It’s My Birthday!!!!

I’ve always enjoyed my birthday. Of course now that I’m 1 year away from celebrating my 50th I’m enjoying them a smidgen less. Now it’s more a celebration that I survived another year then another step toward any milestone like my 21st or 30th or whatever. Though I’m shooting to live to 100 so I’m almost at the halfway point.

I’ve started a policy of reflection on my birthdays. Thinking of what I like about myself and what I’d like to do better for the next year. Sort of a new year’s resolution but instead of abstaining from eating badly or vowing to go to the gym I look into personal growth. This year I’m going to focus more on things like taking time for a little meditation every year.

If I start to really get in touch with my thoughts and internal issues I will be more focused on my writing. By taking the time to let my thoughts float around I will be able to tap into my creativity better and put out more words. At least that’s the idea behind it all.

Now let’s start off my official birthday with a contest!

For the chance to win a $25 GC. Tell me what is the one thing you do that makes you feel good about yourself. If you don’t have one start one today and then share!!

57 thoughts on “It’s My Birthday!!!!

  1. Happy Birthday, Amber! Thank you for sharing your gifts with us! Last year was my 50th and I decided I was going to do stuff for myself. I bought Broadway Season tickets for the first time, I renewed my Disneyland Annual Pass and bought one for my boyfriend so we could go together. I bought a 10 day gay cruise to Italy and Greece. I had some amazing experiences and I realized it was good to treat myself and sometimes others to new experiences. I also continued my habit of having a massage every month. Have an amazing year!

  2. Happy birthday, Amber! My work as a volunteer in the local rescue shelter makes me feel good about myself. Every time one of my doggies/kitties finds a home, it makes my day!!!!

  3. Happy Birthday Amber. Hope you have a wonderful day. 🙂

    Using the learning and skills that I’ve developed over the last 23 years to help family and friends with their genealogy. Breaking down a brickwall that has been there for years and helping the person get back further on their ancestry makes me feel great. I love helping others and no I don’t charge as I’m not considered a professional.

  4. Happy birthday Amber!
    I can’t really pinpoint one thing that I do that makes me feel goid about myself. I try to be a good friend…be there when needed whether it’s helping out physically or just being a sounding board or taking care of my family as they need me too but I also take time out for myself…usually with a good book .

  5. Happy Birthday Amber. I hope this day brings you all that you wish for.
    One thing I do to make me feel good about myself is knit for other people. I make hats and scarves for the homeless and baby blankets, beanies, and booties for premature babies. It keeps my hands busy and I love knowing the end product will make someone happy.

  6. Happy Birthday! Looks like we’re a decade apart. I’m 1 year shy this month to my 60th and in today’s climate I feel good about myself when I don’t tell someone what I really think!

  7. I like to help out when i can, anyway i can but i also need to make sure i don’t spread myself to thin even more so now since i’ll be divorced next year. My kids will always come first but also need to find myself and heal

  8. Happy Birthday Amber. I have a shut in friend. We go for pedicures every few weeks. I probably wouldn’t go if she didn’t need a trim. So a win for both of us.

  9. The one thing that makes me feel good about myself is that my husband, children and grandchildren love me unconditionally. They are always ready to give momma or mamaw a hug and a kiss. My grandchildren are always excited to see me, they run to me with their arms spread wide and jumping up into them. I am one blessed lady to have the amazing family that I have.

  10. Happy Birthday Amber! I spend time volunteering at , and we’re getting ready for Thanksgving

  11. Happy birthday! I take the time to walk outside everyday & enjoy a nature. This gives me the reset I need between teaching after-school classes & caring for sick friends and relatives.

  12. Happy Birthday! The thing I would love to do daily, but actually end up doing a couple of times a week is just to get in a good walk. It is wonderful exercise and it allows me time with no electronic devices or children.

  13. Happy birthday Amber. Hope its a wonderful one. I take time to do the pampering thing either at home or once a month or so at a local spa-facial, massage, nails, etc. Anything to take care of me for a change and I enjoy it.

  14. Well, let’s try THAT again! Happy Birthday!! I try to make To Do lists of priority tasks and it makes me so happy to get them done.

  15. Happy birthday. I love to crochet and needlework. Finishing a project and giving it to someone is the best feeling.

    It takes just a little to make me happy a new book to read or listen to. I hit 50 over 20 years ago so a lot of little things make happy. Breathing for one. LOL

  17. Happy Birthday! I donate and buy things off of wishlists for some of my favorite charities when I can.

  18. To cook for my family, birthdays, Christmas, New Year, anniversaries, etc. I just feel fabulous showing off my skills and sharing them.

  19. Have a beautifully blessed birthday. For me I use adult coloring and one weekend away each year during my birthday so I can relax and recharge. I get away from everyone and everything.

  20. When I’m able to relax I read or watch a action movie. I love to read it gets me away from life for a little while.

  21. Happy birthday Amber! I do a lot of different things that make me feel good about myself. I do arts and crafts, I bake and cook, I enjoy new experiences and I try to do one thing from off my bucket list each year. Most of the things I do are things that I do for someone else and there happiness makes me happy:)

  22. Happy birthday!! I like to stand in front of a mirror and point out one characteristic or feature that I love about myself.

  23. Happy Birthday Amber! The one thing I do that makes me feel good about myself is take a day for myself, where I do absolutely nothing but spend the day reading and enjoying a bottle of bubbly!

  24. Happy Birthday!! I go and get my nails done every two weeks, otherwise I would bite my nails to nothing. It makes me feel good and I feel pretty!

  25. Happy Birthday Amber!!!!
    I’m a truck driver so when I’m home I like to get my nails done as well as a pedicure. Pamper myself. Then go home and hide and binge watch Netflix.

  26. Happy Birthday Amber.
    I read to make myself feel good and everybody knows not to interrupt, because that is me time.

  27. Happy Birthday – I have some years on you. I scrapbook with my sister and friends, reliving the good times (and old friends)

  28. Happy Birthday
    I try to get in 30-45 mins on my elliptical everyday. I put in my earbuds, pull up a movie and enjoy a few minutes of quite time. Watching a show of some kind makes it something to look forward to.

  29. I have stopped letting people get away with hurting me. I no longer pretend to like people just because they’re family. I haven’t completely went off on my sperm donor yet but it’s really only because he still isn’t listening to anything I say with any comprehension so what’s the point.

  30. Happy Birthday, Amber!!!

    One thing that makes me feel good about myself is working out with my personal trainer & going on week day walks of 30 minutes or more.

  31. Happy Birthday Amber! I feel good when I feel useful or do something correctly like finish a project or meet deadlines. It just makes me feel proud of myself.


    Um, I struggke with this all the time because I don’t particularly like myself. I guess putting effort in so others don’t have to makes me feel good.

  33. Happy birthday Amber!
    I create a quiet bubble with my cats and just relax. Life is very hectic & these moments are a wonderful way to reset stress. Doesn’t always work but intent is everything.

  34. I am a teacher so knowing that I have helped a child to learn is so important in my life. I also work hard for my family. However, I do take time every night to enjoy a book for at least 20 minutes.

  35. happy birthday Amber! I check on frail neighbors frequently to make sure they’re doing well. We’ve become good friends.

  36. Happy birthday, Amber !!! Thank you very much for once again inviting so many amazing authors. As I am also a November child, thanks to you this is a special month every year 🙂 Recently I really am proud of my matchmaking skills. It is marvellous that a short comment “she really likes you, invite her for a coffee” can be life changing. It sometimes takes only a little push for two people to find happiness with each other. I can be no more happy when I see love bloom around me – just yesterday two of my great friends that meet on my birthday party last year got engaged, it was supposed to be love from the first sight but I know better, once again point for me 😉

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