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  1. Lately it has been Shelly Laurenston, but it usually depends om ny mood at the time. If I want something on the shorter side, I’ll pick: Stormy Glenn, Lynn Hagen or Amber Kell.

  2. My comfort reads when I’m feeling crummy include stories by Janet Chapman, Lisa Oliver, Felice Stevens, Cree Storm, Stormy Glenn, or Shelly Laurenston (to name a few).

  3. When I’m sick sick I don’t really read anything because my eye sight gets blurry so when I’m just mildly sick I start re-reading JD Robb or Laurell K Hamilton

  4. With me it’s any Cary Grant movie. But if I have to pick a book my very first romance book sweet seventeen. That I still have at 53yr old

  5. When I don’t feel good I get out some of my Jayne Ann Krentz or Linda Howard books and reread them.

  6. Good lord what a question it all depends on what I sick with. If I’m in bed I listen to Georgette Heyer books have loved those silly things for over 30 years and they are still great reads. If I can sit up I read either William’s House and the others in that series or Charlie Richards Kontra’s boys.

  7. I dont have a comfort read because usually when I don’t feel well my head and eyes hurt. I do however have a comfort movie…An Affair to Remember. I can close my eyes and “see” everything as it happens. 😻

  8. Usually, when I am sick I reread any of my favorite authors, it just depends on how poorly I feel, A. J. Jarrett, Amber Kell, Charlie Richards, J. K. Rowlings, etc.

  9. I have two sets I go back to. First is a series called Falls Chance Ranch by Rolf and Ranger and the second is the series The Lord of the Rings by J.R.R. Tolkien.

  10. If I’m sick, I prefer to reread ebooks I love, be it by authors Amber Kell, R. J. Blain/Susan Copperfield/Trillian Anderson, Mina Carter, and others…

  11. I don’t have a specific sick day book, but if I feel in need of a little comfort reading then I reread Anne McCaffrey, Mercedes Lackey, Megan Derr, or Amber Kell books, depending on which genre I’m in the mood for.

  12. I reread Ann Maxwell’s/Elizabeth Lowell’s Change book. I’ve reread that book dozens of times.

  13. It depends on how sick, but Amber Kell, Charlie Richards, AC Katt, & AE Via have all been reread this year when I was stuck on the couch.

  14. I re-read some classics faves; wizard’s wolf from amber, battle of wills by sasha, subzero from angel martinez….haha the list goes on and on

  15. I have a few that I love to read when I’m not particularly feeling like myself. Amber Kell & RJ Scotts The End Street Detective Agency, Angel Martinez’s Offbeat Crimes Series, The Sci Regency series by J L Langley, Mercedes Lackey Magic Series…and so on and so on…LOL

  16. Hmm, if I’m sick, I’m sleeping. Else I’m reading whatever is my current book. I always have a current book.

  17. Hope the author feeling better soon. If i am feeling to sick then something that isn’t going to make me laugh to much but can make me smile at least. So maybe some Banded brothers or some shelly laurenston etc

  18. Crocodile on the Sandbank by Elizabeth Peters! I love that book so much that I even have the audio version as well.

  19. When I’m sick, I am a re-reader. Since I never know when I might nod off, it is better to re-read a favorite story so I won’t miss anything. Of course, I’m a serial re-reader anyway; it just depends on my mood.

  20. I don’t usually get sick and don’t have a comfort read for when I’m sick. When I feel down I do like to reread books by Lane Hayes, Josh Lanyon, Mary Calmes, Amelita Rae, Nora Sakavic, Charlie Cochet, and Abigail Roux

  21. Attracting Anthony by Amber or Jesse’s Diner by Cardeno C or something else that is low on angst

  22. I like to reread books I’ve read…. incase I fall asleep or nod off over and over again! Usually romance

  23. any book is a good book when not feeling well (though one with lots of humor is best)

  24. I go back and re-read some of my favorite parts of my favorite books. I don’t want to start anything new because I usually fall asleep and I won’t let myself if I’m reading something new.

  25. I’m less likely to read when I’m sick. It’s harder to concentrate. I rewatch shows like Elementary, Sherlock, Grimm, Supernatural, Enterprise, Numbers, Bones, MASH, Dragonball, Bleach.
    My go to re-read books are Alpha Trine, Striker, Sunder, The High Kings Court series, Destination Lost series, Dragon men series, Planetary Submissives, Wolves of Stoneridge and connected series.

  26. I usually lol in an audiobook I’ve listened to before (not a particular one), so when I come in and out, I can still follow the story.

  27. When I’m sick I usually read my comfort reads, like Amber Kell’s Wizard Touch series, love that so much. Lisa Oliver’s Cloverleah series and The Gods Made Me Do It series, Angel Martinez’s Offbeat Crimes series and Stormy Glenn & Lynn Hagens’s Lady Blue Crew series. If I’m not feelig well enough to actually read, I’ll listen to Tj Klune’s At First Sight series & N.R. Walker’s Cronin’s Key. I also like listening to Josh Lanyon & Rhys Ford books as well.

  28. When I’m really sick, I can’t physically read, so I listen to my e-books. My fav feel better books are TJ Klune’s Lightning struck heart series, Charlie Cochet’s THIRDS series is a close second. Humor and hot men always makes feel better!

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