Welcome Birthday Guest Z.A. Maxfield!

Lindy doesn’t like to be reminded of his age. He’s hot, and I love him, and his age isn’t a big deal for me, but he’s become crankier and crankier as the day draws near. Having a party’s out of the question considering the way he lashed out when I asked what flavor cake he likes best.

He told his mother and father if they came up to celebrate his birthday he wouldn’t answer the door. Honestly, if he’s this traumatized over turning thirty-nine, I am dreading what will happen when forty rolls around.

The thing is, I want to celebrate his birthday. I want to celebrate finding him, loving him. I want to be the person who reminds him how much better the world is with him in it, and that’s something age has no bearing on. I’d love him if he was twenty, or forty, or eighty.

Linden is my guy. He’s the one I want to see last thing before I sleep. The one I want to wake up to for the rest of our lives, no matter much time we have together.

So he’s just going to have to put up with a little annual adoration in the form of cake and ice cream and a nice supper, even it’s just the two of us.

This year, I’ve hung strings of Edison lights on the patio. I’ve suspended photographs of me, and him, and the two of us together on multicolored ribbons. Pro-tip: It’s pretty windy here in St. Nacho’s, so I had to tape quarters to the back of the pictures to keep them from flying wildly around and tangling up.

I’ve got the fire pit going. Callie’s wearing a doggie birthday hat. And I’ve written a song, just for him…

All I need is—Oh. That’s his car in the driveway. Wish me luck!


A Much Younger Man

One man is older and not quite wiser. The other is young and steady. Can they ignore the critics and let their hearts decide?

Veterinarian Linden Davies gets on better with animals than men. After a lifetime of always putting work first, he’s resigned himself to one-night stands and shallow blind dates. But years of heartache evaporate when he offers a handsome young busker a free health check for his companion Labrador.

Christopher “Beck” Beckett vowed to care for his late brother’s loyal dog. After falling out with his parents and ending up on the streets playing music for tips, he longs for a warm embrace and a compassionate kiss. Linden is perfect, and he takes Beck under his wing, but his hangups over a relationship with someone half his age have Beck’s head spinning.

As Linden lets the sweet wayward guitarist into his world and gives him renewed purpose, he battles disapproval from his friends and family. And when Beck realizes the kindhearted vet could well be his true soulmate, he fears that their love is probably doomed.

Will this perfect match transcend the judgment of others?

A Much Younger Man is the first book in the tender The Men of St. Nacho’s gay romance series. If you like heartfelt chemistry, unequal partners, and emotional rollercoasters, then you’ll adore Z.A. Maxfield’s poignant tale.

Buy A Much Younger Man to throw societal expectations out the door today!


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