Birthday Closing!

A great thank you to fans and authors who participated in my birthday month. Sheri will be posting winners tomorrow for the various contests. I’ll have to come up with something amazing to do next year since I will be turning 50. If you have any ideas please post them below. 2020 is around the corner and I have lots of ideas to get down and share with my fans. I can’t wait to write them all!!!

13 thoughts on “Birthday Closing!

  1. Well, one of the contest prizes could be having a fan decide a type of paranormal character for a future book.

    1. Thanks a lot Amber for all the fun!!! I really hope all your wishes come true! Have a beautiful, joyful and blessed year!

  2. Another great month hope you have had a great birthday. Next year for the big 50 maybe you could have 50 days guests.

  3. It’s been wonderful to share your birthday month with you again. As a fellow November birthday lady I always feel like you are helping me celebrate mine at the same time.
    Next year for your big 50 I suggest you get your family to help make it special by giving you 50 days of celebrating it with a small gift on each day leading up to the big day.
    Or you could delight your fans instead and write one of your lovely blog stories to be released daily for 50 days until your birthday *I personally am wishing for the blog story*

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