We need your help and a giveaway!

Hi everyone!

Amber is looking to provide an awesome experience with her newsletter. So we need your help with what kind of content you would love to see in the newsletter, 2 random commenters who suggest some content ideas will win $5 Amazon gift cards!

Currently we run a giveaway in the newsletter that you can win just by opening and reading it.

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So let us know what kind of things you want to see, or questions you’ve always wanted answered. The newsletter is for your enjoyment so help us out so we can make it great for you.

Contest runs until next Wednesday, May 1st, when the next newsletter goes out!

30 thoughts on “We need your help and a giveaway!

  1. I love character spotlights, maybe a monthly recipe or even a peek behind Amber’s process of creating her wonderful stories

  2. I would suggest giving updates on events and books (WIP, coming soon and republished).
    This is something that you can play with. In what way you decide to do it that is. And with the updates you can add for example contests where prices can be something as easily as getting to name a character in one if the next books, or getting to know what the release date on one of the new books a little early or receiving a teaser from one of the new upcoming books

  3. I love hearing about upcoming releases and I love the cover reveals. The blog stories are nice, but I know they take time.

  4. I love knowing about upcoming releases and small samples of work in progress before the editing

  5. What about doing interviews or random update from old or new characters from her books? Like having one pop in to say hello.

  6. Republishing older blog stories would work too, and introduce new readers to your older stories.It’s nice to see a mention about a new author or one you’ve just met.

  7. I’d like to see information on WIPs and release dates for upcoming books. Like Terria I’d like to see the old blog stories also.
    Amber you are my automatic buys author.
    Love your books

  8. I love cover reveals and sneak peeks at upcoming books. Character interviews are fun too.

  9. Hi, like all the other comments I also would like to see WIP and showcase some new authors or new to us authors. Show us some of the books your reading that month is awesome. Maybe do a monthly read along.

  10. Polls would be awesome (if she was waffling on a species or a name or something and had it narrowed down to a handful of options).

  11. I would like to see releases, what you are working on now, if any of your books will be in Kindle unlimited and some question and answers on your characters.

  12. What you’re working on now of course. Maybe some teasers. Some questions we can ask your characters that they’ll answer. What’s going on in your world. And maybe ask us questions that would help you get to no your reader’s and what we like.

  13. I love interviews with the characters, and short stories or extra stuff that only the subscribers can see… 😉

  14. I’d love info on WIPs and maybe some short ficlets based on previously published books. Give everyone a chance to revisit with their favorite characters!

  15. Things I like to see: contests, WIP snippets, character inspiration pics, flash fic, book recs and book release/sale info. A spotlight on a backlist book would be nice as well.

  16. I love seeing what books are coming out. What books are being republished so I can see if I already have them and if not pick them up. And cover reveals.

  17. I’d love to read a coda for your MCs from a previously published book. For instance, if you wrote a coda for Master Phoenix and Declan, it would be fun to read a slice-of-life shortie and catch up with them now.
    Any of these are nice too, but not at at the same time: contests, newsletter serial, teasers and blurbs, first peek at cover art, and/or an exclusive excerpt just for subscribers.

  18. I enjoy getting info and teasers on WIP, upcoming release dates, contests, and blog stories. Special bonus scenes are a great perk for subscribers and maybe also links to older blog stories. 🙂

  19. When thinking about your newsletter and blogs, I thought what about putting a description of one your characters on a new book before it comes out so we can picture them with the title and your book description.

  20. All of the comments sound good to me. The more the better but I would love to see a new book more than anything.

  21. Information on WIPs – Release dates, cover art, if a story is re-released whether or not there are changes, samples of audio files if you are going to put a book into audio. When books that are out of print go back into print.

  22. I love seeing little guest spots/interviews with characters of past and future releases. It’s a fun way to get to learn more about the characters, and it’s unique.

  23. hmmm i want it all, that is a new book there are a few we are all waiting on, maybe finish some of the blog stories or make them in books so, release dates, and just ore of an update in general

  24. Most newsletters I receive have upcoming releases with a snippet of the book, new covers and a section for work in progress. I also like a look back at previous works.

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