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  1. Amber I have all your old books so I don’t want to enter the contests I just enjoy commenting. I really don’t have one birthday that was really significant I really only celebrated a few in my life. In my family birthdays were just not that important. That being said I hope you have a beautiful day for your special day. I have enjoyed your stories for years and look forward to any new one.

  2. I’ve had a few special birthdays but the one that is most significant to me is my 18th. I boarded the Ferry to Britain and went to Wales, 6 days later I married my late husband and had 5 children and many happy years with him because of it.

  3. The only significant one I can think of was my 22nd when we celebrated my birthday and my college graduation on the same day. It was one of the last days where my extended family on both sides got together.

  4. It’s hard to choose. Either turning 27 knowing I was getting married in 3 days. Or 36 & being 5 months pregnant with my first. Both were exciting turning points in life.

  5. I think it was this year’s birthday. We had a hard year here and DH surprised me with a night away at our favorite hotel, dinner with his parents and picked up ds from college as a surprise for me. 🙂

  6. I have all of your books so not entering.
    However, I would have to say the year I turned 12. Everyone in my family , except my aunt and uncle, forgot my birthday. When my aunt found out that there was no cake, she pulled one from her freezer and she and my uncle came over and we 3 celebrated (they lived next door). She was a tiny lady, always sweet & good natured. I had never her seen her angry until that day. I had to talk her out of reprimanding my parents. Lol She was my greatest ally and supporter.

  7. I must be the saddest person around, because I can’t remember any of my birthdays that had any significant meaning to me. Wow!

  8. My most significant birthday was when I celebrated my 52nd one. Weird, right? But it was the year my first grandkid was born. My beautiful granddaughter, she was 4 months old the day of my birthday and I got to cuddle and love on her. So yes, I feel that was my most significant one.

  9. Probably my 44th, not because of the age, but because I had decided to uproot my entire life and move across the country. It was very daunting.

  10. I think it was my 40th birthday but not sure but it was the last time my mother and I got to spend an extended period of time together we went to Epcot and had a ball

  11. My husband had me a surprise party for me when our daughter was like 2. Unfortunately that was the last time I got one. Lol

  12. My most significant birthday so far is the last one, since it means I made it another year.

  13. It would have to be my 15th birthday. My dad took me to get pizza. I loved to watch how it was made. When i got home, I had a surprise party with family and friends with a tea party. It was one of the true birthday “parties” that I have had over the years. I celebrate my birthday each year but taking the day off or hanging out with family and friends but not to the point where there is a party.

  14. I can recall birthday celebrations as a young child. Birthdays weren’t celebrated with a party, as I became a teen. Favorite meal & cake. Significant? Not so much… One of the best things my parents did, was to take me (and for my sibs on their birthdays), out to a restaurant for a meal, just the three of us. I felt special.

  15. A few years back after a visit to the Emergency Room and later surgery, my daughter did a 12 Days of Birthday to me. Gifts included Mylar balloons delivered to my work which were released into the room to float around the cathedral ceiling for a long time.

  16. Every one. A wise person once told me that every day on this side of the grass is a good one because it has potential – so every birthday ,means I made another year on this side of the grass

  17. My significant birthday wasn’t a happy one. My 33rd was the one that depressed me the most.
    Why 33? No clue.
    I had a step-uncle not much older than me,12 yrs I think. He didn’t like me, because I became the baby of the family. He died in his sleep the night before my birthday. Turns out he had a congenital heart defect.
    What a wake-up call to make you realize how blessed you are to have another birthday.

  18. The year we spent my birthday on a cruise to Alaska. Seeing the proof of climate change with your own eyes and the size of the glaciers is life changing.

  19. Hmm, my last one since I got to retire a few days after it & had taken the entire week off of my birthday – PTO was use or lose.

  20. Sixteen but for mixed reasons. My plans fell through but sll my family and friends came together to throw me a surprise party. I didn’t know everybody and it was kind of crazy but I loved every moment. Unfortunately, I must have held some repressed sadness about my plans falling through because I snapped at my friend about it and we’ve never fully recovered.

  21. My most significant birthday has to be when I turned 30. I got really sick and they thought I would not live. I had surgery to try and fix it and ended up with cancer spreading. It was a very scary time and I had to go back into surgery. By my birthday we found out that the dr got all the cancer cut out

  22. My 16th cause i received my baby books to keep that also had photo’s of my mum that i lost at a young age

  23. My 50th was amazing! My Mother and Brother paid me a surprise visit at work! I lived in Ohio and they are in California. It was ugly crying and a wonderful lunch with them. 😁

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