Welcome Birthday Guest Andrew Grey!

Happy Birthday Amber!!!! She and I share a birthday month and I love when this time of year rolls around. So in honor of Amber’s birthday I thought I’d celebrate with the 5 best birthday presents I have ever received.

1) A stuffed mouse. He was about two feet tall, red, and I slept with him for years.
2) A ten speed bike – my dad spent hours helping me assemble the thing
3) A gold bracelet – Dominic bought me a byzantine chain bracelet ten years ago. I still cherish it
4) A card – Dominic gave me a birthday card years ago. It said “For your birthday, let’s play huggy bear, kissy face… and grabby assy.” 😊 It still makes me smile.
5) A surprise 50th birthday party. Dominic had it in the summer so I could celebrate with our friends and not conflict with Thanksgiving.

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Longboat Key, Florida, is about as far from the streets of Detroit as a group of gay former mobsters can get, but threats from within their own organization forced them into witness protection—and a new life.

Richard Marsden is making the best of his second chance, tending bar and learning who he is outside of organized crime… and flirting with the cute single dad, Daniel, who comes in every Wednesday. But much like Richard, Daniel hides dark secrets that could get him killed. When Daniel’s past as a hacker catches up to him, Richard has the skills to help Daniel out, but not without raising some serious questions and risking his own new identity and the friends who went into hiding with him.

Solving problems like Daniel’s is what Richard does best—and what he’s trying to escape. But finding a way to keep Daniel and his son safe without sacrificing the person he’s becoming will take some imagination, and the stakes have never been higher. This time it’s not just lives on the line—it’s his heart….

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  1. I love a great card my Granddaughter sends me the best ones. Story sounds very interesting. Thanks for sharing.

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