The weekend is around the corner..and contest.

Comicon has come to Seattle. I’m spending most of today and Sunday there. I’m always inspired when I come into contact with so many creative people. Story ideas are bouncing around like rubber balls, each daring me to try and catch them while percolating thoughts try to tempt me from my current paths, However, I am determined to finish the books I’ve started. Of course that doesn’t stop me from sketching a quick idea down or two. A superhero book might come into being or a magical portal library has been spinning into creation. We’ll see. The important thing is I’m getting back my inspiration.

What inspires you? What gets your creative wheels spinning? Enter your favorite creativity sparker and one of you lucky winners will receive two free backlist ebooks of mine…your choice. Of course if you are a super reader you can always pick a future one, but I make no promises on publication date. Happy Friday!!!

16 thoughts on “The weekend is around the corner..and contest.

  1. Sometimes it’s a random thought , a picture, something that passes by my window when the hubster and I are on a road trip, or a conversation with someone that puts a story in my head. I only write for friends…create for them the love story they hope happens for them or stories for my kids when they were young .

  2. I craft and I often get inspiration from seeing other peoples ideas. Big help for me is pinterest. Love it.

  3. Sometimes I get inspiration from something someone else has written but mostly I use music.

  4. I get inspired by Pinterest. It’s a day waster, but there are so many creative things on there. I make wreaths and have just started jewelry. Keeps me out of trouble…lol

  5. Music is inspirational, and sometimes movies, in abstract ways, but mostly, I feel sort of random. Not even really sure where things come from. Sometimes they feel inspired, other times it’s out of left field, but once a niggle of something is there, I can usually tease the rest out with more proactive methods.

  6. I drive a truck so I see a lot that inspires my creativity. I listen to a lot of Zombie Apocalypse books so I check out places I can see from the road and ask myself would that place stand up to a Zombie hoard? Lol. Would that place make a good stronghold. Things like that. Of course the beautiful scenery I see along my travels is also inspiring.

  7. Walking besides the river, it helps me meditate and I get all this brilliant ideas and solutions to all my problems…

  8. I use public transportation and for some inexplicable reason, I turn into a people person, chatting and laughing with bus drivers and passengers. I’ve learned about where they grew up and their countries, but what I cherish most is making new friends.

  9. Often I’m inspired by what I see out in nature. Or a random thought that pulls 2 or more different things together with a why is that moment.

  10. I like to quilt, so seeing photos of other peoples use of fabric always gives me ideas. Have fun at ComicCon-I get to go to San Diego this year:)))

  11. I am an avid crocheter and color excites and inspires me. Every color and combination touches an emotion and leads to a creation.

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