48 thoughts on “Contest!

  1. I like all Shifters. Though wolves and Dragons are my favorites. Bunny shifters are cute.

  2. Jaguars or any kind of cat really. Though I enjoy all the mythical ones too.

  3. I’ve enjoyed stories written with many different shifters; some faves: otter, koala, horses, dragons…

  4. Like all shifters, but I have to say my favorite would be the werewolf.

  5. My first love has always been wolves, followed by dragons, and after that all the other species. At the end I love them all!!!

    1. Big cats, dragons, wolves. I really like it when the authors give the characters some of the behaviour specific to the animal.

  6. My favorite type of shifters are big cats. What can I say? They are cuddly.

  7. Currently Dragons, but big cats are a close second or first if you take mythicals off the table.

  8. If you are talking regular shifter, I love bears.
    I also love reading unusual shifter types like honey badgers, bunnies and squirrels

  9. I like the Dragon shifters best because they are a little less rare than the others but I still like seeing the variations of different shifters

  10. Love shifters of all types: wolves, felines, bears, rabbits, Komodo dragons, gargoyles, unicorns, snakes, mice, hellhounds, and dragons, but really enjoy the lesser known, unusual shifters.

  11. I really don’t have a favorite. I like most of them. An I hope I’ll be reading more of
    your shifter stories soon.

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