May Moon Pack Madness – Courting Calvin!

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Scary mutants with an agenda kidnap Calvin’s sister. In return for getting her back Calvin is asked to bring Anthony the man he’s doing some carpentry work for to the mutant leader. Alesandro is a vampire consultant there to help Anthony with his hotel project. When the two meet sparks fly but will betrayal drive a wedge between two men fated to be together?

Chapter One

Alesandro leaned over and spoke into the beautiful blond’s ear. “Do you think he’s single?”

“Maybe. He’s not wearing a ring, and he did stare at me when we were introduced.”

The vampire snorted. “That only means he’s not blind.”

A low laugh was his companion’s response. Al smiled. He liked making Anthony laugh. Over the past few months of building the paranatural-centered hotel, they had become good friends. A sweet man and a brilliant architect, Al admired Anthony a great deal. The meeting tonight was to talk with the woodworker about the design for the vampire suites.

The two of them had made a deal where Al, the master vampire of a small group, would provide consultation in exchange for the occasional use of one of the hotel rooms free of charge. Vampires were extremely territorial, and this would make a good conciliatory gesture when an important vamp he didn’t want to house at the tower came into town.

Watching the luscious man lean over to get a measurement, he had to admit there was more than one benefit to this arrangement.

“Stop drooling. You’re going to make the poor boy nervous. Not to mention he might slip in the wet spot,” Anthony said with a teasing smile.

“The poor boy’s name is Calvin,” the carpenter said, turning around and looking at the pair. “And the day I mind being stared at by two gorgeous men is the day they dig a hole and throw me in it, because I’ll be dead.”

He flashed a smile, showing a pair of deep dimples in his tanned cheeks. Warm brown eyes twinkling with amusement watched them both. The man’s skin had an olive cast that spoke of some Spanish heritage somewhere in his family tree.


“I guess we’re not strong on subtlety,” Anthony said. “By the way, thanks for coming after hours. Alesandro here doesn’t do well in the sunlight.”

“Wow, you really aren’t subtle,” Al said, shaking his head. “My brazen friend has hung out with too many werewolves lately, but that does beg the question as to whether you’d mind dating a vampire.”

Calvin laughed. “I can tell you’re the subtle one.”

“Nah, I just dazzle them with my smile,” Al said, flashing his pearly whites.

The woodworker shook his head and turned back to his measuring, occasionally pausing to make notes in a small notebook he kept in his front pocket when not scrawling obscure notations inside. Al had snuck a peek earlier but hadn’t been able to make out what the different numbers referred to.

“If you do good work, I’ll have other jobs for you. This is just the first of many projects I have in mind,” Anthony said.

“I don’t suppose Silver is aware of your other projects?” Al asked without much hope. Anthony took great joy in keeping his big, bad mate on his toes.

“Now what fun would that be?” Anthony asked, batting his long eyelashes. “I wouldn’t want my mate to become bored.”

Calvin laughed again, and Al decided he could get used to the sound.

Even though he knew other things needed his attention, he couldn’t stop his eyes from wandering up and down the young, hot woodworker. Al’s body was in complete agreement about the beauty of the view. There wasn’t anything about the young man that didn’t appeal. From his strong callused fingers to his wide shoulders and muscled physique, the man was smoking hot. Throw in the pretty dark hair and soulful brown eyes, and the entire package was irresistible.


His mind might think he was too old to drool over a hot young stud, but his other body parts were unconvinced. His cock in particular wanted an introduction.

A wolf howl sounded in the room, startling him from his thoughts.

Anthony gave a sheepish smile and lifted the tiny cell phone out of the holster on his hip.

“Hi, sugarlips,” he said into the receiver.

Al snorted. The various pet names the sleek blond gave his huge, buff werewolf mate were a source of constant amusement, but it was the love in Silver’s eyes when he looked at Anthony that kept the mocking at a minimum. It was hard to taunt someone who didn’t give a crap. Everyone knew Silver would do anything for his beautiful mate as long as Anthony’s safety wasn’t an issue.

A veritable fleet of bodyguards surrounded the man at all times, keeping him safe from cranky hotel guests and vicious paper cuts, because those were the only dangers Al ever saw attacking the stunning blond.

“Al, I’ve got to get home to Silver, he’s having a minor meltdown about the time. Do you think you can show Calvin the other things we discussed, especially the bar?” The vampire wasn’t fooled. His friend was purposely leaving him alone with his current obsession.

Anthony smelled of lust after talking to his mate. Al’s fangs slid down a fraction at the alluring scent. With force of will, he pulled his teeth back into his gums before responding. Ruining the relationship between his vampire clan and the wolves while endangering his own life weren’t in his plans for the evening. He knew that, despite Anthony’s friendliness, the man’s bodyguards would rip out Al’s throat if he so much as sniffed the man inappropriately.

“Absolutely. I’d be happy to.” Images of all the things he could show the young man flashed through his brain like a high definition porno.

“Thanks, you’re a dear.” Anthony placed a soft kiss on his cheek and dashed out the door with a breezy wave goodbye to Calvin. Al watched with amusement as the blond ignored the two werewolves who detached themselves from the wall and followed him out. It was as if he was so used to people shadowing him that he didn’t even see them anymore.

“Does he always have bodyguards?” Calvin asked, coming up to the vampire’s side as they watched Anthony leave. That was one man who was a good view coming and going.

He nodded. “I’m sure you were warned when you came to work for Anthony that Silver is very protective.”

Calvin snorted. “You mean when the scary as fuck werewolf told me if I touched his man he would ‘snap my neck like a toothpick and throw me in the meadow for the wolves to eat’? Nothing says welcome to the company quite like a death threat.”

Alesandro laughed. “To answer your question, yes, Anthony always has bodyguards. It’s not uncommon for one werekin pack to kidnap important members from another pack in order to get territory concessions.” He tilted his head toward Anthony’s exit. “And it isn’t exactly a secret that Silver would do anything for his mate. He may be the strongest wolf in North America but Anthony is his biggest weakness.”

Calvin gave him a strange look that Al couldn’t interpret.

* * * *

Alone with the vamp, Cal’s nerves trembled. He didn’t mind Anthony watching him, because he could feel his gaze was admiring, not offensive, but the vampire looked at him like he was Al’s next lunch.

With a vampire, that was a real possibility.

“Relax, handsome.” Alesandro’s voice was smoky, like good jazz. It made Cal want to wrap himself in the other man’s essence and stay a while. Only the knowledge he would soon betray the vampire’s friend kept him from jumping the handsome vamp.

Calvin snuck another look at Alesandro. Fuck, he could almost come from the sight of those gorgeous green eyes alone. Alesandro had that whole sexy vampire thing going, with short black hair lying shiny and smooth across his well-shaped head, large mesmerizing green eyes, and a tall, slim body that made everything in Calvin ache. However, it was the power pouring off the other man and engulfing him with pulsing desire that made him want to slam Alesandro against the wall and grind against the vampire until they both came. Images of different sexual positions possible in an enclosed area kept him hard and aching as he measured the space and calculated time for his projects. He hid his erection by turning his back to Alesandro and sketching rough estimates in his notebook. He wondered briefly if vampires could really read minds.

A low chuckle drew his attention back to Alesandro’s face.

“Is there something you’re trying to hide from me?” The vampire pinned him with a cool look. Calvin’s dick got harder beneath those stunning green eyes even as relief filled him. If the vampire couldn’t read his mind then Calvin wouldn’t have to worry about blocking his thoughts. He was still trying to figure out how to grab the blond from his cadre of bodyguards, and the clock was ticking.

He needed a little diversion.

“I’m sure there are all kinds of things I’m trying to hide from you,” he confessed. “Right now, it’s the condition of my cock.”

Leaning over, Calvin took a final measurement. If he wiggled a little more than necessary to distract the vamp, neither of them mentioned it. The heat flaring in Alesandro’s eyes when he glanced back should’ve set off the newly installed smoke detectors.

“Now that I know what Anthony is looking for, I can get the rest of these started tomorrow and finished by the end of next week. I’ll build up the bedframes so that the vampire beds will fully recess below and lock from the inside. I’ll also adjust them to fit a feather-top mattress so vampires can have comfort as well as safety. Anyone looking in the room will see an empty raised bed unless, of course, the vampire brings a human companion, in which case they can sleep in the upper bed without crushing the one below. The bed skirt will hide the lower compartment so it won’t be in view and Anthony mentioned only security-cleared maids will have access to the beds. The custom fireplace for the lobby will take a few weeks to carve, and the design he wants on the stairway could take up to a month. Do you think he’ll have a problem with that?”

Alessandro shrugged. “I’ll ask him tomorrow. What about the bar?”

Calvin straightened from his position crouched on the floor. “What about the bar?”

“Anthony wants wolves carved along the edge of the bar to represent his lover’s pack.”

“Cool. I can do wolves. In fact, if you get me pictures, I can even make it look like members of the pack.” Calvin first dreamed of being an artist before responsibility demanded he learn his grandfather’s woodworking skills. When the old man died, he’d left Calvin alone with his younger sister and a rich woodcarving heritage. Unfortunately, it was the only thing they inherited besides a small house and a set of kick ass carving tools. He pushed to the back of his mind the fact he wouldn’t be there to do the project, no matter how enticing. When he betrayed Anthony, he was certain the pack alpha would investigate very quickly. Once Silver found out that Calvin betrayed his mate, his chances of staying alive weren’t very good.

If only he could stay and work with Anthony. The thought of betraying the man who wanted to make a place for all para-kind ate at his gut. Not only was it a good project but the guy was really nice. From the first day, well, after the alpha’s death threat, everyone on staff treated him like he was one of the pack instead of an outside guy doing a little work. Unfortunately, with his sister’s life on the line, blood would win over friendship every time. He couldn’t afford to enjoy being one of the group, not when his sister could be going through torture while he enjoyed the job opportunity of a lifetime. He was pulled out of his grim thoughts by the vampire’s next words.

“Come, I’ll take you to the bar so you can get an idea of the scope of the job.”

Alesandro led him to the stairs, opening the door for Calvin to go through first. Other than a raised brow, the carpenter didn’t ask why they weren’t using the elevator. He knew vampires didn’t like enclosed spaces, except when they slept. He’d done his research before he accepted the job. Anthony was also offering windowless bedrooms for those who wanted a more airy environment, since there was always an exception to the rule. The man thought of everything.

The two of them walked down the stairs without comment. He had no idea what Alesandro was thinking, but he did admire the view as they made their way down two flights to the main lobby.

They came out into a marbled hall that brought a new level to the word luxurious. Designed to appeal to the paranatural world, the entry was a combination of sinful luxury and interesting details made to appeal to different factions. A water feature started with a lion at one end of the lobby pouring water out of its mouth then flowing down a long, shallow waterway to the other side. The water flow ended in a shallow pool with a small fountain decorated with mermaids and fairies. Little flashes of gold alerted guests to the tiny fishes swimming within. Elaborate blown glass lights were all set on low as most paras either had enhanced night vision or were sensitive to bright lights. Even the walls had special paint designed to have an extra layer of color for those with spectral vision. Tucked amongst the potted plants and beautiful fixtures were small statues of wolves, lions, bears, and other fantastical forms so that all felt welcome.

“He’s made something special here,” Calvin said, coming to stand beside Alesandro. “I’m not a para, and even I can feel the care given to this place. The details are incredible.” They tilted their heads to look at the vaulted ceiling where the moon glowed softly through specially coated windows. In the full light of day, a vampire could walk safely through the lobby.

Alesandro nodded. “It’s something special all right, and you’re here to make sure it’s even more special. Come on, the bar is this way.”

He led the way through an arched doorway decorated with nymphs.

Calvin barely had time to admire the bar’s beautiful wooden top before a long firm body was at his back, pressing him against the hard surface.

“You are such a beautiful man,” Alesandro whispered in his ear. Soft lips brushed against the fine hairs on Calvin’s skin, sending shivers down his spine.

Cal’s back arched from the sensation. When did the vampire get so close?

“Um. Thank you,” he glanced down at the bar, anxious to change the subject, anything to distract the hot man behind him. Although he longed for Alesandro with a gnawing ache in his gut, he couldn’t get involved with the man. They had no future, and he had enough baggage right now to open a luggage store.

“I don’t think I’ve ever seen such a large piece of wood before.”

“I’ve got some wood for you right here,” the vampire said, rubbing his hard prick against Cal’s ass.

So much for distraction. He tried again. “It looks like one piece.”

Sighing, Alesandro stepped back. “It was donated by a dying dryad. Her tree was rotting from some sort of disease so she allowed them to cut it down and bring the tree here.”

“Didn’t that kill her?”

The vampire leaned his entire body against Calvin’s, rubbing their cheeks together. The rough scrape of Alesandro’s whiskers sent a shiver through the carpenter. His dick was so hard he could drill a hole through the bar. Who needed tools?

“Anthony felt it would be murder to take the dryad’s tree, and give the hotel a bad aura, so he hired a witch to transfer her to a healthy young oak before cutting this one down,” Alesandro explained.

Amazing. Touching the wood, Calvin thought he could almost hear the memories of the forest vibrating beneath his fingertips.

Alesandro’s hands gripped Calvin’s hips, pulling him into the vee of the man’s thighs. One hand released him and stroked the wood next to Calvin’s fingers, evoking images of other things he could be stroking.

“You can almost feel the love the dryad had for this tree. I think Anthony made the right decision, even if it did add to the cost. Did the witch charge him a lot?” He couldn’t imagine anyone taking advantage of the blond, not with his growly protector, but there were a lot of fools in the world.

He felt Alesandro shrug. “She asked for a few nights here in exchange. It was the cost of getting the tree cut down, shaped, then installed that was so pricey. I think, in the end, the bar will add a lot to the hotel. I can feel its calming magic as soon as I enter the bar. I believe Anthony was thinking of his mate when he chose it. A bit of forest magic in the middle of the city will help calm the wolves.”

“That’s so sweet.” To go to all that trouble for his mate raised Calvin’s estimation of Anthony and dug the guilt in deeper. Anyone who went to that much trouble wasn’t a stone cold killer.

“I can show you sweet.”

Alesandro spun Calvin around and pressed him once more against the bar. The vampire had a good two inches and twenty pounds of muscle on him and the man used it to good effect as he kissed every thought right out of Calvin’s head.

A hard grip held his hips, preventing him from rubbing against the glorious man who kissed like a god. Desire building, Calvin whimpered as the vampire held him just far enough away he could feel the hard cock brushing against his, but not close enough he could do anything about it.

Calvin tore his mouth free. “Rub me, suck me, or fuck me, I don’t care, but do something,” he growled at the sexy vampire.

“I am doing something.” Alesandro smirked before diving in for another kiss.

Maybe he could break off a piece of the bar and impale the bastard with it. Just when he was considering methods of killing the other man, he got his wish. Deft hands unfastened his button fly denims, releasing him from clothing confinement.

“No underwear,” Alesandro said, smiling. “So much easier to consume you, my dear.”

“No fangs,” Calvin warned as the beautiful vamp sank to his knees in a liquid, graceful movement hotter than any wet dream. Every fantasy he’d ever had was wrapped up in the gorgeous stud eyeing his cock like it was the best kind of candy. Although he’d never considered vampires as potential lovers before, the pure beauty of the man made him more than willing to at least give this one a try.

“No fangs,” Alesandro agreed. “Besides, I don’t know you well enough to bite you.”

He wondered how well a vampire needed to know its victim. Before he could ask, the vampire swallowed him whole, sucking every thought out of his mind and through his cock like a straw.

“God damn, fuck,” Calvin cursed, bucking his hips. Once again, those damn hands gripped his hips, preventing further movement and sending burning heat through his body.

One day soon, he was going to be the one pinning down the gorgeous vamp and fucking that fine ass. He screamed, his brain melting as he pulsed out his release in an embarrassingly short time. The smell of sex filled the air.

Alesandro rose gracefully to his feet, licking his lips.

Calvin wanted to lick them for him but worried it was too intimate for what was essentially a one-time fuck. He couldn’t risk getting close to Alesandro, especially since Anthony was his friend. A friend he was going to have to betray to get his sister back.

“Give me a moment and I’ll help you out with this,” Calvin said, pressing his palm against the hard column bulging Alesandro’s tailored pants. His breath came in short gasps as he tried to calm his pounding heart. That was the hardest he’d come in a long time.

“Turn around and bend over, beautiful, and I’ll take care of it myself.”

Calvin swallowed nervously. “It’s been a while.” He didn’t want to deny the vamp, but it had been a few years since he last bottomed.

“Don’t worry, I’ll be gentle.”

For some reason, Calvin believed him. As he turned around, Calvin could feel by the man’s gentle touch that Alesandro had no interest in causing him pain. Divested of the rest of his clothing in quick, easy movements, Calvin gave a nervous glance at the doorway.

“No one will come in, I’ve ensured our privacy.” Alesandro’s low soothing voice calmed his fears even as the man’s presence enflamed his desire.

“Lean over, beautiful.” The vampire’s hand pushed him carefully over the bar. Calvin gave in to the pressure, lifting his ass to angle his body for ease of entry.

A loud groan sounded behind him.

“Come and get me, stud,” Calvin teased, looking over his shoulder. If he kept it light-hearted, maybe they could end this encounter with nice memories on both sides. Soon Alesandro would have enough bad thoughts about him.

“Oh, don’t worry. I will.” The look in the vampire’s gaze told Calvin he was everything the vampire wanted and aimed to have.

Turning back around, Calvin lifted his hips higher to entice his lover.

* * * *

Al almost swallowed his tongue. It took all of his concentration to keep the deterrent spell on the bar entrance going as he admired the fine ass before him.

Despite all his centuries of life and innumerable sexual encounters, this was the first time Al felt a compulsion to claim someone as his own. It was difficult to keep his promise not to bite his lover when all he could think of was how delicious the man would taste.

His fangs dropped despite his best efforts to keep them recessed in his gums. He didn’t just want to fuck Calvin, he needed to. More than he craved Calvin’s blood, he yearned to be inside the gorgeous carpenter who made works of beauty with his hands and looked at him like he was one of the wonders of the world. Something about those soulful brown eyes filled with light and desire spun Al’s world on its axis and, like a divining rod to water, his cock led the way to the tight ass presented before him.

Pulling a packet of lube out of his pocket, he quickly stripped off his clothing, not caring if he destroyed his expensive suit in the process.

Nothing was keeping him from Calvin. Luckily, vampires didn’t need condoms; they couldn’t spread disease, and he’d never been gladder of that fact than at that moment.

Tearing the lube open, he slathered it liberally across the fingers of his left hand and used the remaining lube on his cock. He took the time to loosen up his lover with one finger, then two, and eventually three. Despite the shaking of his own body, he wouldn’t rush this moment for anything in the world. If he hurt the man trustingly offering up his body, he would never forgive himself.

Once he was satisfied Calvin was prepared enough, he gave in to the soft whimpering, lined himself up, then pressed inside.

They both moaned at the contact.

So good. So fine. So hot and silky inside.

For a moment, Al stilled, sunk to the hilt inside his lover, knowing he would never have this again. Never have another first time with the gorgeous man beneath him.

“If you don’t move, I’m going to beat you to death with the first thing I can find,” Calvin said in a strained voice.

Chuckling, Al placed a gentle kiss between the man’s thickly muscled shoulders. “I didn’t want to hurt you, sugar.”

“Fuck… me… now,” was the grunted response as Calvin shoved back against Al, clenching his ass and sucking the will out of the vampire through his cock.


Unable to resist the siren call of his lover’s ass, Alesandro held on tight and pumped in and out with controlled power, careful of using his vampire strength. He wanted this man to remember only good things about this encounter. Otherwise, he might not be willing to do it again. Reaching around, he gripped Calvin’s quickly hardening erection, pumping him as his hips drilled in and out of that fine, muscled body. He always liked a man who kept in shape, but the human beneath him had muscles honed by hard work, not a gym bunny who spent all his time staring at the mirror while flexing his muscles. This was a real man, and it had been so long since he’d had one of those. His gums tingled but he ruthlessly kept his fangs from bursting through. He fought against the urge to bite into the warm body beneath his and take the hot blood he could smell beneath the scents of sweat and sex.

Al pumped his hips harder. He needed to end this before he lost all his control and broke the vow he’d made.

“Come. I’ve got you,” he growled.

As if he was just waiting for the words, Calvin exploded, jerking fluid all over the bar. At the smell of the human’s release, Al came, filling the man’s ass in one glorious burst. The combined smell of their scents had him battling his fangs again. He itched to taste the man beneath him, but he hadn’t missed the cautious looks the human sent him. If he broke trust with the gorgeous carpenter, he would most likely not get another shot.

Luckily, after centuries of living, Al excelled at waiting.

Al grabbed a rag from the bar, wiped them both down, and dressed, watching in silence as Calvin slid on his own clothing. The other man’s quiet unnerved him a bit after the moans and cries from moments ago.

Did Calvin regret their lovemaking? Al watched Calvin grab another cloth and wipe down the bar, careful to get every drop.

“I’d love to take you out some time. Or even stay in,” Al said cautiously. He slid one cool finger down the side of Cal’s face, needing the physical contact as he sensed the human already withdrawing. He wasn’t one to beg, but he would definitely pursue if the gorgeous woodworker thought to run.

Calvin looked at the sincere expression in the vampire’s eyes and felt like crap. This handsome man truly wanted him. When was the last time a man made him feel special? He couldn’t remember, maybe never.

At Alesandro’s touch, desire racked Calvin’s body. It felt like a line of fire went from his cheek to his balls. He swallowed audibly, his dry throat clicking like he was in the Sahara.

“I don’t date my boss,” he said after a long pause.

That was a reasonable excuse, wasn’t it?

“Excellent. Anthony is your boss. I’m more of a consultant. And I can guarantee you won’t be dating Anthony.”

Before Cal could voice his opinion on dating consultants, Alesandro’s lips covered his and all thoughts flew out of his brain. Base needs filled his mind, carnal images of heat and naked flesh. How he wanted this man, vamp, whatever.

When he was finally released, he handed his business card over to the vamp in a daze. “My personal number is on the back.”

Without another word, he all but raced for the door, not daring to look back. It was a mistake. It was all a horrible mistake, but he was damned if he could resist. Calvin rationalized that he should date the vampire now, because after Silver found out Calvin had kidnapped Anthony, he wouldn’t be alive to enjoy it later.

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