Moon Pack Monday

It’s been a while since I did one of these so I thought I’d post one today. I’m including one of my favorite couples. I will do some of the rarer ones over the next few weeks or maybe you could leave a comment about what couple you’d like to revisit.


Steven sighed and patted the large animal trapping him on the couch.

“Babe, could you get up?”

The tiger tilted his head and snorted.

“But I can’t reach the remote.” He wasn’t whining and he’d call anyone a dirty liar who insisted he did. However, if he watched the same insurance commercial one more time he wouldn’t be held responsible for throwing his beer at the screen.

The tiger snuggled in further, rolling until the patch of sunlight shone on his thick fur.

“Yes, you are a very pretty tiger, but I think my legs fell asleep.” He poked his boyfriend, Dare, on his furry nose only getting a slight growl for his efforts.


Dare huffed but moved enough to allow Steven to stand. He shook his legs hoping to return feeling to them once again. “You know I love snuggling with you but sometimes you forget your a big ass tiger and not a kitten.”

He received a disdainful glare and a flash of fang. “Why are you so cranky today anyway?”

No response.

Dare rolled over, giving Steven a fine view of his back.

“Be that way.” He scooped up the remote that sat innocently on the coffee table, just far enough away to be out of reach from the couch.

Deciding to take advantage of his new freedom, he took a quick trip to the bathroom then grabbed another beer and a bag of popcorn. Now he was ready for binge viewing.

“Scoot over.”

Dare ignored him. Only a flick of an ear revealed he’d been heard.

“I will sit on you,” he warned.

In a blink of an eye Dare changed from a beautiful tiger to a stunning man. “Did you bring me a beer?”

“Here you can have mine. I’ll get another.”

Once a beer had been retrieved and negotiations over the choice of viewing settled Steven leaned against his sulky lover. “Want to tell me what’s wrong?”

“I’m unhappy with what I’m doing.” Dare propped the beer on his knee as he curled up on the end of the couch.

“You don’t want to be a bartender any more?” Steve had always thought Dare enjoyed working at the bar.

Dare shook his head. “While I was blind had a lot of time to think. I really examined what I wanted to do with my life. I want to go back to school.”

“For what?”

Dare found his knees very interesting if his sudden attention to them was any sign.

Steven patted Dare on the leg. “Whatever you want to do I will support you.”

Dare cleared his throat. “I want to be a kindergarten teacher.”

“Really?” Steven took a swig of beer. “Well you are always good with the kids.”

“I love kids.” Dare’s loopy smile sent twinges of worry through Steven.

“You don’t want any of your own do you?” Panic made his voice a little higher than before.

Dare frowned. “Not right now, maybe some day.”

Steven regulated his breathing back to normal levels. He could put off the panic attack to some day. “Okay. Then we can revisit that idea later. I’m sure if we talk to Silver we can get you signed up for college to get your degree.”

“You think so?” Dare’s smile warmed Steven’s heart.

“I’m sure we can.” He ignored his practical voice that told him a big tiger would make better security detail thank kid teacher. If Dare wanted to teach Steven would make it happen. He grabbed Dare’s hand and kissed his palm before closing Dare’s fingers into a fist. “I’m here for you. I would be a horrible mate if I didn’t help you achieve your dreams.”

The possible crushed ribs were worth it for the tight hug he received.

“Thank you,” Dare whispered in Steven’s ear. His warm breath sent shivers down Steven’s spine.

“You don’t need to thank me, Dare. That’s what partners do.”

“Well let me show you my appreciation.” Dare turned off the television and dragged Steven toward the bedroom.

“Well it’s always nice to be appreciation,” Steven agreed.

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  1. I love these stories! Can’t wait for the next book. You can write about any of the couple’s and I will soak them up!

  2. I always love reading these. I love all the reminders of these wonderful stories.

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