Welcome Birthday Guest Jambrea Jo Jones!

Happy Birthday, Amber! I’m so happy to be here to help you celebrate.
I am going to offer up a prize! A pdf from my backlist. I’ll draw a name on Dec. 1st.

It took a bit for me to decide who I wanted to take on a birthday trip. I started going through all of my old books until I stumbled on one that I haven’t visited in a while. Wishing Star. Click the link to check out the book and blurb, if you haven’t already read it.

It was an unseasonably warm day for November, but Patric wasn’t about to complain. He wasn’t overly fond of the winter. He didn’t mind the cold so much as the snow. It was pretty when looking out from inside, but driving on snow and ice sucked.

Today was his birthday and his fiancé, Gabriel, had a plan he wasn’t letting Patric in on. He wasn’t big on surprises, but once Gabriel began speaking Spanish in Patric’s ear, he’d agree to anything. Gabriel knew it and used it to his advantage on a few occasions.

They’d been together for five years and were planning a wedding soon, now that Indiana passed the law letting gay couples get married. His and Gabriel’s moms already had their heads together planning. All Patric really wanted to do was elope. The talk of babies would come soon. He just knew it. But today he wasn’t going to think about that. Nope. It was his birthday and Gabriel was doing something special.

If he knew his man, and he did, it would be something so romantic that Patric would melt. He had done that a lot in the past few years. It was insane, but every day was like the first. When Patric woke up in the morning he was worried it would all be a dream and Gabriel would be gone.
“You ready, mi amor?” Gabriel nuzzled Patric’s ear.
“Mmm… We could always stay here.” Patric turned in Gabriel’s arms.
“We could, si, but it would ruin your surprise. Now let us go.” Gabriel tapped Patric’s ass and moved to the front door.
Patric might grumble, but he would love any moment he could spend with Gabriel. Usually he would drive, but Gabriel wasn’t letting him do that either. He was probably lucky to not be blindfolded. Patric got into the car and buckled up.
“Am I dressed okay? Can’t you give me a hint?”
Gabriel leaned over and brushed his mouth against Patric’s. “No hints. Just sit back and enjoy the ride.” Gabriel winked at him.
“Okay, okay.”
It seemed like they drove for hours, but it really couldn’t have been that long. Patric had closed his eyes, the gentle sway of the car putting him into a light sleep. It always did that when he was in the passenger seat.
“We are here, sleepy head.”
“Mmm, were?” Patric cracked open one eye to look at Gabriel.
“Come on.” Gabriel got out of the car.
Patric stretched a little before opening the door. He got out as Gabriel was opening the trunk. He didn’t even know Gabriel had packed anything. Patric looked around and it took him a moment to realize where they were. The stop sign in the middle of nowhere was the biggest clue.
“Where it all started.” Patric ran up to Gabriel and threw his arms around him. “I can’t believe—”
“It has been a while since we have been here. It is our special place and I could not think of anywhere better to spend your birthday. It is where it all started and I know you worry sometimes that things will go away, but I will always be here for you. Happy birthday, mi amor.”
“Thank you.” Patric raised up on his toes and kissed Gabriel.
Gabriel dropped whatever it was he was holding and wrapped his arms around Patric, picking him up a bit. God, he loved this man.
Patric was sad, when the kiss ended. He was hard and wanted nothing more than to have Gabriel take his ass.
“We’ll have time for that later. Right now,” Gabriel reached down and picked something off the ground. “We are going to have a picnic.”
Gabriel had a picnic basket in one hand and a blanket in the other.
“You’ve thought of everything, haven’t you?”
“Si.” Gabriel smiled.
“Let’s eat. I hope you have cake in there.”
“I do. You know—maybe we should have the wedding here.”
Patric snorted. “No way. Our mom’s would hurt us. Plus, I don’t think we can have one here. Can we?”
Now that the idea was in Patric’s head, he really wanted to get married in the place that helped him find his love. Maybe they could get everything together by Christmas Eve, the day a bit of Christmas magic brought them together.
“I know that look. You like the idea.” Gabriel spread out the blanket and sat down, holding out a hand for Patric to join him.
“You know me too well, love.” Patric leaned over and brushed a kiss along Gabriel’s cheek. “And you get to tell our mothers.”
Patric laughed as Gabriel tackled him. Best. Birthday. Ever.

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  1. Loved the birthday story. Never have read your books, but it hooked me. Thank you Jambrea!!

  2. Love this book. It’s been quite a while since I last read it. Hard to believe my copy is 8 years old. 🙂

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