32 thoughts on “Happy Thanksgiving!

  1. I’m proud of the work that has helped my son with his developmental delays. He’s done so well and come a long way since we started working with the program he’s in.

  2. I am proud of helping my sister and mother after medical procedures, with them and their farm.

  3. I don’t know that I’m proud so much as thankful that I have been able to make it another year healthy and happy on my little place on earth and also be able to help out my neighbors too.

  4. I’m getting to know my neighbors, making new friends and reconnecting with old ones, walking daily, and hanging out with my coworkers. Quite a change for a shy introvert who prefers to blend in with the wallpaper.

  5. I am proud of donating my time to the Girl Scouts and getting to know other parents which is way out of my comfort zone….. I’m cookie mom this year which is odd for me

  6. I’m proud that I quit a job that I had been at for a long time but was causing me to hurt from top to bottom.

  7. Designing and overseeing the construction of our new house. We started building in March and just moved in on Tuesday. It’s been a nightmare of a build but the house came out beautiful.

  8. I’ve very proud of the fact that after sitting with my nephew everyday for a couple of hours he finally got his alphabet and numbers down pat.

  9. Getting my new job! I love it so much and I’m so proud of myself for getting it, because I am going to be applying to be the manager of the deputy registrar I work at. My boss is retiring and she wants me to take over for her.

  10. I am proud my son has adjusted being away at college and is doing so well there with friends and studies.

  11. I am really proud that my son will be graduating from college in just a few short weeks and we will get to see him walk to receive his diploma.

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