Happy New Years…and contest!

I have to admit I love New Years. Not the parties or the noise of fireworks, but the symbolism behind starting a brand new year. I always think of it as a way to refocus my goals and really concentrate on what is really important.

Of course each year I hope to keep the feeling all the way through but I rarely accomplish it. LOL! This year I’m not going to plan any long term goals I’m only going to make one. To enjoy each day as it comes. Between hubby’s health and the kids growing older with more complex issues, life can be stressful. For Christmas, hubby got me a folding bike so I can ride alongside the water. I am going to use it to relax and get some exercise. Not letting stress build up will be both good for my health and my writing.

What is it that you want to accomplish in 2020? We will run a contest until Sunday. The winner will get a copy of all of my books published this year. Good luck!

58 thoughts on “Happy New Years…and contest!

  1. No surprise, I want to lose weight. I don’t like looking in the mirror and not seeing myself anymore. A stranger looks back and I have decided I don’t like her so I am going to get rid of her. I am determined to win this time and find myself again.

  2. My goal is to accomplish 1 hr day of ‘work’ every day, without guilt if I miss it. Either exercise or writing my thesis or working on a project. Too many days get caught up in kids or FB or just plain laziness.

  3. My goal is to try to stay as stress free as possible and make time for myself when I can each month even if its just doing nothing but reading or watching Netflix.

  4. I haven’t had the best year in this year neither is my mom for that matter. So I just like things to go better for us both.

    1. My goal for this year is to get thru the training and certification process at work so I can move up in pay…

  5. For me I just want to stay healthy and get more work done in my yard and with my yard being so large that is enough to try and do.

  6. Too many things to name: get healthier by losing 15 more pounds, pay off the car loan, add a new deck on back and take a cruise. We will see what all I get done, but it will take planning and perseverance ❤️😳

  7. My goal is much like yours to enjoy each day as it happens and to get more family time in.

    1. Oh, man. I feel for you. Mine wasn’t discovered until it was ‘almost’ too late. Went into an extreme therapy due to being allergic to the meds usually used for the treatment (had a bad reaction). Luckily, after treatment, it went into remission. I wish you well.

  8. For 2020, I have 3 things I want to accomplish. 1 – get my health issues to a manageable level without drugs. 2 – get a job I enjoy and can excel at. 3 – figure out where my passion lies. Not sure how to achieve number 3. Happy New Year to all!

  9. I’d like to get my kids interacting with other children more and to find time to read more than I managed this past year.

  10. Declutter my apartment and donate anything I no longer need or use. Stay healthy and continue to walk daily.

  11. The only thing I am hoping to accomplish this year is to try and stay as stress-free as possible by staying away from the news. My blood pressure goes up every time I turn it on.

  12. I wish you and your family good health and love this year and all future ones. I hope to be able to straighten my house and do some much-needed repairs and finish projects that were abandoned mid-year due to depression and physical pain. I’ll be taking baby steps to accomplish it all.

  13. Enjoy my retirement and my hubby’s sabbatical this summer plus continue to get stronger (with my personal trainer) and lighter.

  14. This year I want to meet my online friend I’ve been communicating with for two years. I want to continue my weight loss journey and see how much more I can lose. Finally, I just want to be a happier, healthier version of myself so that promote positivity in my kids.

  15. My word for 2020 would have to be determination. Even with all the upheaval in my life atm i am determined to look after myself, do what i can for my kids and find myself again.

  16. My plans for this year are to work out more consistently for both my body and mind, and to be more involved with my kids homework in a not-stress inducing way.

  17. My plan for this year is to enjoy my friends and family, and to appreciate the small things in life. Sometime I get so busy trying to get things done, so everything is perfect for my friends and family, I don’t get to appreciate the memories were making. So I have decided that it doesn’t have to be perfect and I will be thankful for the opportunity to spend time together in everything we do.

  18. Spend more time with family (all 5 of us live in different states). Exercise more to get in better shape and to help strengthen my body so the old age aches and pains aren’t as bad

  19. I plan to try to exercise more and hopefully that will result in a little weight loss.

  20. I want to take more time to pamper myself. I don’t take enough time for myself and I need to do that more often.

  21. Not to stress out about things I can not change or have no control over and to argue less. Thank you for the chance.

  22. I need to get back on the wight loss train. I fell off track just before December and feel generally unwell, so I’ve got hard work ahead.

  23. I would like to lose weight so I can get into a nice dress for my sisters wedding, and now I have had my operation on my other ankle to not be in as much pain as the last year.

  24. I am hoping to not be overwhelmed at work and work on saying no when someone asks for something I know I can help with but don’t really have the capacity.

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