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  1. Patrick is a nurse in Mercy General. He has a knack for asking questions nobody would ask. But his coworker, Mandy, is a consummated tattletale. When he receives an unexpected package in the hospital main waiting room, he has to be careful or Mandy could find out his secret. It would be better to take a page in a newpaper!

  2. He could not believe the little tattletale told his boss about the unexpected package. He was so excited to get it that he was not paying attention and he tripped and broke his ankle. Now here he was sitting in the emergency room waiting for the doctor. Now he would have to ask his boss the one question no one wanted to ask.

  3. Phil couldn’t believe who he just saw in his emergency waiting room . The sexy tattletale that exposed his husbands affair and ruined what he thought was a perfect marriage. Sure he was grateful to know the truth but , after getting that unexpected package 2 weeks ago, he wasn’t sure he could handle talking to that man. But he had to since the man, Brandon, was the brother of the accident victim he had been working on in the ER just now.
    He had no choice. He had to be the person who asks what nobody ever asks…in public anyway. He’d have to take Brandon to a private room to talk. Now, can he trust himself in the room alone with the very handsome Brandon or will he give in to his attraction?

  4. My name is Tony Tons. Now, I know what your thinking who names their sweet little girl Tony? Well my dad wanted a boy and I was the seventh child. Today I’m in the hospital waiting room. I’m not here for anything glamorous. There was an odd unexpected package on my stoop today so I opened it and there was some kind of white powder. I was going to throw it out but my sister is a tattletale and called my police friend Micah! So, her I am being quarantine…. tested for anthrax! Micah has to be the one to ask the hard questions no one else will ask. Who was trying to poison me? Who addressed this package to me and left it on my doorstep? I didn’t think I had any enemies or someone who hated me this much. I’m a medium who speaks to the dead. I have had a lot of customers lately but no one would warrant this type of attention.

  5. When Tom finds a unexpected package in the hospital waiting room where he works as a nurse, he cannot be more mortified. Because, the package is anything but conspicious, what with the shiny red paper, the stars and the heart shaped air-balloons attached to it. to make things worse, the hospital most unrepentant tattletale, a sweet twink of a man called Lee, is reading the card, obviousle addressed to Tom, and ready to make a thousand questions to make him unconfortable. Because that, asking unconfortable questions, is Lee’s speciality. The problem is that Tom does not have any answer. Because this is not the first unexpected package a secret admirer leaves for him. Unexpected presents turn up in every corner of the hospital, beautiful flowers, sweet treats, lovely cards, at least once a week, all addressed to Tom. If only Tom new who his secret admirer is!

  6. Shay was waiting to hear about how his best friend Rob was doing after surgery. All he had to do was stare at his phone until Rob’s little brother Ryder showed up. As usual, Shay tried to ignore the little jolt he got whenever he saw Ryder. He tried to list all of his negative qualities: he was too flamboyant, asked inappropriate questions all the time, was tattletale (at least when he was 9). Who was he kidding? He loved Ryder’s makeup, clothes and don’t-give-a-fuck attitude. He just had to find a way to tell Rob. Ryder thrust a package into Shay’s hands.

  7. If Nevah thought working at the local hospital was a breeze, he was in for a rude awakening. His coworker tattled on him for taking a 10 minute break after a particular gruesome accident came through the ER and his patient died on the table. Nevah never thought that the guy’s personal effects are not claimed, he calls the next of kin and meets them in the hospital waiting room to give it to them.

  8. Stevie was a known tattletale; he was an excellent agent, you could count on him to be nosy, and ask the questions no one else would even consider, before he reported the answers privately to his supervisor, Mr. Mann. He was sitting in a hospital waiting room, embarrassing visitors around him, when a courier walked in and dropped a brightly wrapped package on his lap, saying, “Happy Birthday!”. He was so surprised, his jaw dropped; he was flabbergasted. “It isn’t my birthday!”, he said. “Oh, well, it’s yours now.”, said the courier. Stevie opened it when he got home, with a shower of glitter blowing out of the box! Inside, was a smaller box. It contained a small Birthday card, thanking him for his assistance to Mr. Mann, with a coupon for a special vacation to his favorite place. He was thrilled!
    Happy Birthday, Amber! Think I’ll leave the “authoring” to you!

  9. Toby couldn’t believe his sister, that little tattletale, told the doctor his newborn twins were an unexpected package while he was freaking out in the hospital waiting room.

  10. JJ had to bring his brother Bran to the ER. Bran had been complaining about sharp pains that ran around to his back. While Bran was in a room being checked out by the doctor JJ was left in the hospital waiting room. He was flipping through a magazine reading about the lastest sexiest man alive when he noticed someone had left him an unexpected package at his feet. He was so engrossed with the story that he hadn’t even noticed when someone had entered the room. JJ had never been one to ask what others wouldn’t ask. He was quiet, minded his own business
    , and had never been a tattletale even as a child but this was something that he had to ask questions about because his package was a newborn. JJ immediately alerted the ER security guard and told him what He had found.

  11. While sitting in the nursery waiting room as his sister was delivering his newest niece or nephew, John thought he had the perfect both his other sibling to spill to their mother thus keeping her from bugging him about single and childless state. That was until he was unexpectedly served paternity papers, right there in front of everyone.

  12. It served him right. It should have been just another one night stand. One night with the most beautiful man he had ever met. He had spent one glorious night with him and then left for the mission at 0 dark hundred. He should have claimed him; instead, he had left his unclaimed mate to finish his mission. He was supposed to be back in just a few days. He had promised.

    Instead he was sent on a mission that lasted 7 months with no contact stateside. As soon as he was back, he went to Marcus’s apartment and received his first shock of the night. His apartment was empty. Marcus didn’t live there anymore. In fact, Mrs. Kravitz, the neighborhood tattle-tale took great relish in telling him all about how “that boy” had been gone for over 6 months. Just packed up one weekend and left without a forwarding address. All that was left behind was a small package that had arrived for Marcus. With dismay, he realized Marcus had never received his contact information. Marcus would think he had abandoned him. Mrs. Kravitz was more than happy to give it to him when he said he would deliver it. His second shock arrived after he had to call in few favors from his old team, and found that Marcus had been admitted to the hospital. Now, he was sitting in the waiting room at OHSU with the unexpected box for Marcus containing his plans for their life together waiting to find out if his mate-to-be was suffering from separation angst or pregnant. Either way, he had some ‘splaining to do.

    1. Now all he had to do was wait, and survive the grilling that awaited him from Marcus’s guard dog of a best friend. He always cut to the chase, and never shied away from asking the questions no one else would dare ask an alpha.

  13. Professional dancer (was there such a thing?) Terry, sometimes considered a tattle tale by friends, sometimes known in as the guy who asks the hard questions. Is out of a job when he accidentally shares something about his boss. Upon returning home he comes across an unexpected package that he trips on and has to take a visit to the emergency room. While waiting in the hospital waiting room he meets a mysterious man.

  14. Nikki didn’t want to be a tattletale but she was sure momma would want to know that uncle Ryan got a package no, a present! When the stranger with sad eyes asked her where her momma was she wondered why he looked familiar but then, she pointed to the bathroom. The man’s shoulders dropped when he saw Nikki’s daddy who now looked mad and was walking really fast and mean looking to the sad eyed man. Nikki wanted to know what was inside the little present box but ran to get her momma instead. After telling her momma that a sad man with a little present was asking for her before daddy saw him and got mad and if she thought uncle Ryan would be mad if she opened the unexpected package. While momma made a weird face and ran out of the bathroom, Nikki thought it so weird that someone would drop off a present in a hospital waiting room. She’d asked her momma why the man was so sad after catching up but her momma simply told her to shush and walked away with the stranger. Nikki pouted. She hated when her momma shushed her. It always meant she either said something mean or well… she didn’t know what else. She could never understand why her momma shushed her sometimes when she simply asked a question. Anyways, while her daddy walked back to uncle Ryan’s room, her thoughts wandered back to the present! Presents always made people happy! Did he come drop off a present to make uncle Ryan feel better? Nikki loved uncle Ryan. He was always so nice and… oh!! She just remembered! The last time they went to uncle Ryan’s home, when she was really, really little, see, she was 7 now so not so little anymore, but she remembered the sad man was there! Now that she remembered who the man was, sort of, she wondered why he was crying. He really looked so sad. Maybe it was because uncle Ryan was in an accident. Nikki suddenly wanted to cry. She went to her momma and hugged her leg. This time momma didn’t shoo her away.
    “I know Will doesn’t want me to see him but please Karla, please don’t let him keep me from Ryan any longer.” Luis’ voice hitched at the thought of not being by Ryan’s side at this time. It’d already been 3 days with Will barring him from Ryan’s room. He’d even brought their new marriage certificate to force the hospital to let him in this time. This wasn’t something he should ever be forced to ask. Nobody should ever be forced to ask to see their spouse.
    “Luis, I am so sorry Will is such—Nikki, ear muffs! good girl– I’m sorry he’s such a god damned idiot. I’ll get you in. I love that moron but the poison his parents branded into him isn’t something so easily erased.”
    “I know, just–”
    “No, there isn’t an excuse anymore really,” Her exasperated sigh was telling Will was in for it. “He was getting better, truly he was but.. anyways, don’t worry. If I had known sooner, I would have stopped that idiot from doing this to you. When we first heard of the accident, Nikki and I were at my mothers place in Oregon. We just got here yesterday but that moron was here with his mother and when we heard, well, I bet his batshit crazy mother must have convinced him to do this to you. We’re sort of lucky Ryan hasn’t woken up yet. He’d have burst a blood vessel if he knew you were being kept from him. I mean, he might still when he finds out but.. well, we’ll wait until he’s better to tell him, okay? Oh, and don’t worry too much that he’s still unconscious. The doctor said he should be waking today or tomorrow. Lets go, come hell or high water, you’ll not be apart from him again a second longer! ”
    Luis’ tears freely fell down his face now, his throat so painful to even speak, he could only nod aggressively at his sister-in-law’s vehemence and promise. He was so lucky to have her on his side. The box was nothing special, just the music box that had been commissioned as a gifted to them for their wedding that had taken a month to finish due to it’s intricate design. His sister had picked it up before picking him up to drop him off at the hospital. It we glad he’d brought it with him. It had THEIR song and Luis knew if Ryan heard this in his sleep, he’d hear it and wake with a smile.
    sorry!! The story/idea got away from me. lol…

  15. Mark isn’t sure how his sister is calling him a tattletale when he has no idea what is going on he has been in the hospital waiting room for fifteen hours. Waiting on his boss Abe to get his leg cast after he tripped over the unexpected package that was left just inside their door after lunch. So he has his sister if she has been smoking the wacky tobacky which no one in his family would dare to ask her.

  16. Yuki was a huge tattletale. But not the way you would think. He would die before revealing a friend’s secrets. no he’s only a tattletale when it comes to himself The sort of person that blurts his feelings and likes out to everyone. The sort to ask what no one else will ask or avoids asking. Someone who doesn’t know when to shut up. . His latest boyfriend Taryn had received an unexpected package and Yuki had made the mistake of opening it. Only to find a hot sex letter and pics of a man in the same kind of lacy undies Taryn likes Yuki in.
    Yuki had always had a thing for lace That’s how him and Taryn had gotten together.
    Instead of confronting Taryn when he got home he had gone to the bar where Taryn worked getting into a fight with him unceremoniously telling everybody in the bar every single thing about their life, kinks and all. After telling Taryn they were over Yuki stormed out of the bar. Not realizing that he was being followed. Before he knew it he was getting the crap beat out of him.

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