45 thoughts on “Moon Pack Contest!

  1. I think part of the reason I love this series so much is the characters keep coming back in later books. I love to hear what is going on in their lives after their book ends. So any of the characters would be great.

  2. I will admit it has been a while since I read the whole series but the way they all are everyone shows up in most of the later books that we always know what is happening in everyone lives. Anthony would be good and of course Trin I really don’t care just another few btories would be good.

  3. Anthony is a given. How about Sage? Maybe with a (nonexistent) dragon shifter? I truly enjoy the follow-ups with previous characters in the Moon Pack books.

  4. Really, any and all characters from past books are great as it updates us on their lives.

  5. I would love to see a book that has all the couples with their families. It would be great to see them with kids and see what they are up to now.

    1. Dare and Trin on an adventure of their own, poor Dare the babysitter trying to keep up with Trim, while they inadvertently play matchmaker between a vampire and one of the pack.

  6. Oh man, that’s a hard question, lol. Love the whole series. Next in line would be ‘R’ name right. Thinking maybe something Ryker? With cameos of Dare and Steven and of course updates on Anthony, Silver and Trim. Still need to see how Anthony defeats Vasilis.

  7. The next book should have cameos of all the other couples trying to help the R with his pursuit of love. Much to his detriment.

  8. I would love to see Silver, Anthony and Trin. And each of the Moon Pack, to see how they are doing.

  9. I love all the couples, but it would be great to catch up with Anthony and Silver or Dare and Steven.

  10. Gosh, it’s so hard to decide. I’d love to find out about a few of my favorites: Kylen and Farro; Noel and Hartmut; Henry and Dakota; or Leif and Blake and Rhaegar. Guess it’s time to reread the series.

  11. oh, that’s hard… I really wanna see them all again! LOL…
    aw.. I miss these guys.. but, also… ah~ Anthony has a special place in my heart as the first person we met in this world. lol… ❤ so just a glimpse of Anthony & his life in the "now" of that world would be fantastic!

  12. hard I really liked all of them. you could maybe have a few of them including Anthony.
    I just can’t choose one over the others except maybe Anthony.

  13. I would like to know more about Noel and Hartmut and their daughter who was kept from Noel for so long! What is she doing now. We need more dragon matings!

  14. id like to know what has happened in anthonys life since the fist book came out although i love the whole series anthonys always been a favorite of mine

  15. Man, it has been too long since I have re-read the series, I need to start a reread immediately! I can’t remember who I was really hoping would get stories soon (know it’s more that one for sure hehe).


  16. I’d really like to see Ben again! I think that was the first Moon Pack book I read, and it pulled me into the series.

  17. I would love something that gives a little glimpse into everyone or most everyone… I always like to see what happens after the The End

  18. I would love to see where everyone one is at the moment or have a new person come in who is lost or looking for someone who is lost and everyone has a little bit of information about the person so we catch up with them that way

  19. It has been a long time since I read this series so I can’t think of any particular character to name so I’ happy with whoever the author chooses. Thank you for the chance.

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