Welcome Birthday Guest Arden Steele!

First off, I’d like to say a big thank you to Amber for including me in her birthday bash! I wish her a very Happy Birthday filled with love, laughter, and many dancing plot bunnies!

Funny enough, I think my favorite birthday memory was my last one.

See, I married young, right out of high school, and was a mom of two by the time I was 21. My husband was in the military and we lived paycheck to paycheck for many, many moons.

Neither of us had any family close who could babysit. The teenager next door was okay for the rare date-night while my boys were growing up, but certainly not for an extended, overnight trip.This year, however, my kids are 18 and 16, and my husband felt they were old enough to manage on their own for a couple of days (with our neighbor on hand should anything go awry).

So, he surprised me with a trip to Seattle for my birthday. I had been wanting to visit Seattle for years, but the stars just never aligned until now. It was also the first time in 18 years that my husband and I had been anywhere without the kids for more than a couple of hours. I loved being able to reconnect with him as a couple, and while the trip didn’t go exactly as planned, it has still been my favorite one to date.

In the spirit of celebration, I’m giving away a copy of my upcoming release, One Good Thing, which hits Amazon in December!

Just leave a comment telling me one good thing that has happened to you this year.

In the meantime, if you love a feel-good, contemporary romance with a few good laughs, check out Flirt, the first book of my Friction series.


No one who has ever met Cameron Stone would describe him as exciting or adventurous. His routine is simple, safe, and he firmly rejects spontaneity in all its various forms. He has a job he loves, a family who supports him, and friends who never try to push him past his comfort zone.

Life is good. In fact, his life is perfect—until one chance encounter turns his meticulously organized world upside down.

Asher Dare is everything Cameron isn’t. He’s gorgeous, charming, outspoken, and not afraid to take what he wants. He’s also an arrogant, pushy, serial playboy with commitment issues and a revolving door to his bedroom. In other words, exactly the type of temptation Cameron doesn’t need.

Still, nothing says he can’t flirt. It’s just drinks, one dance, a kiss or two. What could possibly go wrong?

Available at Amazon


Arden is a firm believer that words have power, the pen is mightier than the sword, and happily-ever-afters aren’t just for princesses in fairytales. A true romantic at heart, she’s drawn to the tragically beautiful and the beautifully broken, those flawed men and the stories that made them heroes.

In love with the written word from an early age, Arden has been writing since she was old enough to hold a crayon and a juice box. She has now moved on to more sophisticated mediums to share her ideas and has traded in her juice boxes for copious amounts of strong coffee.

The feeling she gets when she finishes a story, however, hasn’t changed.

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23 thoughts on “Welcome Birthday Guest Arden Steele!

  1. It is sort of good and sort of bad. My daughter ended her marriage (which is sad) and then joined us in Florida (which is good). Her wife was not good for her and I am happy today I have my daughter back and she is so happy.

  2. My oldest son bought a house 20 minutes from ours. It is great being able to see him more often.

  3. Amber’s birthmonth celebration always introduces me to at least one new author. I’ve never read any of your books and the tease has me hooked.
    Well this has been a hard year, so the good thing is hard to define. The best is my aunt, second mother, being cancer free.

  4. Thanks for sharing and YAY to a new to me author to explore!!!

    I think it’s the fact we are now empty nesters and are happy the boy is thriving in college his first year.

  5. After being unemployed for three years my husband finally got a job where he is doing great thing!!!

  6. That’s hard. This has been a tough year. Spending time with my great-nephew has been a highlight, as have the books and related items that I’ve won.

  7. That’s a tough one. My one good thing this year was winning a signed paperback from Lisa Oliver last week which was a wonderful birthday present for me.

  8. My one good thing was finding out that my baby boy 3 years old is not autistic but has a disconnect in his ear drum which can be fixed! I don’t have anything Against autism it’s just every mother prays for their children to be healthy

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