,



February and January were super fast months for me. Was it the same for you? I am looking at my former blog story and I am going to pre-write a bunch and have them resume in March. I’m not sure how often but minimum once a week possibly two. Or once with the occasional two posts but we’ll have to see.


I am going to be working hard to get new things out in the next few months. For those of you who are sending me emails, I promise I am trying to get my old books reissued it just takes time so please be patient. I’m happy to hear you are wanting them up and I’m sorry it’s taking so long.


I will be at RWA in July signing books if you happen to be in New York on the 25th (I think that is the date) and giving out free print books.

I might also be at Euro Pride Con at the end of June but I’m waiting on a few things to decide.

New Works

For what I’m working on now I have 75% of Gears written (sequel to Keys) and 25% of Quentin Heart 2 finished. I will be posting bits of QH2 in the future. It should be a fun book and I hope you all enjoy it.

That’s All

Thanks for your patience with me and I will be posting things more consistently in the future. Hugs all around. I adore each and every reader and I can’t tell you how much I appreciate your support.

6 thoughts on “Hello, Fans,

  1. While I also will be overjoyed reading Gears it is Quentin’s second book I really want and have wanted for a long time. Thanks so much for not forgetting him. I tried not to bug you too much I know how life does get in the way sometimes but it will be nice to read some new stories from a wonderful author.

  2. One quick question did you finish Catnapped? I just went back and check the story and the last I have is 20 is there more somewhere?

  3. I’m so excited to see you are working on Gears and QH2. I have read Keys and Quentin Hart multiple times and look forward to seeing what comes next!!

  4. Yes, February and January passed with light speed. Thank you for Gears and QH2, but, please don’t forget about Catnapped, too.
    Wish you a beautiful and flowery March.

  5. So happy about Gears and QH2, even happier just to have new Amber stuff 😀
    Looking forward to seeing Catnapped develop too

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