May Moon Pack Madness Contest!

Let’s have another fun and quick contest! It’s another surprise prize!

If a physical item it’s open international so definitely everyone enter!

To enter, let us know what, if any, summer plans you might have.

41 thoughts on “May Moon Pack Madness Contest!

  1. We haven’t been anywhere since the pandemia started, so my daughters are planning to take me and my husband to the beach for a week in June.

  2. Not going anywhere but, we did get 10 cords of wood delivered this past Monday. So cutting, splitting hauling and stacking wood will be a huge part of our summer fun…..along with babysitting the grandbabies. 😁πŸ₯°

  3. Depending on the situation with the Covid, I hope I will be able to travel to Malta

  4. I’m going to have people over for my Son’s birthday, hopefully take the kids to either the zoo or aquarium and then I’m going to do a ton of gardening. πŸ˜€

  5. Stay home, we moved to a Southern state in November so we’re going to have fun exploring

  6. Staying home and working – may have a visit from family but no plans to travel

  7. We spent time creating an outdoor entertaining area, this year we get to enjoy it.

  8. Staying close to home. Doing day trips 2 hrs or so in our area of Virginia.

  9. Maybe some day trips & staying with my family on their farm. Heh, working vacation!

  10. My youngest graduated from college this year, so this summer we are moving him to his new job location in another state, what fun!!!

  11. I have no plans for the summer, maybe I will go somewhere for a weekend trip.

  12. We’re hoping to make a trip to see my parents for the first time in a year and maybe the beach.

  13. Just started blood pressure meds. Trying to get started walking on a regular basis. Want to get in better shape so maybe next year I can do a Bigfoot expedition. πŸ˜€

  14. My only plans are staying home and reading, playing on the computer and running around to my families.

  15. I’m on a waiting list to move into a new apartment building. Fingers crossed that I move when it’s cool and dry.

  16. As it stand right now, I won’t be doing much more than trying get my finances back
    in order.

  17. Not sure I have any summer plans. I’ll probably just do what I’ve been doing: work, housework and sleep.

  18. My summer will start in 3 weeks – the beginning of June is the time when my father every year officially starts the pool season in the garden. There would be a opening party for my family and first soaking in this still cold watter for the brave ones πŸ™‚ Can’t wait, to see everybody and finally enjoy some quality family time.

  19. My life has been in chaos the last year. I really just hope to have a calm summer at home to catch up on what I’ve skipped.

  20. Just adopted a nine year old girl. So summer will be all about adjusting and having fun with our new daughter! Hope to get out to see museums, parks and other fun stuff in our city. See it through new eyes!

  21. I’m in winter, so no summer in Australia until November, lol. Hopefully Covid will be less of a pain by then.

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