Mother’s Day Contest!

It’s Mother’s Day in the US. I hope if you are a mom you are being celebrated and if not you have a fabulous Sunday.

Today’s contest is going to have a surprise prize, maybe a print book, maybe a pen and dragon set or maybe a gift card. A surprise!

So to enter to win, tell me what fun thing you are doing to celebrate or how you are spending your Sunday.

Happy weekend!

47 thoughts on “Mother’s Day Contest!

  1. Not celebrating but I’ll be doing some chores, then some fun time 🙂
    Happy Mother’s Day!

  2. My kids are going to cook me breakfast and then I’m going to play my Animal Crossing and Fortnight then when everything settles for the day I’m going to read my book ..

  3. Today I’m going to go spend time with my mom at home just relaxing, and then some time at the coffee house, sitting outside writing (if the weather permits)

  4. We’ve been though hell this past year. Those of us left in our family have gotten vaccinated and today will be the first time we’ll be together since February of last year. My mom doesn’t know we will all be here this afternoon, as she thinks we’re doing it like we’d done at Christmas with everyone on video chat and sending out smaller versions of normal dishes. Today we’re gifting Mom/Granny hugs, kisses and love.

  5. We are gathering all the family together, which is great because because of the Covid restrictions we haven’t been able to do it for a very long time. It’s going to be fun!

  6. I’m going to try to just read some books (Maybe reread Chalice) and watch some movies- my family is making me dinner and Im already relaxing with some coffee (much needed this early). Happy Mother’s Day to all!

  7. We have a new little man in our family. He arrived April 21. We are going over to my daughter’s house for a fabulous brunch. I am sure she will let me hold the little one. (probably delighted)

  8. My oldest brought me a beautiful canvas picture of my grandbabies yesterday and my youngest and his wife will be stopping by today at some point.
    Happy Mother’s Day .

  9. My kids gave me some small presents that they made this morning and later today we will be going over to my in-laws to have dinner with them. My hubby and father-in-law will cook for us.
    Happy Mother’s day!

  10. I am moving my youngest home from college in another state tomorrow, so I celebrated with oldest last night. Had a wonderful dinner and then some wonderful visiting.

  11. Well, I am a mother of four. Sadly none of them are near, so they arranged with my oldest nephew to arrange a fun day for me and my sisters. We are waiting to see the surprises they have prepared for us!!!

  12. I’m from UK mothers day has gone, but saying that I don’t think it should take something like this to celebrate your mum or dad, sadly I lost my dad 5 years ago but I made sure every day of my life I told them both I loved them and would tell them how blessed I was to have them as my parents, and since losing dad I’ve made sure my mum knows how amazing she is. I couldn’t have asked for better. Sadly I can’t have children, I was told at 19 years old and for someone who’s only wish was to be a mum as a child and didn’t care where I worked just new I wanted loads of kids, well let’s just say it was very hard to accept, I gave up my partner at the time to cos I couldn’t take that from him and his family. ( he’s very happily married with 3 kids now and we stayed friends) I have 4 God children now tho that I love to pieces ❤.
    My mum and I have been pottering in the garden today. We are going to have a film night tonight 😀 so relaxing day. HAPPY MOTHERS DAY to USA MUMS.

  13. Heading home from St Augustine, FL. Had a fabulous week & plan in doing nothing the rest of the day!

  14. Happy Mother’s day to all. Spending the day with my 2 kids and 6 grandkids and all the family (pray for me…hahaha).

  15. This morning is out to breakfast with the family and later today putting together thank you bags for Nurses week at the nursing home my momma works at.

  16. My day is postponed until next month as my family will be here then. We all have been vaccinated so can get together again. Looking forward to it. HAPPY MOTHERS DAY !!!!!!

  17. Starting the day with my mom and wrapping up with a private party at our local craft brewery.

  18. I’m a truck driver so I’m working. Heading toward New York City! Yeah!(Sarcasm). Lol.

  19. I went out with my hubby and kids and they indulged me while I looked at (and got) a bunch of additional items for my garden. 😀

  20. I slept in and now all I plan on doing is watching TV or reading the rest of the day.

  21. No celebration here. Going to work soon. But happy work. Vaccinating.
    Will be starting a new book after work.

  22. I read for a while and now I am trying to translate something for my mother. From Dutch to Romanian. It is going prety well.

  23. Unfortunately my Mom passed a long time ago and I don’t have any children so my day is the same as any other day. Now that I’m retired I just stay home and read mostly, a little TV and puzzles.

  24. I live with my mom. She’s got flowers and cards. We’re going for a walk and later we’ll have dinner with my niece.

  25. I am making smoothies, bacon and my special vegetable soup for me and my child and grandchildren. Then taking a long walk with the grandchildren and our puppies. Fun times.

  26. I slept in, paid bills, cooked and after I clean the kitchen, will spend the rest of the day listening to audiobooks and reading.

  27. I went to the phone store where I picked out my present. Unfortunately, I didn’t get to see my mother— I live in another state. I did get to chat a bit though.

  28. I’m spending today like I do most days, with my mom just doing normal Sunday things. We don’t celebrate our birthdays or other holidays because we’re always together and know that we are there for each other every day.

  29. I had lunch with my son Saturday for the first time in over a year and my daughter brought my grandson to visit me quick when I was getting a massage to say hi. Sunday I spent the day reading, dh took me to brunch and I just vegged out. It was bliss and much needed.

  30. I got to be with my Mom this year! Videochat with my son, too. Happy day! Happy Mother’s Day to you!!

  31. I was going to have lunch with family and I got sick. So the day started out great
    but ended not so well.

  32. My mother hasn’t spoken to me for several months. I am someone with little to no immune system, and she the social butterfly that has refused to be cautious, have stayed away from her for months.
    Now that I’m vaccinated and she’s had covid, maybe we can spend a little time together.

  33. My mom and I hung out watching movies in our pjs and then getting takeout for dinner. Low key, but nice.

  34. It was Mother’s day in Australia on Sunday too. I visited my Mother and MiL on Saturday as my son had homework to do on Sunday. I stayed home and didn’t really do much.

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