Happy Birthday Contest!

I missed yesterday so I’m running a contest to cover yesterday and today! Sheri is going to announce winners of all the contests on December 1st.

This contest will give the winner a copy of any ebook in my backlist. (If you have them all you can choose a future release)

To enter the contest answer the following question. If you could either be a shifter, a vampire or a wizard which would you be and why?

55 thoughts on “Happy Birthday Contest!

  1. At one time or another I’ve wanted two be all three but if I had to choose I would have to say vampire p. There’s just seems to be a elegance to vampire that the other two doesn’t quite have. Elegance and glamer mixed with cold ruthlessness. You could e bad or good or just anything you want to be.

  2. Definitely a shifter. I love animals and would love to be a big cat. Imagine the fun you could have with your enemies, at the very least you can scare the piss out of them, literally.

  3. Definitely a wizard. Although I love shifters, I can’t settle on what type of shifter to be. Vamps are fun characters but so not about the blood.

  4. I would be a Phoenix because one they are magical. The Phoenix can fly/ soar above and beyond which obviously us humans cannot! And they burn up when old or die and arise from the ashes a new. Which in turns gives new life all over again!

  5. A shifter. I am terrible at remembering stuff so I’d probably forget any spells at a crucial time and I am not keen on the taste of blood so the other two options wouldn’t work for me.

  6. Probably a shifter. I feel like wanting to be a wizard (Harry Potter obsession aside) takes away from the earth magic I practice now. Shifters though, share their spirit with an animal, which is also part of nature. I probably wouldn’t want to be a wolf though.

  7. I think it would be so cool to do actual magic but with my memory I’d be likely to forget the proper words and blow myself up lol. So, I would have to say a shifter for me, preferably some form of cat, because I love cats. Maybe a black jaguar, something that will blend into the dark.

  8. Shifter all the way. I think its cool that you can be a whole new being yet still be you.

  9. Definitely between shifter and wizard but I think wizard wins out; I’d love to wave my hands or say a few words and have my house magically be clean. šŸ˜€

  10. shifter, they have traits of the animal they are, strong bonds, healing and strength

  11. I would pick shifter because I would love changing into an animal form. I would also love the extra strength, self healing and extra abilities. The other supernatural s seem to have some very negative s.

  12. A shifter (jaguar). I would love to be close to and understand an animal of that magnificent.

  13. A shifter of any kind because who doesn’t wanna change into something and chill for a while

  14. Oooh, I think I’d be a shifter. I’d want to be aquatic like an octopus or shark. That way I could explore places unseen by humans!

  15. A wizard. I wouldn’t want to live forever as a vampire and a wizard should be able to defend themselves against the rest.

  16. I would be a shifter because it would be so nice to just run or fly or swim without any human worries for a while.

  17. If I can only choose 1 it would have to be a shifter. It would be awesome to run. Or fly as another being. If I could I would like to be a hybrid of all. Having the abilities of each would be awesome and cool.

  18. I was thinking vampire because I am a night owl anyway but I don’t like the sight of blood so I will go with shifter

  19. I would be a Shifter because there are so many possibilities of types of shifters or maybe one that can shift into multiple types of animals. So cool.

  20. Wizard as it would be awesome to have a bunch of spells to use for everyday things. šŸ™‚

  21. A shifter, the freedom to run, to be able to smell, taste, see, feel or hear more. The possibility of finding someone who loves you in an unconditional way, whom you can trust. Wow!!! Yes, I would like to be a shifter!

  22. Wizard! All the magical things you could do without the problems of Full Moon Events or avoiding Sunlight on a limited diet. Plus, unless you want to reveal your abilities, you can mainstream. The things you could do at a discreet club in the paranorm rooms. I’m sure there’s a spell or 12 that will improve a person’s abilities to those that shifters and vampires possess.

  23. I would be a shifter. The loyalty to others is nice and to leave your human side and all worries
    behind for a while great.

  24. I would want to be a shifter. I love wolves and have always thought a wolf shifter would be very interesting.

  25. I would be a shifter. I can’t make up my mind if I’d be a (white) tiger or a dragon, but I think my personality leans more towards the feline side of things. Or maybe a snow leopard…



  26. I’d like to be a dragon shifter. It’d be so cool to fly and breathe fire…and check my hoard daily.

  27. Wizard for sure! It would be fun to wear the cool robes, and I want to have a wand that recognized me as it’s perfect mate.

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