Birthday Contest #8

This is me when I was around 3. I was born in Hawaii. I believe we moved away soon after this was taken. To enter this next contest and possibly win a $25.00 GC from Amazon, share the favorite location you’ve ever had your birthday at.

58 thoughts on “Birthday Contest #8

  1. My favorite place in the whole world is Juneau Alaska lived there 33 years wish I was still there but it is so expensive that unless you have a really great retirement it is a place you can’t afford but it is one of the most beautiful places in the world.

  2. To me, born in The Netherlands, it was pretty special to move to the US and celebrate my birthday (July 4th) here. Especially my first one with the fireworks and everything. I love that my whole family always has the day off for my birthday.

    That said, two years ago we were on vacation in France at that time, with my sister and family. As I don’t see my family a lot in person, that was pretty special to me.

  3. The only place I have ever had a birthday is at home. I would like to go to Vegas for a future birthday.

  4. My 11th was the only one (except the hospital much later) that I didn’t celebrate at home and the zoo was fairly fun.

  5. As a kid, at home on the family farm! In the western Maine foothills of the White Mountains, where we could just see the peak of Mount Washington.

  6. I went to Disneyland on my 18th, but I was alone, so that was kinda weird. Though it wasn’t on my exact birthday, during the month of my 20th, we celebrated at a Star Trek convention, which was loads of fun.

  7. I’ve only ever been home or in Vancouver when I was away at school. Home was the best.

  8. When we lived in Georgia, we stayed at home for my 16th birthday. I had a pretty awesome day with just my mom and sister.

  9. Haven’t traveled for my birthday and don’t usually travel so I’m going to say home in the northeast part of the U.S.

  10. I am an army brat so celebrated birthdays in many places. I guess my favourite was when we lived in Germany and my Parents took me to Lueneburg where I had been born. The restaurant they took me to was the same building my mother had lived in whilst pregnant with me.

  11. getting flown to sydney, australia to see the lion king on stage as at the time it wasn’t going to play in melbourne where i live as the stage wasn’t big enough

  12. A beach, any beach. I am a water baby & am happiest on or near water. Rivers & water falls work, too. 🏄🏊🐳🐋🌊🌊

  13. Never really celebrated my birthday anywhere but anywhere with DH and my kids were perfect no matter what

  14. I’ve only ever had a birthday at home with my family. We never went anywhere for birthday’s. I did however go to the UK for Christmas one year when I was 15. That’s the only time I went anywhere for a specific reason.

  15. ooh gosh maybe when it was middle school and i had a bday party at my house and either cause we were young or i’m far enough away from it now, but it was free from insecurities

  16. When I was almost 8 years old I visited my family in Paris. During the trip the day of my birthday arrived. I was quite upset with my parents that I would not be able to host birthday party for my friends from school but instead would be sitting with grownups at my uncle’s. Of course presents and cake could make a day wonderful but it still is not the party. Please imagine how I felt when on my special day my parents took me with my sister and cousins for the whole day visit to Disney Land. It was the best birthday ever, I cannot wait to experience such joy when my own children will be little older – maybe I will even take grandparents with us 

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