Happy 21st!

Happy 21st Wedding Anniversary to Amber and Mr. Kell.

Please join me in wishing them a Happy Anniversary and be entered to win a $21 Amazon gift card!

Happy Anniversary to one of thd coolest couples I know. – Sheri

78 thoughts on “Happy 21st!

  1. Happy Anniversary to you guys!! My husband and I have been married 22 years on the 16th. 😃

  2. Happy Anniversary Amber and hubby. 21 years is a looong time. Hope you have many more beautiful years to come.

  3. as someone who has passed my 42nd wedding anniversary, I wish you a very happy anniversary and many more.

  4. Happy 21st Anniversary! Your marriage is now legally able to have a drink . Enjoy . . . 😉

  5. Have a great anniversary! 21 is a big number, congratulations not many couples make it that long. Many happy more!

  6. Happy 21st Anniversary! May your love for each other increase with every new year to come and may you weather all obstacles successfully!

  7. Happy Anniversary!! It’s mine as well. 21 married and 26 together!It’s a great day!! ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️D

  8. Happy Anniversary Amber and Mr. Kell!!! I hope you have many more. I know I am happy with my husband of 34 years!

  9. Happy Anniversary and many, many more!!! It’s the Iolite anniversary, a beautiful purple stone.

  10. Happy wedding aniversary.I wish for you much more years of happinness together, full of love, strong and joy. God bless both of you, Amber and Mr. Kell. Best wishes.

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