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Autism existed a long time before there was a name for it. It’s only recently started to be understood.

Autism is a condition that is a huge factor in my family and in a lot of others that I know. Anyone with a relative who has autism has a quirky story or two tell about their autistic friend/relative/or personal experience. The spectrum of Autism is wide ranging to being unable to speak to having more minor issues. Two people with autism can have widely difference issues to deal with. My younger son has autism and it has led him to be a quirky imaginative individual who I wouldn’t trade for a child not on the spectrum.

This blog post is supposed to be about childhood toys. It was actually through toys that I noticed the difference between child and others. My child could do complex puzzles at a ridiculously early age. He could also build Legos into intricate structures especially if he saw a video on it once. While my older son had been an early speaker my younger child conveyed his ideas non verbally through pictures or hand motions. He’s 13 now and an amazing teen who can tell you to the brushstroke where a company changed their logo. LOL!

There is so much we still don’t know about autism. Through study and research hopefully we can find a way to help those with autism lead productive lives. My younger son is considered high functioning autistic but his difficulties focusing and understanding social cues will follow him for his entire life. The best we can do is love and guide him and hope we can give him the skills to be able to cope with the realities of life.

RJ’s masterpost for the Autism Blog Stop is here

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$20.00 amazon GC for one person picked by next Saturday. What was your favorite childhood toy.

25 thoughts on “Autism Awareness Blog Hop

  1. would have to be my hand puppet named Spot, gave me all the cuddles and comfort i wanted

  2. My favorite childhood toy were barbies of any kind. I had the blow up furniture and all the barbies I could get my hands on.

  3. I had a stuffed horse that i didnt go anywhere without it. Still have it in a container under my bed.

  4. Aside from books, my favorite toy was a set of “clackers”, hard glass or acrylic balls attached at either end of a 12” string that you held in the center and clacked together in various ways.

  5. My favorite toy was a stuffed lamb my grandfather gave me the day I was born. I’m 39 now and still have it.

    As a parent of a child with autism, I especially appreciate your efforts in raising awareness. Thank you.

  6. The one I wish I had now was the Magical Musical Thing, shaped vaguely like a keytar (’80s, you know!) but with plastic touchpad notes. They sounded vaguely like a cross between an electric guitar and a synth, and someone who could read music (I couldn’t yet) probably could play real songs on it. The keys were super-sensitive, though, and once the family was awakened by something pressing on it in the middle of the night, and the droning note had my mom fearing it was a fire alarm. The batteries were a pain to replace, too, so out it eventually went. I guess I could see if they still exist on eBay or something, but my house is so full of books etc. that I should resist the urge.

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