44 thoughts on “May Moon Pack Madness – Contest!

  1. I think something like a bunny or hedgehog shifter would be fun. Maybe something more mythical like a phoenix or unicorn might be interesting too. 🙂

  2. Definitely a Dragon Silver would be a lil worriedcabout the Dominant aspect but the dragon could be a shy one x

  3. I think a prey animal such as rabbit or deer is a good idea but I would love to see more mythical creatures like Gargoyles or Chupacabras added to the pack.

  4. I’d like to see a dragon or phoenix shifter, or possibly a gargoyle shifter. Any of them would lend themselves to a new realm of potential storylines.

  5. Something that loves the water like maybe a swan (for the S – swooning for ? lol) or a polar bear – I guess Im going with white colored animals for some reason today.

  6. The first one that popped into my head was a Griffon the second was. Phoenix. Ok I’ll go with that.

  7. Well, I think prey animals could be a good thing. Also, mythical creatures like a phoenix (mysterious), or a unicorn (sweet). A koala, a camel (I haven’t seen any of those)

  8. most of the ones come to mind think you’ve done (wolf, cat & bird shifters, dragons, fae, magic user). perhaps a different canine shifter — oh, how about kitsune (Japanese fox spirit)

  9. All the above sound great there are so many great creatures out there but I like Gargoyles best. They get my vote!!!!!!

  10. So many choices. Someone already said a gargoyle which was one of my thoughts. Other thought was a djinn. Could be interesting.

  11. Zeus granted immortality to only one of his lovers, the Trojan prince Ganymede. Hera was really jealous of him. G was turned into the constellation Aquarius. Maybe they could have a HEA.

  12. I’d really love to see a penguin shifter mate. Don’t think I’ve read any books about them.

  13. I agree with the sea creature shifter but don’t know if it would fit in the Moon Pack universe.

  14. How about a Chimera? Part lion, part goat, and part snake… you get a little bit of everything.

  15. A dragon or fox shifter. Foxes are so cute. Or you could go with a demigod, or even an angel or demon. They would be interesting too.

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