Bonus Contest!

Hi guys, Sheri here! For those who may be new, I am Amber’s assistant. I wanted to pop in and see how everyone is liking our fun May Moon Pack Madness!

So for the chance at a $5 Amazon gift card, let me know how you are liking our month of May so far, and as a bonus, if you could pick a couple to have a Moon Pack short about, who would you pick?

31 thoughts on “Bonus Contest!

  1. Your month of May blog posts seem like a ray of sunshine. I’ve been enjoying the trips down memory lane whilst sitting in my comfy char whilst the rain buckets down outside.

  2. I am LOVING this contest. It got me back to rereading this whole series!
    I would love a short about all of the guys. A holiday setting…4th of July or Labor Day etc where we get to see them again and find out a little info about how their lives have evolved since we saw them last.

  3. They say first love always stays in your heart, and I couldn’t agree more. Attracting Antony was the first book of Amber that I have ever read many, many years ago and up until now Moon Pack have a special place in my heat. So there is no denying that I am triled to be abe to receonnet with them for the the month. For the short story I can’t wait for more adventures of Gabe and the twins. – they are so adorbale together.

  4. I am loving the reminders of books I haven’t looked at in ages. Dare and Steven, were one of my favorite couples

  5. I am loving it! It’s great to revisit the books and it’s inspired me to to reread them too. I think a short with Calvin and Alesandro would be fun.

  6. Anthony & Silver came to mind first (of course). Then Oliver, Tim, & Aslic popped up. A triad, yes, but possibly my favorite of the Moon Pack books.
    I happened to reread the Moon Pack books last month. I just laughed when the announcement came about May Madness, think it’s great! I love when Amber revisits the Moon Pack, and any short she wants to write is fine by me!!

  7. I have really enjoyed this month. And I have already started to reread the Moon Pack. Maybe a not so short story that revisits all the couples and triads. It would be good to hear from all of them.

  8. I would love some more of Anthony and Silver but I’ll read any story you write.

  9. Anthony and Silver come to mind first. But on the other hand, after reading some of the other comments, I have to agree a not quite so short holiday themed get-together of every one to hear about how their lives are going sounds about right.

  10. Have been enjoying it a lot. I’m thinking that the holiday themed is a great idea. Why just limit ourselves to just a few. I love all the Moonpack guys.

  11. Hi Sheri, I love the May Moon Pack Madness, just finished rereading the series for the x-th and I really hope Amber will write many more stories. I would love to read a short about my favorite kitty Dare and his mate Steve.

    Have a great weekend El

  12. I am loving May Moon Pack Madness. I love it so much that I have started rereading the series.

  13. Loving the reminder. Looking forward to the next instalment. I would like to find out how Farro and Sammy are doing in the land of the Fae.

  14. I see a major sitdown and re-read coming soon. I miss Amber’s books and would love more in all the series.

  15. I am loving Moon Pack May. I keep going back to Anthony & Silver, I love to see them in any of the stories, so another story with them and the family would be wonderful. Actually I love when writers bring back characters in new books and I can see how they have grown.

  16. I’m loving it because it’s reminding me of some very good books that I need to read again.

  17. I wanted to say thank you for putting the Moon Pack books on sale in more than just the US/UK. It enabled me to get the whole set.

  18. I’m enjoying all the snippets, it reminds me of how much I liked this series. I love the idea of a group-type snippet but Anthony and Silver will always be a favorite.

  19. It’s been nice catching up. I think Dare and Steven need a short. Dare is such a sweet kitty.

  20. Loving Moon Pack May Madness. It’s fun reading the excerpts and remembering how much I like the MCs. I’d like to see a short with Farro, Sammy and Kylen and all their Fae and dragon friends.

  21. I’m loving this focus on the Moon Pack. It would be great to see a short with Farro & Sammy.

  22. It’s nice to revisit the series. It makes you kind of geared up to wanna reread the whole series again. I would love to see a short for Anthony and Silver

  23. I’m loving this. It got me to re-read the series so far, which was great as it had been awhile. I would choose Dare & Steven to have a short about. I love Dare, he’s so cute, lol.

  24. I had a birthday, so that was cool, but my younger daughter got bitten in the face by a random dog on one of our daily walks. She’s not traumatized and didn’t need stitches, but she sure hated the shots and antibiotics. So maybe an overall meh for May so far?

    I’ve always wanted more Dare, actually. From the first time I read his story I felt that I wasn’t done and was disappointed that there wasn’t more.

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