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  1. I say the faster your books get into my greedy little hands the better. So send out 1 and 2; and then we impatiently waiting for #3. šŸ¤“

  2. I would re-issue 1 & 2 together as a reminder for when the 3rd book is released. Use the double issue as a promotion for book 3.

  3. I think you should wait until you have the three books, that way it would be a complete volume.

  4. Normally I would say altogether, but since I already own the first two books it would be quite irritating to have to buy a bundle just for one of the books. Maybe offer the new one on its own as well as the bundle?

  5. I already own the first two, so maybe issue each individually and then as a bundle for those who prefer to purchase that way. Regardless, I will be purchasing the 3rd once it’s issued.

  6. Reprint 1 & 2 so that people who already have them will not have to purchase them again at a higher cost for the volume, than issue 3.

  7. I’m with Karen I already have 1-2 but if buying all three together is the only way to get 3 I will guess whatever is easier for you.

  8. You have three books from this series
    Bound & Determined
    Heart & Soul
    Lost & Found

  9. Would love a re-issue. Don’t have this series yet and book 3 would be something to look forward too.

  10. Hmm, I would say wait until you are at least close to done with #3, that way people can “binge” read them all together or at least close to the same time.


    P.S. Hope you are doing well

  11. Reprint. Then write an amazing third. Love everything you write. Thank you for being so creative.

  12. I have the first two already, so I say reprint them for those who need it separate from the 3rd one. I would also love to have all three of them in paperback to add to my Amber collection.

  13. At first I thought all three together, but then I read some comments and I also have the first two, so I couldn’t afford to purchase the bundle when I only need one book. I vote for 1 & 2 together and 3 alone for those of us who already have 1 & 2.

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