Happy Valentine’s Day! …and a contest!

Hi everyone!

I know Amber is hard at work writing. I wanted to show her some love and spread some love among her fans.

So for three $5 Amazon gift cards, to three winners, share your best Valentine’s date experience, and maybe some love and encouragement to keep Amber writing.

I look forward to reading all the comments. -Sheri

11 thoughts on “Happy Valentine’s Day! …and a contest!

  1. Best Valentine’s Date was back in college when my husband and I were dating, he sent flowers and candy and we walked and talked. It was wonderful!

  2. being single most of my life, Valentine’s Day is not a big day for me. When I was a child, my mother tried to make the day special, in college I spent a lot of time consoling those whose boyfriend/girlfriend didn’t come through. Now I celebrate quietly with my own chocolates.

  3. I was in cosmetology school in 1985. Everyone was getting these huge bouquets of flowers from husbands , bf ‘s etc. In came a huge bouquet of flowers and my name was called. I went up and brought it to my station. Everyone was “oohing and awwwing ” as we all did everytime someone got flowers. I opened the envelope, read the card and started to laugh. Had a hard time stopping. Everyone kept asking, ” What? What does it say?!” So I read it outloud. ” Happy Valentine Day. When I think of you, my tail twitches. Love , Gomez .” Everyone asked, “Your bf’s name is Gomez?” I laughed and said, “No, that is his cat’s name!” đŸ˜‚
    Excellent writing vibes sent to Amber!!!

  4. In high school, my boyfriend and I didn’t have enough money to go on a date for Valentine’s day so I bought him a cheap, small, stuffed gorilla and sent it to his “construction core” class on Valentine’s Day. It embarrassed him, but he kept it in on display through his truck window for the next couple of years until we broke up.

  5. my best valentine date would have been my puppy girl & cuddled up reading or watching tv, i’d pick her up a cookie for a treat at the store & she’d give me plenty of kisses, luv & joy (ok, she gave me plenty of those everyday, but it was still nice).

  6. No romantic experiences, but my parents still give me things for Valentine’s Day even though I’m 47.

  7. I’ve been single most of my life so spent it a lone most of the time. But i do like hanging with family, cooking a meal together and just having good conversation.

  8. Never been a big fan of the day. In my 28 years of marriage the best day was 5 years ago. My husband reminded our grown children of all the things I do for them and it would be really nice if they would do something nice for me without me asking for it.

    Came home after a 12 hours day to dinner already cooked, a gift card for Amazon and Barnes & Nobles (for books), and a movie on the couch with the hubby under a nest of warm blankets. Best night ever.

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