Welcome Birthday Guest BA Tortuga!

Hey y’all! I’m BA Tortuga, resident redneck and lover of all things cowboy. I’m tickled pink to be celebrating Amber Kell’s birthday again this year. It makes my heart happy.

I’m a huge fan of birthdays, which given that mine is in early January, might surprise y’all. Yes, I’m one of those kids that had the birthday party the weekend immediately after school got back in that the other parents hated. *grin*

Fortunately, as you grow up, that becomes less and less of an issue, and now? I just celebrate the holiday season for another chunk of days.

In 2012, my wife Julia Talbot, my daddy, and I flew from Austin to Grand Junction, Colorado for my birthday. Daddy and I hadn’t been on a vacation together before, so that was amazing, and we were showing him one of my favorite places on earth (and one of the places I write about often), Glenwood Springs.

I love Glenwood – it’s in the Roaring Fork canyon, in between Grand Junction and Aspen. It’s got the biggest hot springs pool in the country, white water rafting, Doc Holliday’s grave, and a lovely little downtown area with shopping. It’s a warm, comfortable, freak-friendly sort of place, and I wanted to show it off to my daddy.

The first day we were there, we checked into the old, famous hotel there. Julia and I had never stayed there, because we’re not fancy, but we thought, oh, this is our chance, since we were sharing.

Talk about a nightmare! The bathroom was in a closet. The heater didn’t work. The beds were hard and lumpy and nasty. The view was of a dumpster. Not nice.

So we didn’t even stay. Daddy went to the Hot Springs hotel and flirted with the pretty little redhead gal at the front desk, gets us a suite, free breakfasts, and free parking.


We had a ball for a whole week. We went to Aspen; we drove to Vail. We snowmobiled, we had steak, and we had a ball. The best part though?

We took Daddy to the hot springs pool. It’s 28 degrees and snowing, and y’all? Daddy is NOT happy. He’s a Texan. He doesn’t do cold. He doesn’t LIKE cold.

But it’s my birthday and we have free passes and, dammit, we’re going.

So there we are, in the pool, and it starts snowing. Snowflakes are falling on my daddy’s bald head, steam just puffing up off it.


I swear, I’d never laughed so hard.

(Well, maybe when Daddy had to get OUT of the hot springs and make that awful run back to the bathhouse…)

So, that’s my birthday story. So far, it’s the best, but I’m damn near at one of the big ones. (2021 is my 50th), so we’ll see. I’m hoping for a trip.

*crosses fingers*

Much love, y’all.



First Rodeo


When a killer strikes, Texan and former rodeo cowboy, Sam O’Reilly, loses his older brother. Unbeknownst to Sam, James was also the lover and sub of a sophisticated New York City Dom named Thomas Ward. Sam comes to the city determined to stay until he can bring the murderer to his own brand of justice, while Thomas’ more ordered mind is hoping for a legal solution. Neither man expects their connection to the other, but having each lost someone irreplaceable, their hearts are crying out for comfort almost as loudly as their bodies are screaming for each other.

Some yearnings refuse to be ignored, but transcending their differences to explore the fragile connection between them will prove to be a steep a hill to climb–the first of many. As Sam and Thomas take the first tentative steps on the rocky path that might lead to a relationship, the killer steps out of the shadows…And this time, his sights are set on Sam.

Note to our readers: Each of the three books in The Cowboy and the Dom Series has a fully realized, romantic ending. However, the overarching suspense element will leave readers on a cliffhanger after books one and two, to be fully resolved in book three.

22 thoughts on “Welcome Birthday Guest BA Tortuga!

  1. Your poor father having to suffer the cold, I feel for him. Glad you all ended up enjoying your birthday trip though. Good luck on having an even better one in 2021.

  2. Hello BA! Nice to meet you. My birthday is Jan 13th (54 this coming) so I get what you mean..lol Thanks for sharing your story with us, hugs to your dad..just for having to run out of the hot tub. Any man that can flirt his way into a room, free parking etc is my kinda guy.
    I am pretty sure I have read something of yours. Will have to go look and rectify if I haven’t. Have a great day.

  3. Never been to a hot springs and I’m with your Dad no running around wet and almost naked in the snow but spending time with your family is wonderful.

  4. OMG! What a dump indeed! Hell no! Good thing you left and got a better thing elsewhere. lol..
    And it really does sound so nice… just not that first hotel. lol
    thanks for sharing! 😀

  5. Hi BA, I love both yours and Julia’s books! Cowboys make me happy..
    While my birthday is on July 4th, my oldest daughter has hers on January 5th, so I know what you’re talking about!

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