Quentin 2

The goal is to have the book out this month. *crossing fingers* Great cover though right?

Snippet: (unedited. I thought I would warn you.)

The chiming ring pulled him from his foggy haze enough for him to lift his head.

“Ignore it.” Jaks cupped the back of Quentin’s head and pulled him into another passionate embrace. “They’ll stop calling.”

“Mmhmm.” Quentin allowed Jaks to pull him into another kiss but a little doubt winnowed into his head. It was awfully early for a phone call.

The ring began again. Quentin ripped himself away from Jaks. “I-I’ve just got to see who it is.”

Jaks groaned but didn’t try to stop him. He flailed his hand out and swept his phone from the side table. “Grevin?”

“I thought he was nocturnal.”

“He is. All necromancers are.” In all the time he’d known him Grevin had never called him during the day. As he contemplated returning the phone call a text appeared.

Help 666.

“Oh crap.

Jaks leaned over Quentin’s shoulder to read the text. “Shouldn’t that be 911.”

“No. We have a series of codes. 666 means something went wrong with a demon summoning.” A chill sank into Quentin’s stomach. He pulled up Grevin’s name and pushed the call button.

It rang.

Then rang some more.

Quentin bit his lip as the phone continued to ring on his end with no one picking up on the other.

“We know he was close enough to the phone to call you.” Jaks rubbed Quentin’s shoulders as if sensing his mounting tension.

“Unless he called from his watch.”

“He still could’ve picked up with it.”


The call disconnected. Quentin threw the phone on the bed. “I’m going over there.”

“I’ll come with.” Jaks slid out of bed before Quentin could say anything.

Not that he would argue. If something weird had happened at Grevin’s place he would prefer to have a kickass vampire at his side especially if there were any demons.

The icy floor froze Quentin’s bare feet. He shivered as he dressed in his best demon battling outfit of worn jeans and a cozy long sleeved shirt. Chattering teeth wouldn’t impress a demon any more than his battered sneakers.

If his current life trend continued he might have to look into getting a badass outfit and personal soundtrack to make his hero entrance complete. If nothing else it would make Jaks laugh.

They dressed in silence. Quentin grabbed some of his spell balls hoping he wouldn’t need them.

“Are those the improved ones?” Jaks asked nodding to the balls.

“The stronger cage ones and a new one I’ve developed.”

“What does it do?”

Quentin smiled, flattered that Jaks showed true interest in his work. “It sets things on fire once activated.”

“That could be dangerous,” Jaks frowned. “You don’t want to start a wildfire.”

He shook his head. “No it a magical flame. It will only burn things I tell it to since it will be linked to my magic.”

“Why did you create those?”

“I’m trying to look into binding various elements. These are good for taking down zombies I don’t think they’ll do much against demons. I’m only bringing them to see if they will work in the field.” Quentin shoved a bunch of balls into a backpack and a bottle of water he pulled from the small fridge they kept in the bedroom. He also grabbed a few packs of blood. He didn’t know how long they would be out and he couldn’t let Jaks take his blood if he needed all of his energy.

“Good idea to bring provisions. Hopefully we won’t need them. I prefer tapping straight from the source.”

“I prefer you doing that too.”

They shared a quick kiss before pulling apart again. Jaks was his personal magnet. If Jaks was near Quentin always gravitated to him. There were probably entire dissertations over the effect vampires had on their bonded but Jaks still struggled to understand how he fell in love with a vampire master to conduct any further research. Some days he still felt like the naive guy who walked into a vampire coven while reading his notes. It really was a miracle no one had killed him yet. He hoped to continue the trend.

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  1. It is a great cover but I’m sure the book will live up to it. Am waiting patiently!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Is Grevin okay? He’s such an interesting character and I’d love to read more about him. Can you give him a worthy mate? he’s so lonely and my heart aches for him.
    Did Quentin get contact lens or LASIK? Mmm, how disappointing. He’s smoking hot when he wears his glasses! Looking forward to reading Jaks’ and Quentin’s continuing adventures. Please post the links when you get them.

  3. Thanks Amber, I adored the first and was so happy there was to be more and now it’s almost here. I want to find out how Quentin’s Mum is doing and Grevin. Love the cover.

  4. I can’t wait for more Quentin!! I really love the first book, and hope is out this month!! Thanks!

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