Every Party Needs a Game and a Prize

Welcome to my actual birthday. Today I turn 50! That’s right the big 5 0!
To celebrate this occasion let’s play a game.

This little beauty is something I picked up a while ago at a seattle bookstore then left in my drawer. I pulled it out just for you…I know… you feel special.

From this box we pick four cards. Two copper and two gold. The rules are you combine the two gold cards to make one character and the other two copper cards lead the story. I’m leaving the other character up to you so there will be more variety. I just want a short blurb of your story using these 4 card. A few lines will do, more if you’d like. I will run 4 contests. Each contest will have one winner who will receive either $50.00 cash through paypal or a $50.00 Amazon card, winners choice.

For the four final picks I will write a one shot 1000-2000 words during December on random dates. Perhaps Sundays…

Contest #1 Good Luck

26 thoughts on “Every Party Needs a Game and a Prize

  1. A former member of the PPS (Powered Protection Squad) tries to move on with his life after an accident strips him of his powers. His first foray out in public was for a blind date at the Frektinburgh Aquarium however his date never showed up…due to being arrested for causing a scene wearing only his lucky underwear.

  2. Dear Amber

    Happy birthday! This is the first day of your second youth ,:) May all dreams come true.

    I hope you will have a wonderful day, mountains of presents and a great (probably mostly digital) party.

    I dedicated your birthday on rr-reading all your books (again) on my Kindle. Good thing you’re celebrating for so many weeks, since that are a lot of books. But there’s always room for more 🙂 :).

    Love, One of your many fan’s, El

  3. Mark is a former superhero, who worked for the SHSA (Súper-Hero Special Agency). His dating skills have always sucked, so he decided to meet his new date in the Springs Dew Aquarium. To up his chances, he is wearing his lucky underwear. But he is stood up. Oh man! Can his luck get worse?
    Happy Birthday Amber!!! 🍰🥂

  4. Paul a hot, smart, ex army medic. Honorably discharged after injury while saving team members in a fire fight.
    Stood up WAY too many times , when his dates somehow find out he has been injured…. cause let’s face it, they are idiots.
    He is calmed by swooshing of water at the aquarium and seeing the ebb and flow of the animal life.
    He even wore his lucky underwear this time…a guy can’t have too much luck on his side….right? If this doesn’t work out, he is never going on another blind date. A guy can only take so much rejection.
    Steven, hot, sexy, stars in ALL Paul’s dreams set him up with this date. He was his PT when he got back to the states. Helped him walk again and is his best friend and confidant. If only he felt one tiny bit of the attraction to Paul that Paul has for him.
    *wink wink*

  5. Thor, ex-superhero extraordinaire was bummed. First, he had officially retired from the superhero business, where everyone thought he should wield a hammer and throw lightning while being tall and blonde. He was tired of the disappointment when they realized he was shorter than average and was not the Asgardian god they thought theybwere getting when they heard his name. Secondly, he had now been stood up at the Shedd Aquarium by a blind date. He had even worn his lucky underwear in hopes that things would go well. About to leave since the guy was over an hour late, his worst fear came to pass as he watched a guy he resisting arrest at the front entrance. That guy was screaming something about meeting an Asgardian god and that he didn’t have time for the police’s mistaken identity issue. Maybe Thor should just give up on dating too…

  6. A former super hero lost his lucky underwear and now has to move on. He was a superhero who could shift into a goldfish but with the loss of his lucky underwear, somehow his aquarium broke. He calls to have someone come and fix it but the person who arrives, while very sexy is also grumpy. He had just been stood up on a date.

  7. Margarita is a member of the S.S.M. (Secular Security Ministry). Margarita has a badge and she uses it for good. Her next case is to catch ex-superhero’s who are trafficking people on the black market. She is to meet one of her informants at the underground aquarium. When Margarita is under pressure she puts on her lucky underwear because if nothing else Margarita is very superstitious.

    1. Happy 50th birthday Amber! I know there is not very much to do right now. But when this all clears up I hope you do something that you love, something that excites you! Enjoy your day

  8. Being a retired superhero is not good for dating, based on Mighty Jake’s personal experience. Men get attracted to him by his former persona, but he finds himself being stood up once and again afterwards… I guess, his dates’ expectations do not match the reality of Jake, who is not Mighty anymore…That’s the reason why he finds himself in the Aquarium, a place of solace for him, after being stood up again for the umpteeht time, despite all his attempts to make it work this time (he even wore his lucky underwear, for God’s sake), staring fish behind a big scenic window, wondering if fish get lonely sometimes, or if the coldness of their blood prevents them from hearbreak. Lost in thought, he does not hear the steps approaching him, and is really surprised when a soft, sweet voice asks him What troubles him. It is Jude, one of the keepers in the Aquarium, who’s been harbouring a crush on Jake for some time now, but is too shy to approach him. But the sadness that emanates from Jake today makes him dare to approach the handsome man. Is this the beginning of something special?

  9. Rex had been stood up at the aquarium by his latest date. So far, he’d struck out on the dating app for supes. You would think being an ex-superhero and being somewhat famous would make dating easier. But things were looking up. The octopus (one of his abilities is talking to animals) led him to the adorable guy who takes care of some of the sea creatures.

  10. Jackson was ready to find his mate and settle down. Being a super hero he figured he could find his mate quickly but how wrong he was. He decided to try online dating but his first date seemed to have stood him up. When he agreed to meet “babyblue” (user name) at the aquarium he could not wait to find out if this could be his mate. I guess babyblue didn’t feel the same.

  11. Happy birthday Amber!!!

    As an ex-superhero, Max thought retirement was going to be a breeze except now the bad guys found him, his lucky underwear has gone missing in the wash and that promising date at the aquarium? Well that went up in toast as his date, Marc, never showed up. Sometimes Max thought being a superhero was easier than a normal guy.

  12. Happy Birthday, Amber!
    Ex-Superhero Maxie was bummed when his blind date didn’t show up at the aquarium. He was even wearing his lucky underwear! He decided to go see the penguins anyway. He loved to watch when they were diving into their pool. On the way, he bumped into an old neighbor, Tyler. They had wanted to date, but were at different places in their lives then. Being a superhero takes up a lot of time! They talked on the way to the penguin’s habitat, really enjoying the conversation, and decided to make this their best first date ever!

  13. Kell, ex-superhero, of the Protection Totally Absolute (PTA) was stood up by his handler at the local aquarium. Guess his lucky underwear was working that day.

  14. Former kid superhero sidekick is now cybersecurity geek whose job interview to be in charge of the new Heroes Hall HQ near the waterfront is canceled 10 minutes after it was to start due to a new super villain’s crime spree. As he’s walking back along the pier to his place, disappointed and annoyed, there’s a sudden commotion at the aquarium. But what catches his eye isn’t the battle, but the sexy man at the door of the shop across the street wearing a tight t-shirt with the store’s name, “Lucky Undies”, on it.

  15. Ever since becoming a ex-super hero i have lost count the number of times i have been stood up just because i no longer did any hero stuff and wanted to enjoy my dream job at a aquarium. Even my lucky underwear couldn’t help with my dating prospects unless you counted the sea creatures feeling me up when i wore them.

    1. Ex super Oracle Somehow let’s his best friend Lunar Moth talk him into going on a double blind date with him, that night, at the aquarium. As he is getting ready, trying to decide what underwear he should wear. He picks up a pair of cute white panties. And has a vision of being stood up and being a third wheel, on his friends wonderful blind date. He drops the panties back in the drawer and almost decides to cancel but instead picks up his lucky pair of black lace panties/underwear instead and has another vision of being stood up but meeting a tall gorgeous guy with long black hair and brilliant blue eyes to take home with him. He smiles picks out the rest of his outfit and jumps in the shower to get ready for an incredible night.

  16. As Mikey put feed on the top of the aquarium in his living room, he reflected on the ‘Good Old Days’ of being ‘Major Maxwell’, the only superhero on the island of Galveston. And the person who was stood up after Sasha had bought him some so-called lucky underwear to wear on their fifth date.

  17. Now that Michael had lost his powers he had to find a job, any job. He really should have stockpiled his undersea riches in more accessible places. In looking at the want ads he saw an opening at he Newport Aquarium for feeding the sharks. It would be painful working there, after all he used to command all the animals in the sea, but anything is better than being hungry. If he was lucky, working there would help him regain his powers. But perhaps it was karma, after all if he hadn’t stood up Josh for their date, he never would have lost his powers in the first place. Time to put on his big boy pants aka his “lucky underwear” at apply at his ex-boyfriend’s place of employment and pray that he got the job and his super powers back.

  18. Marcus, or Marovio when he was a star hero, stood next to the aquarium where his date was supposed to meet him. Never would he have imagined himself as he was now. Not only was he now and EX-superhero, now he was that pitiful, loser ex-superhero who has been lamely stood up at an aquarium of all places!! Well, not that he was too surprised he supposed. When he’d proposed it to Leland, whom he had been seeing for a week, he thought it’d be nice to see the new blue whale exhibit. He loved aquatic life and he really thought this might be appealing for Leland. At least, Leland had sounded excited on the phone. Marcus signed heavily, arms crossed and glancing at his watch for the 100th time, he was sure getting the most pitying looks from the woman at the coffee kiosk. Marcus straightened dropping his arms. Fuck this, he was going home. On another disappointed sigh, he started his slow trek inside the aquarium. Just because his now ex-date was a no-show didn’t mean he had to actually miss the exhibit. He even thought about wearing his lucky underwear. Not that he was really superstitious but, it was a pack he’d gotten from the council on his first major rescue of a collapsing building. He always felt they really brought him luck and success until he wore them ragged and had to throw them away one by one. He had his last one which he only wore on special occasions. Which happened to be today. Needless to say, he’d hoped he and Leland would take their relationship a step further and make it official. He really like the guy too. Oh well, he though, and proceeded into the dark room.

  19. Ex-superhero extraordinaire Max has been having a string of bad luck lately. First he was stood up on his first date in years, then his lucky underwear gets accidentally destroyed while he’s performing an act of kindness at the aquarium where he was suppose to meet said blind date that stood him up. Fortunately for him, his best friend has a plan for the both of them.

  20. Locum has played superhero for 10 years but his time has come to hang it up. He wants to go home and open an aquarium for disabled animals called Lucky Underwear. Only problem is that going home means he will see his ex who stood him up at the airport when he was leaving.

  21. I posted a comment here early yesterday morning but it’s not here?
    I think the email that I’m putting for this comment is the same.

  22. Storm walked up the steps to the door stepping into the lobby of the aquarium. Moving to the side, out of the way of other people he looked around for his date. Not seeing him he spotted a vacant seat and made his way over to wait. Two hours later he finally came to the conclusion that he’d been stood up. He never had this problem during his super hero days, men had flocked to him to try and date him. Things had certainly changed. He’d even worn his lucky underwear, not that it had helped any. Sighing long and loud, he was just about to get up and leave when the most gorgeous man he’d ever seen walked towards him. Eyes sparkling and with a huge smile on his face.
    “You’re Storm right?”
    “I followed your career. I can’t believe I get a chance to meet you. My names Cameron, but everyone calls me Cam. It’s so nice to meet you.”
    Storm smiled, holding out his hand for a shake. Electricity shot up his arm and a surge of desire hit him hard. Things were finally looking up.

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