Birthday Bash Day 3!

I’m always interested in what hobbies people learn. I’ve signed up for a beginning knitting class and hope to make some beanies for my sons for Christmas but we’ll see how it goes.

In my story ideas I’ve come up with an idea that involves knitting but it is a rather angsty contemporary book. I’m torn as to whether I want to go in that direction. I do love my magic and shifters. What do you think? Should I go forward on it or not?

The book I’m promoting today is one of my few contemporary books.

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Tyler Remington looked at the head chef and took another deep calming breath—the three-hundredth deep breath of the afternoon. So far, his favorite meditation technique had kept him from throwing his ladle at the man’s head, but his nerves were beginning to unravel and his right palm would soon have a permanent imprint from his tight grip on the metal handle.

When he’d been hired on as sous chef to the famous restaurant entrepreneur Hans Berner, Tyler had been thrilled. After graduating top of his class, the tough job market had caught him by surprise. With his school loans weighing him down, any employment had seemed like a dream come true. Only a few days on the job, he had discovered there was a reason Chef Berner couldn’t keep any workers.

The man was a complete and total ass.

“You did not add enough garlic to your soup.” Chef Berner tossed his tasting spoon into the sink, ignoring the messy splatter he left behind. “You have ruined my recipe.”

Tyler didn’t bother to argue that the soup was perfect, even though he’d followed Chef Berner’s recipe to the letter and hadn’t given in to the urge to add fresh rosemary.

It really needed rosemary.

“Yes, Chef.” It wasn’t worth an argument. It was how the head chef said it was. A well-run kitchen was sort of like the military. You did what you were told, and if Chef Berner was in charge, you didn’t ask questions. He hated questions.

After three months, Tyler hated his job. He hated coming to the fancy hotel every day, and he was ready to slit his wrists if it would get him out of making the same damn soup twice a day.

Most of all, he hated Berner.

Luckily, it was break time. Under the sympathetic gaze of his coworkers, who equally despised the chef, he escaped out the back door for the measly fifteen minutes he had between prep times. He grimaced at the lovely reek of rotting food from the dumpster, but even the stench was an improvement over remaining in the kitchen with Berner. He had to get out of there before he turned Berner into soup. He spent a few minutes basking in a fantasy in which his coworkers covered up his crime in happy celebration.

Tyler blinked back frustrated tears. Graduating cooking school should have culminated in reaching his dream, not creating a nightmare.

He jumped about a foot when his pocket vibrated.

He pulled his cell phone out of his pocket and frowned at the unfamiliar number on his caller ID. Great, it was probably a salesperson. Of course, at this point, he’d talk to anyone who wasn’t the head chef.


“Is this Tyler Remington?” a deep baritone asked. The rich, softly accented voice sent sultry shivers down Tyler’s spine.

“Yes, I’m Tyler.”

“My name is Cody Stark. I’m your brother’s partner at the ranch.”

Icy terror made the hand holding the cell phone shake. “What happened to my brother?” That could be the only explanation for a total stranger to call him.

He’d never met Baron’s partner, but he’d heard nothing but good things about the man from his older brother. Baron always came out to see Tyler. Baron met Cody after Tyler started culinary school, but Tyler hadn’t been at the ranch since. A fact he now regretted.

“There’s no reason to be too concerned, but Baron’s horse got spooked and threw him today. He broke his collarbone, a couple of ribs, and the doctor says there’s some brain swelling. Now, he’s a tough cowboy and he’s gonna be fine. The only reason I’m callin’ is because you’re on his emergency contact list and I know your brother would want you to be informed. So far, he hasn’t regained consciousness, but the doctors are optimistic. They will need you to sign some paperwork. We can have it faxed over to you if you can’t make it here.”

Tyler cut off the man’s chatter. “I’ll be right there.”

Now all he had to do was tell Jack he was leaving town. His boyfriend never liked it when he wasn’t the center of attention.

Telling Jack turned out not to be as big of a problem as he’d thought. His boyfriend had news of his own.

“What do you mean you’re getting married?” Tyler stared at his lover. He couldn’t think of any other words.

Jack looked away, his handsome face flushing. “I-I can’t be with you, Ty. I can’t be gay.”

When he showed up at his boyfriend’s apartment, he’d expected him to be upset and maybe sulk, not give him a damn wedding invitation. It was funny how he was no longer the owner of Jack’s heart when Jack decided he wanted kids. Tyler threw the invitation back at him.

“What the fuck was I then, an experiment? Fuck you! Is that why you didn’t want to go out in public? I thought you weren’t out at your job. I didn’t know I was your dirty little secret. I was coming to tell you I had to go out of town because my brother Baron had an accident, but I guess it doesn’t matter now.” Tyler clenched his hands into fists to stop from wrapping them around Jack’s traitorous neck.

“Don’t be like that.” Jack put a hand on Tyler’s shoulder. “I love you, Ty, and I’m sorry about your brother. I know what he means to you.”

It hurt worse that Jack actually sounded sincere. Ty angrily shrugged off his ex-lover’s grip. “Love! You don’t know anything about love. You don’t tell someone you love them, then turn around and marry someone else.” He waved an irritated hand between them. “This was scratching an itch while you waited to get married. I don’t ever want to see you again.”

He was tempted to ask who the girl was, but he wasn’t that much of a glutton for punishment. He didn’t care. Furious, more with himself than with his clueless ex-boyfriend, Tyler stomped out of the apartment. Good thing they hadn’t moved in together. No wonder Jack had avoided that conversation when Tyler tried to bring it up. Jack had had no intention of taking their relationship to another level.

Hell, they didn’t even have a relationship. This was turning out to be a banner day. Brokenhearted, Tyler headed home to pack and go see the only man who still loved him.

His brother, Baron.

24 thoughts on “Birthday Bash Day 3!

  1. The book sounds interesting knitting! Also, I love your cowboy lovin’ book! Can’t wait for more!

  2. I enjoyed this book so please write whatever the muse gives you. I’ll buy it when it’s done.
    Knitting can be very frustrating when you first start learning it but stay patient and persevere it will be well worth it. The pride you’ll have in your accomplishment when those meanies are worn will be immense. Take it from someone who knits, crochets, and dabbles in cross stitch and lace making.

    1. This book sounds great after that little bit im going to have to go buy the book! I can crochet but not nit.. I love any book I’m not picky regarding troupe.

  3. There is no reason why you can’t bring the two together. I am a Journeyman in the knitters guild (which is still a thing 🙂 and it has alway felt like magic watching your project grow. You can work on some thing for a while thinking u are getting no where when all of a sudden u realize that there is actually another inch or two complete and it’s so much fun! Be warned though knitting is totally an addicting habit one moment ur going along life like normal and the next u have a yarn stash taking up half the storage in the living room and spilling out of ur entertainment center like it plans to take over the world. And u keep telling ur self that u are not going to buy any more yarn until u have used up what u have. Then u see this lovely new dye lot of baby alpaca that u just can’t live without and omg they have enough for a sweater. And then ur doomed😆

  4. I love this book so much. I’m happy to read anything you write. Angsty contemporary sounds fabulous.

  5. Amber what ever you write I read period but I will admit to liking paranormL and magic books a little more. I have read this book more than once like all your books and will probable go to it in a couple of days as I ‘m rereading Hidden Magic series right now. I used to embroidery but my eyes are not what they used to be so until I get new glasses I just read for a hobby.

  6. Do it! Paranormal is awesome, but contemporary every once and a while is good too. Knitting would be cool. I’m trying to learn to crochet, but not so good so far. I like wood crafts and jewelry making

  7. I say write the book every book you write is like gold. I would love to read something different than the rest of the books out there. A yarn store where two loves meet and he knits him something from the heart. Lord knows my husband has never made me anything! It’s sweet

  8. I could see this as an interesting premise. I can imagine the humor that would arise.
    Not every person that wants to be crafty is. Me specifically, totally suck at it! I’ve had family try to teach me: knitting, crochet, macrame, toll painting, etc and I must admit, was a total disaster.
    Nothing would hold my attention very long.

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