Moon Pack Short

Just a little visit from our favorite couple! (Note: Not professionally edited)

Anthony picked up Trin and settled him on his left hip, then wrapped his right arm around Silver’s left.

“Ready?” Anthony asked.

“Yep,” Trin piped up in his sweet voice.

“Got food?”

“Yes, dear.” Silver smirked, lifting the wicker picnic basket up for his inspection.

“Just asking.” Anthony huffed. It had been several weeks since they had been the chance to spend family time that didn’t include a full moon or a magical catastrophe. “Hold your breath.”

 With a push of magic, he transported the three of them to a beautiful clear patch of grass in the middle of a tall forest. A breeze rustled through the hanging leaves, carrying the scents of blooming lavender, green grass and the cool water of a pond a few feet away.

Trin teleported himself out of Anthony’s arms and straight into a patch of wildflowers sending a kaleidoscope of butterflies into a swirling frenzy.

“Pretty!” With the butterfly’s departure he turned his attention to the cluster of dandelions. His chubby cheeks inflated before he released a puffing breath at weed. Seeds exploded apart carried away with the light breeze. Anthony waved his hand to encourage their path and his son’s excitement.

“Yay!” Trin shouted.

Silver rolled his eyes at their antics. “Where do you want the blanket set down?”

Anthony surveyed their available spots. “How about over there. It’s partially in the shade. Even with sunscreen Trin could get a burn.”

“For all of a second.” Silver snorted. “His magic doesn’t let it stick around.”

“I wish my magic would do that.” Anthony sulked. Last summer, his skin had been fire-engine red after a visit to the beach.

Silver laid out the blanket in its assigned spot. The cloth had barely touched the grass before Silver transformed into his wolf and chased after Trin. Happy squeals filled the clearing. Anthony smiled at his family enjoying the day. The stress of everyday life between Anthony’s company and Silver’s pack had built up over the last year. They needed an afternoon away from everything to relax without someone barging into either of their offices or calling them on the phone. Everyone had been alerted that if they called it had best be an emergency.

Instead of joining them, Anthony lay on the blanket propping his chin on his hands. All set to watch his favorite people have a good time. After weeks of rain, they couldn’t have had a nicer day for their outing.

A crack of thunder in the cloudless sky was his only warning of a new addition to their day.

“They are as adorable as a pile of puppies,” Zeus said.

Anthony reluctantly got to his feet. “What are you doing here grandfather?”

Zeus opened his arms wide. “What? No hello? No hug? What is the world coming to?” 

Anthon sighed. He gave Zeus a quick hug before stepping back. “Not that I’m not happy to see you, but why are you here?”

Zeus kept his gaze focused on Silver and Trin. Somehow, they missed Zeus arriving. “Are you going to want another one?”

“Another child?” Anthony laughed. “I can barely handle the one I have.”

“Hmm, you should think of the future.” Zeus scratched at his cheek, a human gesture that threw Anthony for a bit as he stared at the god.

Anthony’s mouth slid into a sly smile. “Perhaps you should be talking to father. After all he and mother are separated now.”

Zeus’s grin would’ve terrified him if he thought it was for him. “Excellent idea. And your father likes women too. Perhaps we can get you some siblings.” With crack of lightening, Zeus vanished.

A sigh escaped Anthony, soul deep. “Gods are exhausting.”

Silver wrapped his arms around Anthony. “I know at least one hot young god who perks me up.”

Anthony rubbed his hands up and down Silver’s arms. “Glad to hear it.”

“Come play!” Trin shouted.

“Hear that, the little alpha demands our presence.” Silver’s voice rumbled against Anthony’s back.

“Maybe after a game of chase we can stuff him full of food until he naps.”

“That would free up his parents to play games of our own.” Silver nipped at Anthony’s neck.

Anthony smiled. “Sounds like a great idea.”

Silver slid his right hand beneath Anthony’s chin and tiled his head up. “What did Zeus want?”

“You saw him and didn’t come over?”

“I thought it best for our relationship to ignore him unless he called for me.”

“Hmm, probably a good idea. He wants us to have more children.”

“Really? Shouldn’t he leave that discussion for us to decide.”

“You’d think so, wouldn’t you? He’s a bit on the pushy side.”

“A bit?”

Anthony raised his fingers a quarter inch apart. “A little bit.”

Silver kissed Anthony. Despite the angle, Silver’s lips still sent shivers down his spine. “I’m happy with our family as it is for now.”

“I agree.” Anthony could handle Zeus. If he had to he would use a smidge of blackmail against the god. Anthony’s father had given him a few things to use if he got into a bind.

“Come play!” Trin shouted.

Anthony pulled out of Silver’s arms. Between steps he transformed into a wolf and chased after his child who gave squeals of excitement. There were troubles on the horizon, but life was really good right now and Anthony was determined to enjoy the afternoon with his family.

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  1. Thank you, Amber! I enjoy the Moon Pack series, and this was a fun addition.

  2. Thank you, loved this little look at Anthony, Silver and Trin having a good time with no troubles.

  3. It was so great to read about them again. I would love for them to have another little one.

  4. Glad Silver, Anthony and Trin had a fun-filled afternoon playing in the forest.

  5. great short. You realize I am going to have to go back and read them all now!

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