Happy Birthday to Amber’s Hubby!

Amber’s husband turns 51 today! To celebrate she’s giving away a $51 Amazon gift card. Contest runs through Sunday, March 14th!

To enter, tell us about a significant birthday you have celebrated. And please wish Amber’s Hubby a Happy Birthday!!

35 thoughts on “Happy Birthday to Amber’s Hubby!

  1. Happy Birthday Mr Amber – hope you have a fantastic day. My fantastic day was my 50th birthday 4 years ago, after going through chemo and celebrating with family and friends.

  2. I celebrated my last birthday in August by beating breast cancer.
    Happy Birthday to Amber’s Husband

  3. My nephew first birthday… fifteen years ago already, but it was so joyous!
    Happy birthday to your hubby!

  4. Happy birthday to your hubby.
    Spent my birthday with good friends doing a Twin Peaks road trip a couple years ago.

  5. Happy Birthday, Amber’s Hubby!! May it be everything you wish for… The best birthday I can’t remember was a week after my son was born! Just that I was happy.

  6. Happy Birthday to your hubby.
    The one that still stands out for me would be the one i was given my baby photo albums to keep that also had photos of my mother who passed away when i was young so was very special to me.

  7. Happy birthday Mr. Amber!

    I’m hoping my 51st birthday will be better than my 50th. The thought of turning 50 was already depressing but add to that the lockdown with all bars and restaurants being closed and it makes for a really crummy birthday.

  8. Happy Birthday Amber’s Hubby!!
    My 50th was the best! My Mom and Brother surprised me with a visit at work ( I lived in Ohio and they live in California) it was the BEST DAY EVER!!!

  9. Happy Birthday to Amber’s hubby and may he have many more! I just hit a milestone birthday last month and it really changed my view of myself. But my most memorable birthday was when I turned 40. My husband and a friend got together and threw a surprise party for me. I never had a party for my birthday before—surprise or otherwise. I am a middle child in a large family and would always get cake and ice cream but one of my siblings would get something too. For example, if my present was jewelry, one of my sisters would get the exact same thing just because they went to the store with my parents. It wasn’t about the present itself so much as my feelings that my birthday wasn’t special if someone else got the same thing for no reason. So having a big party just for me was great and I felt so loved and appreciated. I need to thank my husband again.

  10. Happy Birthday Amber’s Life Mate!
    Remembered Birthdays. Lol. Wow I have C.R.A.F.Ts disease. Craft remember a frigging thing. Lol.
    Our birthdays were alway family get. Together fun crowded and noisy.

  11. Happy Birthday Amber’s Hubby!
    I don’t think I have had a significant birthday and I will be 50 this year. The only thing I have done is I get to choose what restaurant the family eats at. I have never had a birthday party. I guess birthdays have never been a big deal in our family. Since I had my son I have tried to make his birthday special by having a party every year.

  12. Happy birthday to Amber’s hubby!

    We just celebrated the birthday of my mother-in-law, who passed away from severe Parkinson disease last November. It was the first birthday my father-in-law was without her, and with all the Covid restrictions he has been pretty isolated. Even though he is in The Netherlands, and we are in the USA, together with my sister-in-law’s family we made sure he was not alone and the day was filled with happy memories. Focusing on celebrating what was, and not what is missing.

  13. My 50th Birthday . My children (who lived as far away as Korea and California) threw me a surprise birthday party. All my family and friends and children came and I was totally surprised. It was the nicest thing anyone has ever done for me.

    Happy Birthday Amber’s Hubby!!!

  14. every birthday isn’t so much significant as it is “that number can’t be right, i’m not really that old am i?” 😉 happy birthday to the hubby.

  15. My dad gave my Mom a surprise birthday party when she turned 55 and I helped him plan it from out of town. It was fun and even bringing in all my siblings, 3 or 4 of us from out of town, it was still a surprise for my Mom. It was a great party. Happy birthday to Amber’s hubby!!!

  16. On my 40th birthday I watched the waves, absorbed a sunset and enjoyed a glass of wine. Silly as it may sound, it was life affirming experience that I can close my eyes and relive at times of need.

  17. Happy Birthday to Amber’s husband. The only memorable birthday I can remember is when I lived in Ocala, Florida and my mother lived in Hollywood, Florida. I drove down to her home and picked her up, then turned around and drove back up to Epcot. We spent the day there. Then took her back home. And again went back up to my home. This was a combination birthday for me and Mother’s Day celebration for her.

  18. Happy Birthday to Amber’s husband!

    I loved my 22nd birthday. My parents combined it with my college graduation party and invited my college friends as well as my family. It was a blast and they even had two cakes, one for each occasion we were celebrating.

  19. Happy Birthday, Amber’s husband! For my 19th birthday, my nephew was born and my sister gave him the name that I wanted.

  20. Happy Birthday Amber’s hubby! Congrats on making it to your 50’s 😉

    My high school senior prom fell on my 18th birthday. It was great – everyone was dressed up, rode in a limo, then got to eat, dance and celebrate with my friends. It was fun and best of all, no curfew.

  21. Happy birthday Amber’s husband! I don’t remember which birthday it was, but I’d just moved back to Seattle. I picked up my mom and took her to a fancy seafood restaurant in Tacoma. We celebrated both our birthdays that day. It was a gorgeous day, the food was great and best of all, I got to spend time with my mom.

  22. Well, I haven’t celebrated yet but this summer will be 55! My best so far was my 40th… my son was born 2 weeks later; best birthday gift ever!
    The past couple have been low key. I’m ready to celebrate after this past year.
    Happy birthday, Mr. Kell! 🎉🥳🎂

  23. Aw, Happy Birthday to Amber’s Husband! ❤
    Sadly, this year still not being able to celebrate much. My sister's is coming up soon too, in 2 weeks but sadly she's decided not to come, which is of course, fine but also kinda sad.
    I wanted to get her cake and at least have some good food. Which my mom spoke about making her. lol..
    But the most recent fun birthday was my Mom. We didn't do anything really, but just being with her eating great food, relaxing and watching funny things on TV. Got her a CD of her favorite artist.. she was happy and that was all that mattered. I hope soon we reach a new normal. Best wishes to a wonderful day with family to him! ❤

  24. Happy Birthday Amber Husband!!!!

    My co-workers surprise me with a birthday party at work. I was down and depressed about losing my husband of 20 years a few months back. And they wanted to let me know that i was still loved and they would always be here for me.

  25. Happy Birthday Amber’s Hubby!

    We didn’t have a lot growing up. My parents were constantly working and we didn’t really celebrate birthdays.For one of my birthdays my sister surprised me with a cake for my birthday so my two sisters and I celebrated that one with cake.

  26. On my 50th birthday my husband took me to see a band that very rarely comes to england.

    Happy Birthday Ambers Hubby

  27. Happy birthday! I don’t have a birthday memory, but an anniversary. My parents celebrated 60 years married in 2019. We had an open house, and it was wonderful to see friends and family. If you have to have a birthday memory, I would say 2011 when we spent my birthday in Europe. Woke up in Switzerland, drove through Austria and shown the night in Germany. Great trip!

  28. Wishing Amber’s Hubby the Happiest of Birthdays.
    This year was my lockdown birthday, last month. What could I do? Well, I ordered the home delivery roast dinner we’ve ever had and had dinner and wine at home, just the two of us!

  29. My husband’s grandmother was born on valentine’s. For her 100th birthday we sent her a bouquet of noses (clown noses). And yes party members could wear them

  30. Happy Birthday Amber hubby. Last year was my 55th birthday. My family isn’t into birthdays. With Covid it was the first year, I got to ignore my birthday instead of my work family figuring out how to embarras me and eat cake.

  31. Happy birthday to you, Amber’s husband.
    Last year we had no family gathering to celebrate my birthday due to Covid. I hope we can get together in July in 2021.

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