May Moon Pack Madness – Getting Gabe!

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Unaware he has werewolf DNA, Gabriel is stunned to learn after an attack that he now has the ability to change into a wolf. Still reeling from the discovery of his family genetics he is surprised when his wolf self tried to claim a pair of twin fae.

Vien and Viell had come to help Anthony discover more about the mutant threat. When they discover a wolf shifter who claims to want them both they are shocked to realize they might have been looking in the wrong place their entire lives.

Note: There is no sexual contact between the twins.

Chapter One

“Marry me.”

“Hell no!” Gabe looked horrified at his best friend Faith Jerrod. She was sitting on his kitchen counter eating ice cream out of a coffee cup because, as usual, all his bowls were dirty. She had swept her dark hair up in a ponytail, and her brown eyes danced with humor.

“Aw, come on, Gabe, you’re the perfect guy. You cook, you clean, and you even pick up your own underwear.” She counted off his good qualities on her fingers.

“I fuck guys,” Gabe reminded her.

Faith shrugged as if the matter were inconsequential. “So you have one minor flaw.”

Gabe laughed as he scraped the last of the ice cream out of the carton and dumped it into a cup for himself. “It might put a damper on your sex life.”

After tossing the container, he took a bite of chocolate fudge chunky ice cream. He closed his eyes with bliss as the creamy flavor filled his mouth. Faith’s voice broke into his momentary obsession of chasing the little brownie bits around with his tongue.

“Not with the guys I’ve been dating lately, and seriously, are all the architects at our firm gay or what?” Faith asked.

“That would be a statistical improbability. Besides, it would be discriminatory to hire someone based on sexual preference, whether they are gay or straight,” Gabe pointed out.

“Yeah, but if they never ask, they can’t be prosecuted,” Faith counted, jabbed her spoon at Gabe to emphasize her point.

Gabe did a quick mental review of all the architects in the firm. “Now that you mention it, I do think a majority of them are gay, but you know, I’ve never had a very good sense about those things. A guy practically has to write he’s interested in glowing letters on his ass before I know he wants to date.”

“True,” Faith giggled. “Very true. Remember Nicky? He sent you flowers for a week in order to get your attention.”

“Yeah, he was really romantic,” Gabe sighed. “But bad in bed. No chemistry whatsoever.”

“What about Anthony?”

“The boss?” Gabe shuddered. “I think his boyfriend is the local godfather or something, he always has those big thugs following him around. Besides Anthony makes me nervous, there’s something seriously off about that guy.”

Gabe suspected Anthony was a shape shifter, or wizard, or something otherkin. His grandmother told him all about the otherworldly when he was a child, with bedtime stories of fantastic faery tales. She especially loved the werekin. As he got older, he’d seen enough strange things in his life to know truth lived in his grandmother’s tales.

“I think he’s sweet,” Faith said loyally. “Whenever I ask for time off, he always approves it, and last year when my mother needed surgery, he paid the hospital bills.”

“I didn’t say he wasn’t a good boss. I said he’s scary. He has freaky eyes, and have you met the new consultant? What kind of guy works only at night? Skin disease, my ass, he just likes to sleep in. We work for a weird bunch, Faith. One day, we’re going to hear on the news that they’re all space aliens or something.” Or worse. Gabe didn’t want to tell Faith he thought the consultant was a vampire. She’d have him committed or something.

Faith giggled. “I think you’re just mad because we’re in an office of hot guys and none of them will give either of us the time of day.”

He reluctantly smiled. “Maybe. But you know who I think is the hottest?”

“Who?” Faith leaned forward, intent on Gabe’s answer.

“I saw this guy visiting Anthony once, his name was Dare. God, I’d love to lick those muscles.”

“What happened?”

Gabe shrugged. “Nothing. I smiled at him. He patted me on the back like I was his new best friend, then the guy with him, who I guess was his boyfriend, looked at me like he wanted to rip off my head and beat me with it. Why are the best ones always taken by assholes?”

“Maybe he’s just protective,” Faith replied.

Gabe remembered the adoring look Dare’s boyfriend had given the friendly man. “Maybe, but I’d like a man like that.”

“Like what?”

“Fine looking and friendly who’s always happy to see me. That’s not too much to ask is it?” Gabe asked.

Faith made a soft scoffing noise. “You could get a puppy with those requirements. Don’t you want someone who’s a tiger in bed?”

“If he’s gorgeous, he’ll be good in bed,” Gabe countered.

“How do you figure?”

“Practice. Anyone that good looking has got to have had a lot of practice.”

Faith clacked her spoon against his.


* * * *

The play was good and the dinner after, fabulous.

“I can’t remember the last time I had a steak that perfect,” Gabe smiled at Faith, enjoying an evening out with his friend.

“Me either. It’s been a nice night. Thanks for inviting me,” Faith nudged Gabe’s shoulder with a friendly bump.

“It was the least I could do for your birthday since you’re getting so old,” Gabe teased, admiring her glowing complexion and shiny hair.

“Yes, it was, the very least,” Faith smacked him on the arm.

“Wanna go get a drink?” Gabe tilted his head toward the bar they were passing.

Faith shook her head. “I’m bushed, and I’ve got to get my presentation ready for tomorrow.” She worked for the landscape architecture division of their firm and spent a good deal of her time persuading customers to purchase native friendly plants.

“Good luck.”


She got into her car, and Gabe waited until she safely drove away. It would just kill him if he left Faith to walk to her car alone and something happened to her, though what he could do against a mugger or rapist, he didn’t know. He wasn’t exactly butch, and he doubted they’d be impressed with his ability to draw architectural plans freehand.

Thinking on his tasks for the following day, Gabe headed toward his own car, not paying attention to his surroundings until shadows separated from the others and spoke.

“Hello, little half-breed.”

Gabe froze as two creatures walked toward him, looking like something out of a nightmare. A cross between a man and a beast, they moved with a strange hitching gait and had muzzles where human faces should be. They were like a childhood nightmare monster come to life.

What in the hell are those, and why did they call him half-breed?

Fear clutched his heart as the monsters came closer. “What are you?” Gabe stepped slowly back as the beast-men approached.

Was he dreaming? Had he fallen asleep over dinner? Would he wake up any moment to Faith’s teasing? Shit, he hoped he was dreaming because the alternative horrified him.

“We are what you’re going to be on the next full moon,” snarled the creature on the left. “Once you’re changed, you’ll be like us forever.” Without warning, the man-beast leapt at Gabe, slamming him into the concrete. Dazed from his fall, Gabe couldn’t fight the creature pinning him to the ground. He screamed as the beast bit through his skin, piercing his shoulder with razor sharp teeth.

“Go ahead. Scream,” the other monster snarled. “It excites him. If you’re lucky, he’ll fuck you before we go.”

Cold, hard terror froze Gabe inside out. He wouldn’t survive this night. Whatever these monsters were, they weren’t anything mentioned in his grandmother’s stories.

“Hey,” a male voice shouted in the distance.

Ping. Ping.

Bullets ricocheted off the building beside Gabe. If the creatures didn’t kill him, the bullets would. As the beast took another chunk out of his shoulder, darkness clouded Gabe’s vision, pulling him into sweet oblivion.

* * * *

The sound of hushed voices yanked him back to consciousness.

Blinking to clear his vision, Gabe tried to figure out where he was. The surface beneath him was soft with a hint of cleaner-filled air. Cleaner, bleach, and at least three different people were in the room. He could even smell the laundry detergent on the sheets.

The combined stench threatened to make him hurl.

“Relax and take a slow breath in and out of your mouth,” a deep, soothing voice spoke beside him. “Then concentrate on just one scent and let the others go.”

Deciding to take the good advice, Gabe kept his eyes closed as he tried to focus on just one smell. The hint of rich soil and cool forest filled his nose. That one. Nothing had ever smelled so good before.

“That’s it. Now open your eyes,” the voice continued.

Gabe opened his eyes, blinking rapidly to clear his vision.


Instinct had him sliding away from the large man towering over him. Recognition prevented him from falling off the bed completely.

“You’re Anthony’s…” He stopped there, because he wasn’t really certain of their relationship: boyfriend, husband, owner? Silver watched Anthony as if he wanted to possess him or if given half the chance, brand ‘property of Silver’ on Anthony’s ass. Had anyone ever looked at Gabe with such need? He didn’t think so.

“Mate. The word you’re looking for is mate. My name’s Silver, I’m the alpha of the Moon pack. My men found you and brought you here after you were bitten.” Silver loomed over the bed, but he didn’t glare or do anything threatening. In fact, Gabe could almost feel the vibes of goodwill and protection oozing from the other man. A weird part of Gabe wanted to get closer, to please the other man with his behavior.

“Alpha of what?” he asked, avoiding a discussion about the attack. Hoping against hope if he didn’t think about the monsters, he could push the entire thing off as a really bad dream.

“Werekin,” Silver said, his silvery gray eyes glinting in the dim light.


The word echoed in his mind as he watched the big man with new eyes. Why would a shifter kidnap him? Did Anthony send his mate because Gabe was an employee? His boss had a reputation for taking care of his own, but this was over the top. Oddly enough, Gabe didn’t feel threatened by the self-proclaimed alpha. The man smelled too good to be terrifying. Taking another tentative sniff, Gabe realized the wonderful aroma didn’t come from the man towering above him. Instead, it surrounded Silver like he’d brushed against something amazing and rubbed it into his skin.

Glancing around, Gabe noticed he wasn’t in a hospital like he first thought. He was lying in a guest room. One generally not used if the lack of decoration, the odor of recent cleaning, and the sterile feel meant anything. Two buff men of the bodyguard persuasion stood against the back wall. Gabe vaguely remembered seeing them follow his boss around from time to time.

He wanted to ask if they didn’t have something better to do than stand and stare at him, but the door swung open, saving him from the rude words aching to leap from his mouth. Gabe couldn’t help it, when he was uncomfortable the smart ass came out.

“They were out of blueberry muffins,” Anthony declared.

Gabriel sat up straight as his boss walked in, carrying a pastry box and smelling like everything good and right in the world. Anthony spent a few moments handing out pastries before turning to face Gabe.

Shit. I’m screwed.

“Hey, you’re awake,” Anthony said in a delighted tone.

Gabe gave a soft gasp, his boss’ brilliant smile making his heart patter faster in his chest.

“Hello, sir. Could you tell me why I’m here and not in a hospital?” Gabe’s mind might be fuzzy, but he remembered the pain of sharp teeth breaking through his skin.

As the blond walked closer, the amazing smell became stronger, richer. Gabe held back the low growl building in his throat. A part of him wanted to roll around in Anthony’s essence and embed it on his skin.


Why did he feel the urge to growl?

“I know you’re probably not going to believe this, but you were bitten by a mutant werewolf. As far as we can tell, you already had werekin DNA, and if some of my men on patrol hadn’t come along, you’d be a mutant like the ones who bit you,” Silver said calmly, as if it were an every day occasion. Hell, maybe for them it was.

Vague memories of the night before drifted into Gabe’s mind like foul smoke.

“No, oh no.” The grotesque forms, the mocking voices. He snatched at the scraps of memory as they flashed through his brain, honing in on one main point. “They called me a half-breed.”

Silver looked at him intently. “Are one of your parents werekin?”

“No! I mean I don’t think so. My father died before I was born.”

Shit. His father!

“Ah.” A knowing look crossed Silver’s face. “Then he’s probably the one, if your mother showed no signs of changing.”

“She’s a crazy bitch, but I’ve never seen her turn into an actual bitch,” Gabe quipped.

His paternal grandmother told him of the otherkin. He’d bet good money if any freaky DNA existed in his lineage, it came from his father’s side of the family. He didn’t talk to his mother any more, not after she’d said he was an abomination for liking men. If she’d known about his shifter blood, it was a miracle she hadn’t killed him at birth. He couldn’t think of a group his mother didn’t find some reason to hate.

“Hmm. What should we do with you?” Silver tilted his head as if trying to solve a complex problem.

Panic hit Gabe hard and fast. “What do you mean?”

Anthony laughed, and the sound warmed Gabe inside and out like melted sunshine against his skin. “Silver means that even though I was able to reverse the mutation part of your DNA, I couldn’t completely remove the trigger. You’re still going to turn into a wolf at the next full moon. You just won’t be a mutant. Until you have your first shift, you might experience a lot of… um…” Anthony looked to his mate for help.

Seeing them together, Gabe could almost feel the bond strumming between them. They were like a matched pair, each one completing the other.

Silver smiled at his mate. “What my love is trying so delicately to tell you is you’re going to go through some hormonal changes. Most of us go through these in our early adolescence and have learned to cope with the effect of the moon on our bodies. A full grown adult going through the same thing is going to have a lot more problems.”

“Great. So now I’m going to have to learn to control my furry self?” Gabe asked.

“You’re taking the whole ‘werewolves are real’ thing surprisingly well,” Silver observed, staring at him with those unnerving metallic eyes as if Silver could see to the depths of Gabe’s soul and make him confess every sin.

“That’s because I always thought you guys were real. I just never encountered a shifter before.” Gabe blushed. “Well, that I know of. I certainly never thought I was one.”

His lifelong obsession with wolves now made perfect sense. He was definitely going to have to have a long talk with his mother soon, on the phone and away from flying objects. Looking at the men surrounding his bed, he wondered how many other ways his life would change.

“We’re going to go and let you get some rest,” Anthony said, giving him a tentative smile. “You’re out of the woods in terms of health until the next full moon, then Silver can help you with your change. I’ll be back tomorrow, and we can go over how we need to adjust your schedule in the future. The two days before and after a full moon can sometimes be rough.”

“Thanks.” Gabe felt bad for his words about his boss the other day. Anthony was a decent guy; not to mention, he smelled divine.

Anthony flashed him a shy smile. “My mother is part forest witch, that’s why I smell so good.” With a reassuring pat on Gabe’s arm, his boss left the room.

Relief swept through Gabe. He’d worried his reaction to Anthony was personal. With all his other adjustments, he definitely didn’t need the added hassle of an unwanted attraction to his boss.

“He smells good to everyone.” Silver smirked before turning and following his mate out the door. The silent bodyguards went with him, leaving Gabe alone for the first time since he’d awakened.

Gabe fidgeted with the covers, unsure of his next move. Rest? How could he rest when his entire life had changed? Would his personality be different now? Would he turn into someone he couldn’t recognize?


Gabe pulled out of his thoughts and turned his attention to the voice. The most beautiful pair of hazel eyes he’d ever seen met his gaze. A beauty only enhanced when another set of hazel eyes peeked around the first man’s shoulder.

Twins. Identical twins.

Tall, slim, and insanely gorgeous, the pair walked into the room with the same sinuous grace as Anthony. He wondered if they were shifters. They definitely weren’t part of his boss’ staff. Last he checked, architects didn’t carry knives or wear leather boots laced up to their knees. The slightly pointed ears and high cheekbones had him curious.

What are you?” Gabe asked.

The first one through the door met Gabe’s curious look with an admiring one of his own. “We are fae. Have you seen Anthony or Silver? We were told they were down here,” Vien asked.

Gabe swallowed to get moisture back into his suddenly dry mouth. Damn, they were fine. Inhaling deeply, he growled as need rushed through his system, hardening his body. Saliva pooled in his mouth and hunger took over.

The pair came closer.

“Hey, are you all right?” the fae asked.

The man on the right walked forward, placing a hand on Gabe’s forehead.

Energy crackled through Gabe’s body like a live wire, as if the creature inside him sought to escape and claim the man as his own. Unable to resist his inner beast, Gabe reached up, grabbed the dark-haired fae and flipped him so he lay beneath Gabe on the bed. The blankets fell away with his movements. A cool breeze drifted across Gabe’s newly heated skin, pimpling his flesh. The only warmth in the chilly room came from the man pinned beneath him.

Gabe couldn’t stop the low growl pouring from him. If Anthony smelled like a delicious forest, this man smelled like heat, need, passion and… his.

“Mine.” Digging his nose into the stranger’s neck, Gabe inhaled the scent of fae. He wanted to roll himself across the lean, muscular body and wallow in the stranger’s essence. The urge was so much stronger than his yearning for Anthony minutes before.

“Um, Vien, help,” the man beneath him begged in a soft voice.

“No help. You’re fine right where you are,” Gabe soothed. He wanted to savor the man, not scare him. He slid his nose up the side of the fae’s neck, rubbing his cheek in the delicious smell, marking him as belonging to Gabe.

“You need to get off him,” Vien said.

“No.” What a stupid suggestion. The pretty, pretty fae belonged beneath Gabe.

“You can’t just keep my brother,” Vien explained in a patient tone.

“Yes, I can.” With a growl, Gabe plastered a kiss on the man’s sexy lips, moaning and licking, silently asking for entrance. The fae opened his mouth, granting Gabe what he sought. He wasted no time in plundering the mouth beneath him until he had to lift his head to get oxygen into his body.

Gabe admired the excited flush on the sleek man’s face. Sliding his hand between them, he got a good feel of the size and shape of the gorgeous twin. There definitely wouldn’t be any disappointment once he stripped the man naked.

“Oh, by the gods, he can keep me. Anything he wants,” the fae moaned.

Gabe smiled and dove in for another kiss. Their tongues and lips met, sliding against each other as they savored the taste of passion. Breaking the embrace, Gabe came up for air to suck in some much needed oxygen.

“What’s your name?” Gabe asked. He let his mouth trail down the beautiful man’s throat, nipping and kissing along the way.

“I am Viell. That is my brother, Vien.”

“Nice to meet you.” Gabe didn’t turn away from the important task of unbuttoning the wonderfully buttoned-up man beneath him. “I’m Gabriel.”

“Viell, you can’t stop for sex, we’re on a mission.” Vien folded his arms and tapped his foot on the floor.

“Come back later. I promise to return him.” Gabe didn’t actually plan to, but if it got the other man to go away, he’d promise anything. “I’m not even going to damage him much, barely scratch and dent.”

“That’s enough!” Vien grabbed Gabe by his shaggy hair.

Fighting instincts roaring to the surface, Gabe leaped off the bed, slamming Vien to the floor with his body. No one interrupted his mating! In Gabe’s fury, fangs ripped through his gums.

“Ow!” Gabe released the fae, touching his sensitive mouth with the tips of his fingers. Dots of blood coated his fingertips. His mouth burned like a dozen daggers were shoved through his gums. Blinking back tears, Gabe curled up in a ball on the carpet, cradling his mouth with his hands.

“Not much of a shifter, are you,” Vien taunted.

“See how much you like sharp things going through your gums,” Gabe growled. “It hurts.”

At least the throbbing pain made Gabe lose the urge to kill the other man. Now he knew what the alpha pair was talking about. Everything was brighter, more intense than previously. His need for Viell. His rage at the interruption. Overwhelmed, Gabe tucked his face against his knees, shaking.

“Are you all right?”

Viell came to sit beside him on the soft carpet. Gabe snuggled up close, seeking comfort.

“Aw, it’ll be okay. You’ll get used to your fangs, and soon you won’t even notice.” Viell’s hand felt good rubbing Gabe’s bare skin. The soothing gesture calmed Gabe’s nerves, taking the edge off his shock.

“Oh please, you can’t mate with this pussy, Viell. He can’t even handle a partial shift without whining.” The other fae climbed back to his feet and headed for the door.

Gabe looked at the fae for a moment while the beast inside egged him on. Brushing off Viell’s comforting touch, Gabe leapt across the room and took Vien down, his newfound strength easily overcame the fae. Except once he tackled the other man, another amazing scent filled his nose. Leaning down he sniffed Vien.

“Oh, no you don’t!” Vien protested.

“Shush,” Gabe said, sniffing the spot between neck and shoulder. Vien smelled different than his twin. Not better or worse but different. Did they taste the same? Gabe licked a spot.

“Hey, stop that.” An unexpected giggle came from the man beneath him.

“You smell good,” Gabe growled.

“Of course I do, you just smelled my brother. We’re twins,” Vien said.

Gabe shook his head. “Not the same.”

“We’re the same,” Vien insisted.

“No.” Gabe bit at the thick vein at the bottom of the fae’s throat. Vien’s body seized and a groan rolled up his chest. “Different.”

“Oh blast, that’s good!” Vien moaned.

“I thought you wanted to get going, brother,” Viell’s voice, hard and accusing, broke through the lusty fog filling Gabe’s mind.

Gabe’s head snapped over to Viell. Too many choices. His wolf wanted to take them both down like tasty lamb dinners.

“Mine!” The growl came out low and guttural. A surge of energy poured out of him, crackling the air. He felt something shift in him and his skin prickled. Tips of fur broke through the surface of Gabe’s skin then vanished again.

“Wow, freaky,” he whispered.

“What do we do now, brother?” Viell asked his pinned twin.

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