Happy Birthday Amber!

Happy Birthday Amber! She’s a great person and an awesome boss.

I am going to give 5 lucky readers an ebook of Amber’s of their choice!

To enter, leave a comment on what you did or want to do for your 50th birthday!

38 thoughts on “Happy Birthday Amber!

  1. I turn 50 a year after my hubby, who wants to take a family vacation to Europe for his. So, I’ll probably keep mine a little more low key. Family party with a cookout.

  2. I had a large garden party with the usual games – croquet, badminton, bocce. I had friends help with food & we put out country/cuisine stations of finger foods. Thank goodness my friends like to cook & this became somewhat of a competition between them.

  3. I skyped with my sons since I couldn’t see them this year. We had a kinda virtual party. It wasn’t as good as seeing them, but I spent it with them, so it was great!

  4. Me and my husband take a nice vacation! I have 8 years to see if we can. But hoping for Australia or Greece. If not I will take the pacific north west.

  5. Just over 3 years away for me. I’m sure it will be the same as all the others. Low-key with cake.

  6. For my 50th birthday, my family made me a big surprise party, with allmy friends and family that I hadn’t seen in a long time.

  7. For my 50th birthday, my husband organized a surprise trip to Bruge, Belgium. (We were living in Netherlands at the time.) We stayed in B&B called Secret Garden. It was really wonderful!

  8. For my 50th, hubby sent me and friends to Vegas. Had so much fun that weekend.

    Happy Birthday Amber 🎂⚘

  9. I was stuck at home on my 50th birthday because we were still under lockdown. No restaurants, no shopping, no movies or live shows. I’ve never had such a horrible birthday! Hopefully Amber is having a much better birthday!

  10. For my 50th birthday I would love to go hiking on the Torres del Paine W Circuit in Patagonia Chile. It’s about a 37 mile hike and it’s supposed to be breath taking!

  11. I spent my 50th in Portland going to Darcelle XV and generally enjoying Halloween night as one third of the Sanderson sisters in the costume contest.

    Happy Birthday, Amber. I hope you had a wonderful day!!!

  12. I want to spend my 50th Birthday going on an absolute crazy adventure with my best friend. Doing something that terrifies me and then something I’ve dreamt about for years. I’ve gotta loads of ideas, but I’m hoping to get some done before I get to my 50th.

  13. A very happy birthday amber!! I hope you got to spend it as happy as circumstances let you, lol, and with family!
    As for what I’d like to do for my 50th? … that’s a hard question… I don’t know where I’ll even be at that time, but if I could make it come true, it’d be living in New Zealand with either a SO or newly made friends. 🙂

  14. My 50th? I don’t even know what I want to do for my next and it’s hard to think of what to do with the restriction in place. I think I would love to go on a food journey through asia.

  15. Next year is my 50th! I hope I can travel to Scotland again. I love the country, and I wish to visit it once more!

  16. My 50th was 4 years ago! My Mom and Brother surprised me with a visit!! I lived in Ohio and they live in California. It was wonderful!!

  17. Happy birthday!

    I am hoping to spend my 50th visiting my best friend’s family with mine, hanging out in a cabin in the mountains of Colorado.

  18. Ha ha, what a fun contest.

    Before I tell you about my 50th birthday, you have to know that Im from the Netherlands (Europe) and we have this crazy tradition in which we get visited by Sarah or Abraham (for the men).

    Sarah tradition in the Netherlands that honors a woman gaining wisdom through experience.It means that when she turns 50 she’s finally old enough and wise enough to have “seen” Sarah (or Abraham for men).

    Although the tradition is based on Abraham and his wife Sarah from the Bible (*John 8: 56-58 *in which Jesus is asked how he could have seen Abraham if he hadn’t yet reached 50), there is no real religious connection to the celebration.

    It is a milestone birthday that many men and women look forward to and it’s usually a cause to have a huge party.

    Per tradition, my friends and family decorated the outside of my house with huge Sarah posters (I luckily escaped the huge blown up Sarah that is very common as well). I had a BBQ party from the afternoon till deep into the night with all my family, friends and colleagues. My sister backed an enormous Sarah-shaped cake and my brother dressed up as Sarah. He paid me the “Sarah-visit ” and read me a hilarious poem about how wise I have gotten :).

    Wnto to know more about Dutch Sarah/Abraham, see: https://stuffdutchpeoplelike.com/2014/02/02/50-seeing-sarah-abraham/

    I hope Amber’s 50th birthday party has been just as wonderful and as much fun!

    Regards El

  19. Hubby and I had a nice quiet dinner at home to celebrate my 50th birthday.
    Happy birthday, Amber.

  20. My 50th passed a few years ago, I can’t say we did anything other than we normally do. We went to dinner as a family and my grown children came along. It was a great night!

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