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First of all – Happy Birthday to Amber! Amber has this wonderful tradition where she invites authors to do posts for her blog in her birthday month and I’ve been participating for a number of years now – it’s definitely a birthday tradition!

This year we’ve been asked to talk about a significant birthday and for me that was the year I turned 25. You see, I was in Australia that year with my sister, doing the backpacker thing.

We’d just finished jobs we’d been working in Sydney in early January and had commenced the touring around portion of our trip. On my birthday we were in Melbourne and had booked a trip with a tour group that took people out in a van along the Great Ocean Way.

The scenery was stunning, with my favorite being the Twelve Apostles – rock formations in the ocean. The whole day was filled with beauty and wonder, Nature showing herself off brilliantly.

My sister had bought a small cake without me knowing at the end of the day we had that after our backpacker special of oats with yoghurt.

It would have probably stood out in my memory anyway, because of being in Australia, but the trip along the Great Ocean Way really made it extra special.

I have a book birthday of sorts coming up this November – a brand new series called Nailz. The first book in the series is Pierced and it will be available on November 19. You can pre-order it on Amazon and Kobo, though.

Nailz is a tattoo and piercing salon and all the people who work there are in, or want to be in, the BDSM lifestyle. They aren’t an official club or anything, but they all look after each other and make sure everyone is taken care of.

Sean Michael
smut fixes everything

Pierced, a Nailz novel

Welcome to Nailz, a tattoo and piercing parlor where the staff support each other fiercely.

Several years ago, piercer Will had his heart and trust broken by the man who was supposed to love and care for him best – his Dom. Still a sub at heart, he’s nonetheless taken a vow to stay away from Doms. Doing so hasn’t been a hardship, but then Rick – who is all Dom – walks into the shop and wants his nipples pierced.

The attraction is immediate and undeniable, but Will doesn’t know if he can let go of his past to grab hold of a future with Rick.

Available for pre-order at:
Amazon: https://amzn.to/2PILrSV
Kobo: https://www.kobo.com/ca/en/ebook/pierced-18


Chapter One

Rick Hernerby headed down to the Nailz Tattoo Parlour, walking at an easy pace. He was a touch early for his appointment, but if he didn’t walk quickly, he’d be pretty close to on time. Frankly, he didn’t really want to sit and wait for very long. That would give him too much time to think about what was about to happen. And he’d hate to have to admit that a big strong dude—a big strong Top—like him was a little worried. Not scared or nervous, just a little worried—about getting his nipples pierced.
Honestly, it was just the plunging into the unknown that had him on edge. He’d never had a piercing before, so he had no clue what to expect. He wanted barbells in his nipples, though. He wanted to be able to take off his shirt and have that surprise right there beneath it, announcing to the world that he wasn’t a vanilla man. And the barbells would look lovely in his nipples when he was wearing either of his harnesses.
He found the place—hard to miss with the enormous purple dragon in the window. The thing had to be plaster, and it filled the whole window, eyes fierce as they watched him approach. Very nice. He wondered if one of the tattooers or piercers had made it. Tattooers needed to draw, right? So they’d have the artistic bent.
He went in, a roar sounding as he stepped through the doorway. That was fabulous. Someone had a sense of humor.
The tattooed girl behind the counter with the brightest pink hair he’d ever seen and a dozen piercings in her ears, lips, nose, and eyebrows, gave him a grin. “Hey there. You must be Will’s three o’clock. Rick Hern…”
“Hernerby. Yep, that’s me.”
“Rock on. Come on back, honey. Will’s ready for you.”
“Excellent.” He’d filled out the paperwork when he’d booked the appointment online, so he was pleased to discover that as a result, there wasn’t any waiting at all.
They wandered back through the labyrinthine place to a little brightly lit room in the back that was mostly filled with a huge, shaggy man who stood to greet him.
Long hair, long beard, and the brightest blue eyes he’d ever seen met his gaze, and the hand that was held out to him was huge. Rick himself wasn’t a small man, but this guy was big.
“Will James. Pleased. You know what jewelry you want?”
“Rick. Good to meet you. And yes, I want a barbell for each nip—something solid and silver.” To match the o-rings in his harnesses.
“Have a seat and I’ll dig out some samples.” The huge man sat and began to rummage through a box, the muscles pulling at the plaid shirt he wore.
Rick was struck by the urge to have Will strip the shirt off so he could watch those muscles working without impediment. In fact, he’d love to watch Will completely naked. Was the man big everywhere? He was guessing yes. Okay, so what he was really doing was imagining it.
Soft classical music was on the air, which surprised him. He expected loud and raucous, driving music, not this light, relaxing beat.
He sat back, watching every move. This whole thing was just so unexpected. In a totally good way.
“So, I have a couple of different gauges, a few different sizes of ball.” Six different barbells were held out in one large hand, packaged in little plastic bags.
Rick stripped off his shirt. “Which ones do you think will look the best? I want them to be solid, masculine.”
“You’re not a little guy. You can start with the heavier ones and pull them off. You can always start with the more delicate, too, and upgrade.”
“I’m not usually the kind of man with whom delicate is synonymous. I like the heavier ones.”
“That’s what I have. They stand up well. You want two?”
“One in each, yes please. Can I see yours first?”
“Sure.” Will opened his button-down and tugged the tight white T-shirt up, exposing a washboard belly that was surprising light on ink. The fat, pink nipples were pierced with heavy barbells that had attachments that looked like stirrups.
Rick licked his lips. Fuck, yes. That was stunningly beautiful. His cock began to fill. He’d have to have been dead for that not to happen, and he was not dead. Not even close.
“You play with them a lot.” The words weren’t a question. He could tell. He knew. Just like he knew this beautiful, big, bearded man, who everyone would think was a top when they saw him, was a bottom, sure as he was sitting here with his own shirt open.
Surprise flared in Will’s eyes, but it was quickly dampened and he pulled his T-shirt back down, covering up the bejeweled nipples. Rick knew they were there now, though.
“So you want these heavier bars?” Will asked.
“I do.” He wanted a hell of a lot more than that, but he’d start with the piercings. It would give him time to see Will in action.
“Excellent. I’ll need to take a better look at what I’m working with.”
He got out of the chair immediately, standing proudly in front of Will.
Will nodded, studying his nips closely. “This will definitely look good. Stand there and I’ll mark you.”
He did like the sound of that, of Will marking him. He wanted to mark Will. He could see it, a tattoo across the man’s pubis. “Rick’s boy.” Fuck yes. His cock got harder.
“Okay, I’m going to clean your nipples with cold alcohol, then put dots on either side of your nipples. You’ll need to look very closely in the mirror and make sure you like the placement.” Those blue eyes were so bright.
“Got it. I’m ready.” He stayed still, standing straight, and held his breath so his chest didn’t move. He was eager to have Will’s hands on him, even if only in a professional capacity.
The caress was cold, a little rough, and his cock and nipples both went rock hard as Will squeezed him. He didn’t back down, step or look away. He just stood there and let Will see how his touch affected him.
“Mmm. Nice.” Will leaned close, eyes on his body, turning him just a bit to mark each side of his flesh with a Sharpie.
This close, he could smell Will, the scent pure male, strong and arousing. “I could say the same.” His voice had gone thick.
“You get off on this, hmm? I get that.”
“I just bet you do.” He nodded toward Will’s chest. The man was into pain. Into touching other men and being touched.
“Let me get set up. You check the placement.” Will’s cheeks heated, but he didn’t argue.
“I’ll do that.” He waited for Will to start grabbing his gear before moving to the mirror and checking. He tried for several different angles, and the placement looked right no matter which angles he looked from. “Good work.”
“Thank you. I’ve been doing this for a while.” The needles, clamps, and rings were laid out.
He glanced around the room, taking in the pictures of various piercings. It made him wonder what other piercings Will might have. He had a few ideas on which ones he’d like to make the man get. To go along with that tattoo.
Damn. He’d never had serious thoughts like this so quickly.
“How many of these have you done, Will?”
“All of them. I specialize in sexual piercings.”
“Fascinating. Where do you want me?”
“Come sit up here. This will go fast. I promise.”
“Not too fast, I hope.” He gave Will a wink and sat, letting his gaze hold Will’s for a long moment.
Will gloved up and grabbed the clamps. “Do you have a preference?”
“Pardon me?”
“You asked if I had a preference. I’m a Top.”
“I meant left or right.” Will watched him like a hawk now.
“I know what you meant. And you know what I mean.”
“Yes, Sir. I understand. Now, left or right.”
Will’s “Sir” rang through the room and settled right in his balls. “Right first, boy.”
Will worked quickly, gently, piercing his flesh with a practiced ease. It burned, but the visual was more than worth it. He hummed, pleased.
“You’re very good at that.”
“Thank you. I ought to be. One left.”
“Yeah. The left.” He grinned at the word play.
“You got that. Impressive.” Will winked at him. “Okay, Sir. Deep breath.”
He took one, watching Will closely.
The needle was set next to his nipple. “Okay, let it out.”
He exhaled, and it was all over but the tugging of the jewelry.
“That’s it, huh?” He didn’t want this to be over. He wanted more time with Will.
“That’s it. You need to keep them clean, watch for infection, no heavy playing until you’re healed.”
He looked down and grinned. “They do look good, don’t they? Just imagine them with a harness on.”
Will gave him a serious, steady look, then he nodded. “They are perfect.”
“Thank you, boy.” He met Will’s eyes again. “When do you get off work?”
“My last appointment’s at five.”
“I’ll meet you at the Second Cup on the next corner at five fifteen.” That should give Will plenty of time to make it even if something unexpected came up.
Will blinked at him, obviously deciding whether to growl or argue or not, but then he simply said, “Yes, Sir.”
Rick nodded, pleased by Will’s response. Then he stood and shook Will’s hand. “You do good work. Thank you.”
“You’re welcome. You can pay at the register.” Will’s hand was warm, damp.
“I’ll see you at five fifteen.” He gave Will’s hand one last squeeze and left the little room, ignoring the way his cock was squished tight in his jeans.
He paid, just walking on air. He hoped Will would be there at a quarter after.
More than that, he hoped Will was as hard as he was.

Sean Michael Bio:

Best-selling author Sean Michael is a maple leaf–loving Canadian who spends hours hiding out in used book stores. With far more ideas than time, Sean keeps several documents open at all times. From romance to fantasy, paranormal and sci-fi, Sean is limited only by the need for sleep—and the periodic Beaver Tail.
Sean fantasizes about one day retiring on a secluded island populated entirely by horseshoe crabs after inventing a brain-to-computer dictation system. Until then, Sean will continue to write the old-fashioned way.

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WEBSITE: http://www.seanmichaelwrites.com
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