International Women’s Day

My husband texted me this morning to inform me that it was International Women’s Day. To my shame I was unaware of it until his text. That got me to thinking about how much I take women’s rights for granted. I’ve never lived at a point in time where women in the United States can’t vote or get an education or aren’t given the same rights (at least on paper) as other citizens in our country. Women in some other countries are still struggling for equal rights.

Wikipedia has an excellent breakdown of the origins of this day (check it out here). The first National Women’s Day was celebrated in 1909 in New York promoted by the Socialist Party of America.

There are many ways that women are suppressed but we should take a moment today to think about how far we’ve come and celebrate the people who have helped us get here. While we have a long way to go for equal rights for everyone, each accomplishment should be acknowledged along the way.

Have a Happy International Women’s Day.