Welcome Birthday Guest Julia Talbot!

Hey y’all!

I’m Julia Talbot, and I really appreciate Amber letting me stop by to say Happy Birthday! Do love a party!

So, the theme for this post is my most significant birthday, and that has to be the easiest thing ever.

My most significant so far has been number 4-0. My twenties were tough, my 30s were really punctuated by losing my mom at 31 (though I did meet my wife then), but forty was really the time I started to come into my own, both as a writer and as a human.

My wife, who was mine by then but not legally married, took me to Venice for that birthday. Oh, that was a good one, even if the hotel didn’t have air conditioning, as I love that city.

There were a few mishaps on that trip, namely us almost missing the boat to the mainland to go to the airport at 5am, but we had a ball, and it kicked off some damn good years. We got married 6 years ago (also on my birthday, which seems like it might be the most significant, but by then I knew we were a forever thing, and that was just the courts agreeing we had the right to do it). My writing career has just gotten more and more exciting, and while there have been some ups and downs, I really feel like I’ve been far more successful than I ever deserved or dreamed.

That birthday definitely kicked off a decade of amazing times, most of them great, some of them memorable for being not so fab, but I have to admit, I wouldn’t trade my life for anything.

Thanks so much for hanging out with me, and I hope you’ll check out my Apex Investigations series. The newest one is called Jaguar and Grizzly, and here are some details about it!


A client with a cheating wife, a warehouse of cult members, and someone with a deadly vendetta—just a day’s work for Apex Investigations. Or is it?

Bear shifter “Grizz” Locke is ex-military and ready for PI work, which if not exactly safe seems less likely to get him killed on a daily basis. The added bonus of teaming up with former lover, Brock, a jaguar shifter, is all the incentive Grizz needs.

Brock can be a grumpy kitty, but has found a home and family at Apex. And now as luck would have it, he has a chance to rekindle his romance with Grizz. They might even rebuild their mate bond, severed years ago—as long as they don’t manage to get killed first.

When an enemy targets the Apex team, Brock and Locke will fight with all they have to protect their own. To enjoy life and love as fate intended, they will have to find out who wants them dead before someone at the agency pays the ultimate price.

Buy on Amazon!

Find me on the web at www.juliatalbot.com and on Facebook and at my FB Group!

Thanks so much for letting me come play, and Happy Birthday, Amber!

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  1. This story sounds really awesome. I’ll definitely be looking it up. While I have a lot of your older stories Julia, most were from when you were with Torquere, I haven’t actually seen any of your newer ones. I’m going to fix that though, because I loved your older work. Thanks for sharing and reminding me about your books. 😊

  2. Ah~ sounds so wonderful to travel…
    Ooohh~~ I shall totally be adding Jaguar and Grizzly to my TBR list. Thanks!

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