Thank you everyone!

I want to thank fans and author friends who joined me for my birthday month. This has a been a hard month for me. I had so many great plans of all the things I would go out and do to celebrate my 50th birthday, but with the pandemic none of them were possible. Now I’m done with my self-indulgent whine 🙂

December is next and I hope to be back to writing full force. I spent a lot of this month working on story ideas and hope to bring new ones to you soon. I’m getting super close to finishing something (I know you’ve heard that before).

Let’s get through December and hope 2021 is a much better year! If you have questions for me I am always available at

*birthday hugs all around* (safe and virtually)

9 thoughts on “Thank you everyone!

  1. Thank you Amber! It has been nice to participate in your contests. And to see other authors. I hope the holidays bring you lots of good things. I will be waiting for your new books.

  2. Well damn Amber this month has gone by so fast what you can do is just wipe this year off and have a big 50 birthday next year it just has to be better. It has been a hoot and am looking forward to some new stories just reread the Hidden Magic trilogy still just a good this time as the first. Happy Birthday Amber and a Merry Christmas. See you next year if not before. Thank you for all the wonderful stories!!!!!

  3. Amber, thank you for inviting us to your Birthday Month celebration. Not how you wanted this year to go, no. Or most of us, really… Your celebration has been a bright spot in my days, and I appreciate it. Thank You!!

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