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  1. Casey was down on his luck after the mishap in the laboratory. The only thing between him and poverty was the heirloom that he was getting readyt to pawn. That’s when he saw the poster announcing the beauty contest. The prize was $50,000.00!!! With that money he could do something! He would have to dress as a woman, but that was no problem for him. He loved to dress up. Did he dare?

  2. Matt was working in his lab with his cute assistant Jack trying to come up with the lashes beauty product. The upcoming beauty contest was the perfect opportunity to advertise if he could just get the product finished. He needed more money to finish but his investors were done forking over money and were ready for results. He had his grandmothers wedding ring he planned on taking to the pawn shop. The ring was left to him for when he proposed to his future bride. Well that was never going happen since he was attracted to men. As he was going over his calculations again Jack all of a sudden screamed. Turning around quickly Matt searched for the reason Jack screamed to find out it was because his two experiments were mixing together. He needed to stop the flow before they reacted in a negative way.

  3. It has been about the worst weekend ever! If I did not know any better I would say my life is in shambles. I made a huge mistake in the laboratory today and mixed up two Womens blood samples. One was pregnant and the other was not! My boss was not amused. I thought my life would be full of wonders. What no one ever tells you is even if you were Miss World 2018 and won the most prestigious beauty contest in the world you can’t actually do very much with this title or really place it on a resume. I am extremely tenacious and never give up on things I need or want. So, I am trying for a better job that places me in a different Country! I hope all works to my advantage. I guess we will find out!

  4. Kyle was a man who always found a way to do what needed to be done. That’s why he found himself about to pawn his grandfather’s precious coin collection. He had actually thought to enter a local beauty contest with a cash prize of $1000, but an accident at the lab had left him with inflamed skin on his face.

  5. Robert wasn’t one to give up. People might think he was by being at the pawn shop but it wasn’t the most valuable or emotionally important heirloom he was pawning. It would give him just enough money to help his parents out.
    Ian couldnt believe he found himself participating in a beauty contest of all things! His sister Claire was going to pay big time. Once he caught up with her…dang she was fast in that chair. But he’d catch her and give her the noogie she deserved for this latest prank.
    Who would have thought a simple mish as p at the lab, knocking an empty bottle over would land him in this mess. But his siter was picky and he had messed up her lab. Yeah…messed it up? How could she tell? It was so cluttered a normal person never would have picked up on it. But like she often said, ” I know where everything is.”
    I guess so!
    Wait…wait…WHO is that coming through the door? DANG he was fine!

  6. Date; July 2120 I really hope this signed Amber Kell original was worth enough to the pawn dealer to pay for the damage to the lab equipment and the trip. There was no way I would make my sister, the new Miss Punxsutawney, miss the Miss Pennsylvania contest. Whatever needs to be done to accomplish this, I will do it.

  7. Hi Amber , Happy Birthday. I’m sorry to bother you but I’ve left stories on each of the 4 contests but there not showing up. Any idea what I need to do? Thank you

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  8. It was a dark a stormy night on the west coast of Oregon. As the wind howled so did the wolves. Each wolf raised their voice in a cacophony of sound that made Peter tremble with joy. He was going to do it. The fact that he had just lost his job due to the slight mishap at the forensic lab was in the past.
    His grandmother had promised Peter that she would take care of him always, and while he didn’t think that meant that he should pawn her wedding ring, right now that was the only thing standing between him and Max going hungry. Tomorrow was the Bay City Beauty Contest for the Prettiest Pup. He had brushed out Max’s coat to a high gloss. He just knew that Max would win. They had been preparing for this moment for the past year. Nothing was going to stop them from winning and taking home the $100,000 prize, not even that obnoxious Marrok Knight.

  9. Lou is a brilliant researcher in a High End Facility. He is known for his being stubborn and never give up on his goals. His job is going great, and he is about to make a discovery that can improve the life of thousands… Until a mishap in the lab destroys all his data and sets him back to the beginning. But Lou won’t stop at anything, he is willing to invest everything he has, even pawn his mom’s wedding ring, the last heirloom he’s got from her. But on the way to the pawn shop, he meets his school sweetheart. John hears about his plight, and has a surprising suggestion. Lou should participate in the beauty contest taking place in the city in a couple of months. The price would be enough to put him back on track in his investigation. And, after all, Lou is handsome enough, and there is more than physical beauty into those contests. And John, who is a personal shopper and fashion influencer, may help him to polish his image, and, maybe, win Lou’s heart back in the process…

  10. Erik is on the way to a beauty contest when he gets a call from his bestie asking for him to bring him a forgotten document to his lab. While there Erik has an unfortunate accident with some chemicals. Thinking he could probably get a cheap suitable replacement for his gown he rushes off to a pawn shop. There he see someone trying to pawn a family heirloom. The person doesn’t seem to want to give up so in a rush to get out of the story Erik interrupts. To his horror this sets off a string of chain of events.

  11. Mauro was someone who never gave up. Sure he’d had a mishap at the laboratory yesterday but that shouldn’t get him down. He could fix this! It’s not like he was at the end of his rope about to pawn his family heirloom or anything. Nope, it was just a minor set back. One thing was for certain though. He wouldn’t be winning any beauty contests with all the burns on his forehead now. Jeez. You’d think he was a newbie with the mess he’d made. His eyebrows were singed off and again, the skin on his forehead was a glossy swollen red. He hoped the ointment healed it quickly. Anyways, at least it wasn’t too bad. Painful but not too bad.
    He hoped his boss didn’t scream at him for too long either. He’d probably growl in the low sinful voice— No! Focus Mauro, focus! But he couldn’t help it! If his boss, Vino, hadn’t brought his sexy self out of his office and strutted in front of him with those bulging and sexy as hell muscles and amazing ass and actually said Hi (!!!) and spoken to him, like, he actually spoke to him like he wanted to get to know him, he wouldn’t have overfilled the beaker with the solution. God, please let him not get fired. He really wanted to be normal in front of his amazingly hot boss but he always ended up looking like a damn fool. Taking a deep breath, Mauro squared his shoulders, knocked lightly at Vino’s office door and walked into his precarious future…

  12. John cannot believe the mishap at the lab. His new medicine was ruined and he was out of money. His friend, George, whose motto is never give up, had a few suggestions for him. The first was to sell the heirloom left by his parents. George also volunteered to enter a beauty pageant with him. The prize was enough to cover repairs to his lab.

  13. Walter needs a change so he tries to sell his great grandmas ring but was told that it was black marketed cause of a mishap at the laboratory that his grandma worked at in the old country. But Walter never gives up on a dream once he has a dream about it and the beauty contest will show everyone he is more than Walter he makes a beautiful Wanda Wonderlust.

  14. Troy is a person who never gives up, but he was going to have to miss his daughter’s beauty pageant because of a mishap in the laboratory while he was rushing to stop Kallie from pawning an heirloom.

  15. Jory was working in his laboratory, when he accidentally knocked over a rack of test tubes, the contents spilled together in a pool. “Oh, nooo!”, he cried. This was his 500th attempt at a formula to improve a beauty contestant’s complexion under the bright lights. He refused to give up, but his money was running low; he dreaded having to pawn his late father’s special watch. As he started to clean up the mess, he realized the color and texture of the combined liquids was exactly what he was trying for! Finally, success!

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