May Moon Pack Madness – Short!

These characters were first introduced in Loving Leif.

Rhaegar blinked at the sight before him. He scratched his chin and took a slow breath to regain his shredding control.

“Come join us.” Blake waved Rhaegar closer to the amazing vision on their bed.

“How did you get him to agree to be tied down, not to mention gagged?”

Leif, a raven shifter and the third member of their triad, lay spread out on the middle of their bed. His wrists and ankles were wrapped in padded metal shackles and attached to the four corners of the bedframe, completely nude. Leif could probably escape if he truly wished, he had a reputation for wriggling out of difficult situations, but he wasn’t struggling.

Blake’s grin reflected his inner wolf, his teeth a bit sharper than human. “I bribed him.”

“With what?” Anything that would get Leif to agree to bondage should be remembered for future reference, and engraved on the headboard.

“A few diamonds I dug up in the caves and had polished.”

Rhaegar grinned. “Poor bird. Can’t resist the sparkle can you.” He kicked off his shoes then crawled up Leif’s body and planted his knees on either side of Leif’s waist. “I think I like you wrapped and ready for me. It’s like Christmas came early.”

“He looks good, doesn’t he?” Blake slid a fingertip down Leif’s right arm leaving a trail of shivery bumps in his wake.

“Mmhmm. Does he know he can access my hoard whenever he wants?”

Blake nodded. “Yep. But those are his. He’s a covetous little bird and doesn’t like to share.”

“I can think of one thing he doesn’t mind sharing,” Rhaegar growled. He pressed his lips against Leif’s neck. The raven shifter wriggled deliciously beneath him. “Keep that up, babe, and you’ll have us both finishing early.”

A deep groan escaped the gag.

“Not that I don’t appreciate the present, but is there a special occasion I missed?” Rhaegar wasn’t much on romance, but he figured his mates would let him know about anniversaries and important days.

Blake smirked. “It’s our two-month anniversary!”

“Is that something we’re supposed to celebrate?” He frowned.

Blake scowled. “And that’s why I had to bribe him. The two of you have no romance in your souls.”

“Forgive me, love, I don’t want you to think I don’t appreciate your thoughtful gift.” Rhaegar beckoned Blake closer. When the wolf shifter stepped forward, he grabbed Blake and kissed him, pouring his appreciation into the embrace. They both had to take a deep breath when they came up for air.

Leif bucked beneath him.

“I think someone is jealous,” Blake snorted.

“Hmm. We are ignoring the pretty naked bird in our bed. I really should properly show my appreciation.

Blake licked his lips. “I’m glad you like my gift.”

“Sorry I didn’t bring anything to the party.”

“I was sort of hoping you would share.” Blake trailed a hand across Leif’s chest.

“I might be open to the idea. It wouldn’t be the first time.”

Blake laughed. “Nor the last.”

In their triad Rhaegar usually dominated his mates, but that didn’t mean the pair were overly submissive. Leif and Blake took turns giving and receiving depending on their moods. Rhaegar found both of them incredibly sexy.

Rhaegar slid off the bed. Even without putting all his weight on Leif, he outweighed him by several pounds. “Where to start?”

Blake stepped around the bed and slid his warm hands across Rhaegar’s chest. “Let me help you with your clothing problem.”

Raising his arms in silent agreement, Rhaegar allowed Blake to strip him off his clothes before returning the favor. “I’m liking your ideas tonight.”

“Only tonight?” Blake’s lower lip came out in an over-the-top pout.

Rhaegar snorted. “Don’t let your one success go to your head.” He trailed his fingers up and down Leif’s inner thighs admiring the minute twitches going through his lover’s body and how quickly his erection returned to full hardness. A soft whine made its way through the gag. “Mind taking off the gag? I like to hear him.”

“It’s your present. Whatever you want.” Blake removed the gag, then massaged Leif’s jaw with gentle fingers. “Easy, sweetheart.”

Leif leaned into Blake’s touch; his eyes closed.

“Maybe you should’ve blindfolded him instead?”

Leif’s eye snapped open as he shook his head. “I don’t do well without my senses.”

“I’ll remember that.” Although Leif didn’t say anything else Rhaegar sensed there was more to the story. Maybe in time his beloved bird would feel comfortable sharing more of his personal history. Being mates didn’t instantly grant inside knowledge to your life partner. They were still three very different people who had conflicts like any other lovers. “We want this to be sexy not harmful. You all right with being bound?”

Leif nodded. “I trust you.”

Heat, not unlike his dragon fire, rushed through his chest. “I’ll try to never break your trust.” He couldn’t guarantee not to. The most anyone could do was try.

A hesitant smile was offered in return.

While they talked Blake had been busy with his fingers rubbing in all the right places, intent on keeping Leif on the edge of pleasure. Leif’s erection stood tall and proud, eager for attention. Rhaegar would be a fool to ignore this temptation.

A strangled scream met his actions. Rhaegar pinned Leif’s hips down to stop even the inch of movement Leif had available. Salty smooth skin slid across his tongue as Rhaegar savored his treat. His head bobbed up and down as he brought his lover to completion. Leif tilted his head back, a loud screech burst from his lips as he came. Rhaegar swallowed down his lover’s essence, his inner dragon smug over his success.

Rhaegar pulled off Leif’s cock, licking his lips. While he was giving Leif a blow job Blake had been bringing himself off while leaning against the bed.

Blake shouted. His seed splattered across the stone floor.

“You’re cleaning that up,” Rhaegar said.

Blake’s breathless laugh was his only response.

“Release me and I’ll help you out with your problem,” Leif said, a sultry smile curving his sexy lips.

“Not yet. I’ve got all night and two sexy mates.” The visions going through his head would keep them busy far into the next morning. The only question was whether his men would be able to walk the next day.

“I can’t wait until our third month anniversary,” Rhaegar growled.

“Oh, are we celebrating that one too?” Blake batted his eyelashes making Rhaegar laugh.

“Definitely. We might have to move to weekly if the wait gets too long.”

Leif groaned. “Maybe we should’ve thought this out better.”

Rhaegar kissed him giving Leif a taste of his own seed. “I think you two planned this out just right. Let’s unbind you and show Blake our appreciation.”

“I’m keeping the diamonds,” Leif announced.

“I wouldn’t dream of taking your hoard.”

Leif sniffed. “I’m a crow we don’t have hoards. We have collections.”

Rhaegar dipped his head to hide his smile, not wanting to offend his proud mate. “Of course. Don’t you keep your collection in an excessively large jewel chest.”

“At least it’s not in a giant pile on the floor,” Leif scoffed.

“I’ll agree you are the tidier hoarder.” Rhaegar nodded.

Blake cracked up as he joined Leif on the bed.

“Do you know what’s even better than a tidy collection?” Leif asked.

“A jewel closet?” Rhaegar guessed.

Blake snorted.

“No.” Leif leered at him. “You inside me.”

“I’m sure both of those things can be arranged.” Rhaegar grinned. “Are you sure you aren’t part dragon beloved?”

“The closest I become to a dragon is when I’m riding you,” Leif replied.

“You do make an excellent dragon rider.” Rhaegar agreed.

For the rest of the evening no one mentioned jewels or treasure chests. Not many words were exchanged at all, but they ended their day happy and sated.

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  1. These three are awesome together! I love their story. Thank you for the short!

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